25 Magical Aladdin Gifts Straight From The Disneyland

Hello there! Looks like you are looking for appealing Aladdin gifts for someone special. A heroic cartoon character enjoyed and loved by all toddlers, young and mature included. Here you are at the right place! Your search for an alluring Aladdin gift ends here with this list of 25 Magical Aladdin Gifts. May it be for a true gem of cartoons, a cherub little one, a true buddy friend, an adorable family member or probably your loved ones.

Aladdin Gifts

From Disney comes a thrilling, vibrant, and action animated classic Aladdin (movie), featuring Will Smith as the larger-than-life Genie, with the charming street rat Aladdin and the courageous, self-determined Princess Jasmine! The reason behind its popularity is quite obvious. Also, it has fans of all ages. The main character to follow around is really an adventurous and funny lad.

If you missed it anyways, just go watch it and relish! Here we have set down the 25 best Aladdin Gifts in 2022 for you. Go grab them and have fun!

Let’s take a ride on the flying carpet to find you your match!

25 Best Aladin Gifts

1- Jasmine Personality Pose Figurine

Jasmine Figurine - Aladdin Gifts

This personality piece is a perfect capture of Jasmine’s dreamy independence presenting the artisanal charm Aladdin lovers and folk art aficionados will cherish forever. Figurine captures Jasmine from Disney’s “Aladdin” in beautiful hand-painted detail and the princess is shown as the classic Disney character with folk art designs. Go grab the gift handcrafted in high-quality stone resin and have the joy out of it.

2- Classic Vintage Aladdin Lamp

Lamp - Aladdin Gifts

This classic vintage Aladdin lamp gift set looks very luxurious and exquisite. Moreover, the elaborate polish and carving display the mystery and legend, which is full of exotic feelings. This lovely genie lamp builds a mysterious and enduring atmosphere. It is made embossed with a floral design while the top stopper is removable. It’s a perfect gift for your friends, and a good decorator for your home, office, or party.

3- Disney Jasmine Costume for Girls

Costume - Aladdin Gifts

This majestic two-piece outfit sparkling with glittering filigree and golden trims is mostly admired by little ones. The princess costume is quite soft, made of prime quality polyester with breathable fabric, and super comfortable to fit. The stunning princess dress features an exotic sequin mesh overlay on the top and the pants favor it for an ideal party outfit. Also, it is the perfect attire for a birthday party, photography prop, holiday party, outdoor festival, Halloween cosplay, or Christmas dress-up.

4- LEGO Disney Jasmine’s Tower Building Kit

Building Kit - Aladdin Gifts

Nothing’s more enchanting than building a LEGO Disney Aladdin play set featuring a Disney Princess Jasmine mini-doll figure, opening a palace tower with a balcony, drink, and perfume bottle for endless role-play fun! Enjoy this easy-to-build Princess Jasmine construction toy using the mini-doll figure to play out exciting moments from the Disney Aladdin movie.

5- Jasmine Royal Accessory Set

Accessory - Aladdin Gifts

The Jasmine Royal Accessory set is basically designed inspired by the Jasmine accessories from the movie. This is an absolutely amazing set of accessories from head to toe including a pair of shoes, earrings, cuffs, and headdress. Finished with impressive teal and gold-colored details, it is a complete outfit for any Jasmine dress-up moment.

6- Jasmine And Rajah Figurine

Jasmine and Rajah - Aladdin Gifts

Celebrate another Disney moment with this Jasmine and Rajah Figurine gift set. The Figurine features Rajah as a big kitten while enjoying with Jasmine but when it comes to defending her he’s having the strength of a valor tiger. The hand-painted collectible gift shows Jasmine with her faithful tiger companion making it a perfect present for any classic Disney collector or fan.

7- Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Bracelet

Bracelet - Aladdin Gifts

Aladdin’s Magic lamp Bracelet ends your search for a special gift for a loved one or a beautiful piece that complements your style. This unique styled bracelet is one of the latest ideal gifts for Christmas, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, graduation gifts, or any other occasions you would like to make memorable. It has elegant minimalist details and looks great on wrists and can even be added on a delicate chain for ankles.

8- Aladdin Prince Keffiyeh Hat

Hat - Aladdin Gifts

This fun-to-wear Turban headwear is a perfect accessory for Aladdin, Middle Eastern, and other festive costumes. Aladdin Arabian Desert Prince Keffiyeh Hat is very economical, lightweight, and safe to use.  The headdress is sized to fit almost every adult with 100% polyester. The striking silky white drape falls over the shoulders while the regal gold band looks incredible.

9- Set of 3 Disney Aladdin Burp Clothes

Burp Clothes - Aladdin Gifts

Burp cloths are an essential part of a baby’s feeding routine as these little ones have the tendency to spit up. So parents no need to worry at all. Disney Aladdin Burp Cloths gifts having a set of 3 are a great solution to keep the baby clean and to wipe up the regurgitated milk while feeding. It’s a perfect gift for parents or a shower gift for a mom-to-be. Aladdin Burp Cloths gifts are very smooth and soft, thus can fit any mom’s taste and style.

