30 Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts in 2023

The end of middle school is a huge landmark for students. It is an end of a memorable time in an academic career and the start of something even more important! Celebrate it with a gift from this list of 30 Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts in 2023.

8th Grade Graduation Gifts

The most effective proven approach to motivate students is positive reinforcement through the reward system. In that regard, a well-done gift on 8th graduation will go a long way in boosting the confidence and motivating the kid to keep it up in high school.

We have rounded up the list of 30 Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts in 2023 that are practical, meaningful, fun, and will further assist the kid in their future academic career rather than distracting them from the goal.

These gifts are handpicked to entertain boys and girls who have performed amazingly in elementary and middle school and are aiming big this time!

Let’s cut to the chase and start with the ultimate list of 30 Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts Ideas!

Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts Ideas

1- Bluetooth Hoverboard

Hoverboard - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

A hoverboard is a fledgling trend and revolutionized form of skateboarding with a lot more fun since it is almost effortless. The young kids out there are hungry as a bear for them. This makes this skateboard a perfect gift for 8th-grade graduation since they richly deserve it after three years of toil. The colorful LED lights, in-built Bluetooth speakers, and soft foot pedals make every ride luxurious.

2- Backyard Zip Line

Zip Line - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

This generation grew up watching the coolest zip line videos on Youtube in Alaska, South Africa, and Newzealand. Something is better than nothing. Free their imagination and bring a preview of their fantasy by gifting this backyard zip line to their 8th-grade graduation. The package contains all important constituents to set up a zipline of up to 90ft. The smooth and safe zip line experience comes to an end with the amazing brake system.

3- Foldable Headphones

Headphones - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

Finding the best headphones is an uphill battle. Many come and go, disappointing you. We have found the highest-rated headphone on the internet that is hot selling around the globe this year. Many students find soft-focus music helpful in concentrating on their studies and they can listen to audiobooks too in their leisure time. These headphones are compatible with all smartphones, Ipads, tablets, laptops, and PC and will serve for years if not dropped accidentally (From Burj Khalifa).

4- Electric Scooter

Scooter - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

Outdoor recreation activities can greatly improve mental and physical health. They expose us to different terrains and push us to expand our limits. As a result, we put our flexible talents to the test in practical life. An electric scooter is a perfect gift for middle school graduates to explore the world in style. Power Core technology includes an 85-watt, maintenance-free, high-torque hub motor that enables smooth acceleration of up to 10 mph.

5- LapGear Lap Desk

Lap Desk - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

This is a perfect gift to enable productivity at your convenience. The lap desk can comfortably fit a laptop and hold a mobile phone. The base is cushioned to provide soft contact with the body, handy for long hours of work. It complies with laptop manufacturers’ recommendations for optimal laptop airflow with a breathable base. This will allow the students to take their work wherever they want. A good change is always welcome!

6- Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

Regular or gourmet popping corn can now be popped using hot air rather than oil for a nutritious, low-calorie delight! Thanks to the electric-powered popcorn maker that can be flavored as per your need and like. It is fast! You’ll have 18 cups of delicious corn in less than 2 and a half minutes. There are hardly any unpopped kernels at the end of 150 seconds of exciting wait.

7- Beginners 30″ Wood Guitar

Guitar - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

It has been scientifically proven that the human brain can only focus on one task for 40 to 45 minutes at most. Break during studies is healthy to refresh the mind to retain efficiency for the next session. A 30″ Wood Guitar will work perfectly in that regard. Vibing with its groovy rhythms and swirling lyrics while humming along is a perfect escape from all the worries of the world.

8- Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Camera - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

This generation of kids barely knows what it’s like to take pictures other than mobile cameras. And many out there are in love with photography and planning to make a career in it. While the rest are obsessed with polaroids to embellish their room walls. This is a perfect 8th-grade graduation gift idea for them. The slim body, adjustable shutter speed, and selfie modes make it the best instant camera on the market!

9- Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

Health is wealth! Studies are significant but not on the cost of compromising health. Fitbit Versa 2, a smartwatch intended to track essential parameters of the body makes a perfect 8th-grade graduation gift. It keeps one updated on news, and interesting facts and performs advanced functions on recognizing your voice. It is waterproof with a battery life of over 5 days! Fitbit is renowned for its fitness watches, and this is its finest invention.

10- Light Blocking Glasses

Glasses - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

UV400 protection and glare reduction glasses relieve visual strain and uneasiness caused by lengthy hours of online reading, gaming, and working under fluorescent lights. This is a meaningful gift on 8th graduation since screen time is only going to go up from here and no one will like to let their eyes suffer because of this. Nylon frame material is ultra-lightweight and flexible, ensuring long-term strength and convenience, while the easygoing frame style makes you appear professional and attractive.

11- F in Exams

Book - 8th Grade Graduation Gifts

If a question in the exam says, “What ended in 1918?” and someone answers “1917”, I don’t know who is to blame here! This is a funny gift for 8th Grade graduates and an enlightening one too. It demonstrates how every individual has a different perspective and trains one’s mind to think out of the box. This book is a must-read since it glorifies the wild potential of failure with 250 actual life answers to typical exam questions from elementary school up to high school.

12- My Cinema Lightbox

Assemble a marquee lightbox with messages to get your inspiration from. Perfect for setting the mood, this classic white LED has RGB color-changing capabilities and can stay on any brightness. 100 letters, numbers, and symbols to slide into the lightbox to make personalized signs that will motivate the visionary youngster every time they look at it. Some lightbox ideas are “N#RMAL IS BORING”, ” *LET’S ROCK THIS DAY*”, and “MAKE IT HAPPEN”

13- Kindle Paperwhite

To all the 8th grade graduates, the upcoming years will need a lot of reading, and you don’t want to deprive them of all the fun just for that. Book lovers can now take this gadget with them and read at any place anytime! Yes, by any place I mean ANY PLACE! The waterproof Kindle Paperwhite can be used while chilling on the beach, or in the pool or bathtub. A dream come true for avid readers!

14- Fidget Cube

We all have had a time in our student life when a mathematic question would become a pain in the neck or when the balance sheet result won’t come too balanced. Instead of punching on the wall, try out this stress relief toy designed to relieve stress and help students focus on the task at hand. It features a better casing and a softer, smoother surface that is more comfortable to grip and has additional sensory areas that help students relax by touching and pressing it.

15- Sunrise Alarm Clock

In old days, people were bound to wake up as dawn breaks because the light and heat of the sun were impossible to ignore. Nowadays, in an air-conditioned room and with blinds on, the presence of the sun can easily be neglected. Wake up early, be ambitious and get stuff done with this Sunrise alarm clock with sunlight simulation and 7 natural sounds to wake the kid up naturally. The light and noise will get intense with time, making it irresistible like the sun!

16- Motivational Book

The best 8th-grade graduation gift idea since this is the perfect time to broaden the vision of the little dreamers. The attention in this book is on self-renewal, and it explains that leadership and creativity necessitate tapping into our own physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities. The book breakdowns into 7 habits after analyzing the life of many successful CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Boys

17- Drone with Camera

The end of middle school means that it’s time to take off for a high-altitude flight and achieve every dream that seems impossible to others. Show your support by getting DJI Mini 2 which features a 4k/30fps video camera. Explore the sky for over half an hour, consecutively! That is enough time to perfect your shots within a 4km radius and land it back safely in your palm – It’s literally that compact and sleek in design!.

18- Cool Backpack

The next stop for the 8th-grade graduates is high school. This means farewell to the Diego or Spiderman bags! The boy now needs a cool multifunction backpack. JanSport produced this beautiful lightweight backpack with a cosmic vibe and spacious storage compartments. The side pocket is perfect for stationery and electronic gadgets while the soft padding at the back makes it a luxury to wear!

19- Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s success is well-deserved. Its innovative hybrid appearance appeals to gamers who want variety in their gameplay experience. Nintendo has done an excellent job by producing some fantastic games for the switch and porting a large number of classic games from third parties. It is rightfully the best 8th-grade graduation gift for boys.

20- Abs Workout Wheel

Every aspect of life should get the due attention! This Abs Workout Wheel will take care to tick the health and fitness box. It includes one knee mat, which provides firm support and care protection for learners, allowing them to complete motions effortlessly and without injury. Youngsters can level up the game later by trying new challenges and exercises using this abs wheel.

21- Metal and Wooden Puzzles

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Puzzle books and riddles are now outmoded since they are here since the stone age. Students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills are challenged by these creative connections and blocks, which also help them strengthen their IQ and EQ. These 3D brain teasers are ideal for killing time, fidgeting, and staying away from devices and gadgets. They’re a better approach to developing the ability to pay attention.