10- Disney Genie Poster

Poster - Aladdin Gifts

The adorable poster prints with color combos, vibrant color schemes, and different sizes to choose from are masterpieces. The genie poster is prepared completely to your choice with quality materials and equipment. It’s one of the best Aladdin gifts that are a great addition to the decorative atmosphere of a wedding, shower, or the walls of your home.

11- Friends Fleece Throw Blanket

The Aladdin Genie Adjustable Cap features the lovable friendship bond between Genie and his master, Aladdin. When Aladdin found the magic lamp, Genie grants him three wishes. With the embroidered images of both characters, the cap is composed of lightweight and durable cotton fabric. It’s soft, keeps the sun’s UV rays out of your eyes, and provides instant comfort when worn. So what are you waiting for!

12- Disney Aladdin Storytelling Gift Set

Inspire a love of reading and delight the children with their most favorite Disney Aladdin storytelling gift set. This piece of joy and fun includes Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie, Abu, and the magic carpet. Play out your favorite movie moment with Disney Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, and their friends with the Disney Aladdin story-telling Gift Set! Relive the magical scene!

13- Aladdin Themed Wall Art

Aladdin Themed Wall Art is high-quality handmade artwork with vivid and vibrant colors. The watercolor style makes it a unique illustration. Aladdin Wall Art gifts are great for movie fans may it be for kids’ rooms or as party supplies in combination with other posters and decorations. They include a number of paintings and posters of your choice.

14- Aladdin Music Box 

Enjoy another magical moment of the ‘Aladdin’ movie with the handmade Aladdin music box gifts. This box is meticulously crafted from the finest quality Birchwood and stainless steel. It is designed to be inspired by vintage storage boxes with track names engraved on the inside. The gift can be personalized by the engraving service to make it more meaningful. Also, we offer a variety of songs so enjoy the soothing melody!

15- Disney Jasmine and ”Ali” Latte Mug

Disney Jasmine and Ali Latte Mug is a beautiful tall mug with a variety of colors of your choice. It nicely illustrates the Prince and Princes with different messages displayed.  Inspired by Disney, it also has Genie printed on it with an elegant handle and gloss glaze. Just go buy it for friends and family!

16- Princess Jasmine Style Hairband

Amazing Princess Jasmine accessories for girls are all handmade and super soft with durable plastic material.  It’s a perfect gift for especially the little ones.  You have the choice to select the color and style you like. So go grab it now!

17- Aladdin Magic Carpet

Aladdin Magic carpet is a nice selection among the Aladdin gifts. It has one of the best quality carpet fibers and is made of nylon which is known for stain resistance and durability. Where comfort is important, nylon is a perfect choice! With vibrant color variations and unique handmade patterns, Aladdin Magic Carpet is the best gift set.

18- Aladdin Lamp Necklace

This solid sterling silver Aladdin Lamp Necklace is an awesome collection of accessories. This necklace looks extremely beautiful as the chain slips through the magic lamp’s handle. It’s perfect for any kind of occasion and is one of the best gifts you can give to a dear one.

19- Aladdin Lighted Shadow Box

Aladdin Lighted Shadow Box is a unique piece that lights up your room. They make great night lights for kid rooms creating a pleasant atmosphere. Each unit is actually lit by LED lights and the rear of the unit has an on/off switch to control the lightning. These gorgeous lights are the best of Aladdin’s gifts.

20- Swiss Blue Topaz Jasmine Ring

The Swiss Blue Topaz Jasmine Ring has sterling silver and the topaz with 34 round brilliant cut diamonds. Here you can simply place an order for your most loving Jasmine ring. Disney invites anyone to embrace their inner princess or celebrate a fairy-tale story with our enchanted Disney fine jewelry collection.

21-Aladdin Quote Art

Aladdin Quote Art is a unique handmade Art Print created with mixed media and a contemporary design. These amazing pieces of art are quite captivating. The high-quality vivid images are printed on professional glossy paper.

22- Aladdin Magic Carpet Face Mask

Style up with Aladdin Magic Carpet face mark and add an extra layer of protection with a personalized touch. Face masks are a great help in these challenging times. So buy your favorite movie-associated masks and enjoy!

23- Genie Hanging Decoration Figure

Genie hanging decoration figure emerges to grant your everyday desires. The figurine presents fully-sculpted genie smoking. With golden accents, it includes a satin ribbon for hanging and translucent smoke with infused glitter. It just looks satisfying!                                         

24- Disney’s Aladdin Tapestry

Disney’s Aladdin Tapestry is a unique piece of textile artwork with many pictures or designs formed by weaving colored threads or by embroidering on canvas.  It’s also used as a wall hanging or furniture covering. With amazing color schemes, they look fantastic.

25- Aladdin Music Art Print

Aladdin Music Art Print is perfect for birthday gifts, holiday presents, and home warming gifts. Make up your mind and buy our best-selling gifts. Try redecorating your home with cool music art prints.  Renovate your home by adding a new styled bedroom music art, living room framed art, room decor, and much more. Just go, have it to enjoy! 


What can be better than spreading joy and happiness?

Go pick up the best from the above list of 25 Aladdin Gifts and just give it to your loved ones!

Get inspired by Aladdin and Jasmine and be a source of happiness, smile, hope, and delight.

See you next time! Till then, check out the list of 25 Best “FRIENDS” Gifts For The TV Show Lovers.

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