22- Rubik’s Cube

Once in a lifetime, we all have envied the smart boy who can solve Rubik’s cube. The end of middle school means a great opportunity to make this long-time dream come true. This Rubik’s Cube is a perfect 8th-grade graduation gift for boys to sharpen their minds and become the center of everyone’s attention in high school.

Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Girls

23- Fairy String Lights

Fairy light is an impeccable embellish for aesthetic lovers! The 66 ft-long string holds 200 LED lights that glow soft using a remote control. The 8-mode setting allows you to select the way it glows, it can be a wave to vibe on or slow fading mode for meditation. An amazing 8th grade graduation gift for girls who are longing to bring a personalized touch to their room.

24- Cricut Machine

A Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that can cut various materials such as paper, plastic, card stock, and 100+ materials into various patterns. You can also design, engrave, and construct folding lines to produce 3D crafts, cards, and boxes according to your preferred designs. It may be compact, but it is powerful, and it can perform tasks that other devices cannot. The pleasure lets you become an experienced craftsman in minutes by removing the fear of using this smart cutting machine. A must-have for all 8th grade graduating girls!

25- 32 Color Neon Glitter Pens

Girls have a natural-born artistic taste to surprise others in art class. They love opportunities and resources to further polish their skill and it is what genuinely makes them happy – Above that, it’s way more productive than useless screen time! This set of 32-color neon glitter pens makes up a perfect 8th grade graduation gift for girls. Each colored pen has a Comfort Grip that makes it convenient to write, sketch, craft, doodle, art layouts, and diary with.

26- 10” Ring Light

Elementary school girls who used to drool over dollhouses are now doing the same over ring light at the end of their 8th grade. It is the best ring light on the market owing to its adjustable brightness levels, smart touch control, dynamic accessories, fully configurable compact tripod stand, wireless remote shutter, and 12-month after-sale maintenance warranty.

27- Hair Straightener Kit

An ideal 8th grade graduation gift for girls since they are now big enough to decide their hairdo. Right? The HSI Professional Glider produces remarkable results on even the most frizzy, tight curls by straightening, flipping, and curling them effortlessly and efficiently. The temperature settings vary from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you more control over achieving a flawlessly straight and silky appearance for all hair types. And the cheap price tag makes it even more luring!

28- Acrylic Paint Set With Brushes And Canvas

Every canvas is a journey all its own! It has a great lesson for enlightened minds on how you start from a blank page to turn it into a masterclass in a matter of a few hours by just using the resources at hand. It is important to trust the process. The deluxe painting set is specially designed to bring forth maximum vibrancy and hue accuracy while maintaining a velvety texture for easy blending and mixing. It comes with different-sized brushes and canvas to complete a painter’s package.

29- Graduation Bracelet

Bracelet is one of the favorite jewelry pieces for girls. Adding meaning to it makes the best gift for her on 8th grade graduation. “And so the adventure begins…” is a wonderful phrase to give to someone who is about to embark on a new journey to show them your support and appreciation. The premium stainless steel with a fine polish finish is scratch-resistant and rust-free.

30- LED Desk Lamp with Pen Holder

The need for proper lighting while studying or doing assignments is of the essence. The small, adorable desk lights have a gooseneck chrome that allows you to turn your light in any direction. You can effortlessly move it around in your house or college, whether working or traveling, thanks to its compact style and built-in battery. With the phone holder feature, it’s easy to put the phone down to watch a video in breaks.


All good things come to an end! So have our list of 30 Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts! Children do realize little things in life and appreciate them more than adults. This small gesture of gifting them on their 8th grade graduation is valuable for their mental nourishment and moral support.

Spread the word and share this with your loved ones so that no kid feels unappreciated.

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Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts For Him:

  • Gaming consoles for gamers.
  • Drone with a camera and screen.
  • Backpack with USB charging and headphone port.
  • Workout equipment to maintain body shape.
  • 3D puzzle to sharpen the mind.
  • Hoverboard to ease through the streets.
  • Foldable headphones with noise cancellation.

Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts For Her:

  • Acrylic paint set with brushes and canvas
  • Hair straightening kit to step up the hair game.
  • Graduation bracelet to keep up the motivation.
  • Ring light for better selfies.
  • Strings of fairy light to bring an aesthetic vibe to the room.
  • Cricut machine for art lovers.

The end of grade 8 marks the end of middle school and the crucial years of academic years. Students who succeed in 8th grade, either in a study, sport, or club, are more likely to succeed in the following years. Therefore, a gift on 8th graduation is a good way to appreciate the kid and let them know that you are proud of them.

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