40 Unique Anniversary Gifts For Couples Under $100

Anniversary is one of the most gleeful days for a couple to celebrate their togetherness and the love they shared through thick and thin of their journey. The day itself is a window of opportunity to renew the vows and prepare for the upcoming year. Become part of their happiness by getting them a gift from this list of 40 Unique Anniversary Gifts For Couples Under $100.

The best way to become part of their happiness is by gifting the couple on their anniversary. It is a sheer reflection of your consideration that makes a couple feel so special that their togetherness is inspired and celebrated by someone other than themselves.

A romantic and meaningful anniversary gift for couples can go a long way in strengthening their bond, reviving their special memories, and realizing how far they have come in this journey together.

Be it your best friend, sibling, or parents, a unique anniversary gift can cast a love spell on any couple in any year. The souvenir of idyllic years adds to the reasons for making them fall all over again and feel youthful about their undying love.

Now time to answer the million-dollar question for which you are here, “What are the best anniversary gifts for couples?

Your gift should be meaningful, dainty, and appropriate. Anything that makes them go “Awww” is your success.

We have rounded up a list of 40 Best Anniversary Gifts for Couples to find you exactly what you are looking for. The gifts are suitable for couples of all types: parents or newly-weds, young or old, and those who have everything.

We all have heard the phrase, “killing two birds with one stone”. But here you get the chance of impressing two souls with one gift!

Without further ado, let’s get scrolling…

40 Best Anniversary Gifts For Couples

1- Kissing Mugs Set

Kissing Mugs - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Do you want them to realize how perfectly they complement each other? If so, then this ends your misery in finding the perfect anniversary gift for a couple! This mug set is durable, lustrous and an amorous package that will instill evermore affection between both of them. The sheer vibrance and high-end quality will make them crave their coffee more, accompanied by many happy kisses.

2- Robes Set

Robes - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

If they are a comfort-loving couple, then this lavish robe set is our top pick for you. With their ultra-sleek fibrils and cotton-soft texture, they can pamper themselves so much with immense relaxation and coziness. Moreover, the classic monogram of “HIS/HERS” will increase the acknowledgment of their bond.

3- Intersection of Love

Intersection Of Love - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Anniversary is simply the jubilance of lovely love. Lovers tend to enjoy these little celebrations which bind them closer together. If you are looking for a similar gift for their revelry, this vintage Intersection of love is just for you! It has special categories pertaining to the timespan (wood, tin, platinum, silver, and gold) since the couple has been together. All they need is a hook and a nail to brighten up their day and glee!

4- Matching Couples Distance Bracelets

Distance Bracelet - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Distance is temporary, but love is permanent! We understand that the hardships of staying away can be destructive for lovers. However, this crushing state of agony can be overcome with these Distance Bracelets. The special beads are aromatherapeutic and absorbent of any essential oil they love. Moreover, the white and black shaded bracelets will go with every outfit. Turquoise, White Howlite, Or Rose Quartz stones can be personalized, to go with Lava beads.

5- Love Language Card Game

Card Game - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

There is always room for improvement when it comes to love!

This Love Language set is the right tool for couples to scrape their depths together and get to know each other in a different light. With 150 cards and 5 categories, this psychological list of questions makes the couple rediscover themselves and strengthen the love beneath. Give the lovers this anniversary gift and they will thank you for deepening their connection!

6- Fujifilm Instant Camera

Instant Camera - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Polaroids can make any couple photophilic. This is the best anniversary gift for couples who love traveling and capturing their special moments to cherish for the rest of their lives. Fujifilm is back with the latest compact and refined design that includes a selfie feature and higher image quality, especially in low-light settings.

7- Personalized Block-Lettered Cutting Board

Cutting Board - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Are you ready to surprise the couple with a gift that reflects their eternal love on a cutting board? It is as amusing as it sounds! This cutting board displaying the family name in carved wooden block letters adds an aesthetic appeal to your cooking sessions and presentation. The couple will think of you whenever they use it before they get swamped in remembrance of their love for each other.

8- Personalized Glassware Duo

Glassware - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

These hand-engraved romantic glasses commemorate a couple’s love with a toast. While one glass gives a velvety rich look owing to its slick design, the other one is a deep vintage vessel fit for a lavish drinker. The design can be personalized to give it a more individualistic look for the couple and make it perfect for wedding anniversary toasts.

9- Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Bracelet - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

The toughest part for any couple is to survive days when their partner needs to go miles away for work-related matters. Touch bracelets can be guardian angels in those days. These digital wristbands will keep your favorite couple feeling connected even if they’re far away or even having to spend the day in separate places. The waterproof feature makes it possible to wear it even while swimming or taking shower so that they never miss a love signal.

10- Hands Casting Kit

Casting Kit - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Who doesn’t appreciate little adventures to blossom romance? If the couple loves amusement, then this DIY hands-casting kit is perfect for them. This thoughtful yet fun gesture is all it takes to overwhelm them with joy. The quality of the dried cast and the details are immaculate, provided you do it right. The couple can cast their hands being held and commemorate the moment for a lifetime.

11- Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

Four Across - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Creative gifts are always welcomed! Lovers crave to challenge and be goofy around each other. The Heart’s Four Across Game is ideal for a couple who tends to spend less time together. A lively experience, along with puzzles with personalized names and hearts on maple wood, is a perfect indoor amour. Furthermore, the delicate build of this set is so refined that it can totally go with their home decorum!

12- Attractive Cutting Board

Board - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

The vintage and aesthetic look of this cutting board is a work of art. The hues of this walnut cutting board are truly exquisite, and the woodwork is meticulously finished while embossing the couple’s name and anniversary date in a lustrous font style.

13- 3 Year Love Journal For Couple

Journal - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

This gift is a journey of three years that will take the love and bond of a couple to its apex. The couple is supposed to maintain this journal on a regular basis to preserve their early marital relationship by answering a question together every day for the next three years in writing. After 3 years, each will know 1095 new things about their better half!

14- Date Night Box

Date Night - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Nothing vibes better than an aesthetic home-organized date. Enable your couple to organize an excursion and carry this whole art set with you everywhere you go! On top of a mountain, on a rooftop, or in your own garden. It’s entirely up to their liking! This is undoubtedly a classic anniversary gift for couples in 2021 when outdoor opportunities are so limited.

15- Couples Pillowcases

Pillowcases - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Do you want to do something completely unconventional for the couple? If so, then a Couple’s pillowcases are just the thing you are looking for! Soft like a cotton ball and smooth as silk; such pillowcases are a capricious addition to the wholesome night cuddles for lovers. The adorable illustration and premium quality material will not only welcome warm, cozy snuggles, but also, remind them of their everlasting love.

16- Kinky Truth or Dare

Game - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

If you are looking for an anniversary gift for a close friend, this should be your pick every time. This kinky version of truth or dare will challenge any couple’s sexual prowess to unprecedented levels. The cylindrical vessel contains 50 strips with a “truth” and “dare” printed front and back. And not any ordinary ones. There are tempting challenges and enticing questions that will make couples explore a whole lot of intimacy and attachment that they never imagined before. It opens up to new ideas of lovemaking in an extremely fun way.

17- Personalized Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

The best way to connect with your partner instantly is through a fun game. And a classic game like Tic Tac Toe gets a “Bring it on!” almost every time. But here is a twist to give it a romantic touch. The typical O’s and X’s are going to be replaced by the couple’s initials. The fresh and smooth maple plywood will contain the family name to give it a personal touch.

18- Custom Star Map

Star Map - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Are you looking for a couple’s anniversary gift? How about gifting a map to help them remember all of their good days together? Simply procure this, and they’ll love this nostalgic artwork commemorating their relationship’s milestones. The star map imitates how the stars appeared in the sky on their important night — it can be their wedding night, first date, and so on. It’s a one-of-a-kind present since all of the stars are distinct to the date and location of life’s most memorable night for the couple.

19- Photo on Wood

Photo on wood - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

To date, you have seen a wooden frame around a photo. But now you can pick your favorite picture of the couple you are gifting and print it on a wooden pallet. The picture is processed by advanced methods of printing to produce a sharp picture with vivid colors. The handmade piece of art is affordable yet luxurious.

20- Mr. and Mrs. Mug Set

Mug Set - Anniversary Gifts For Couples

A deluxe mug set for the early birds is always appreciated. This premium quality set with Mr. and Mrs. inscribed on it depicts sheer elegance. This classic, luxurious set of mugs is a perfect anniversary gift for a high-maintenance couple. A stainless-steel mug set with matching lids and gold stirrers makes it a complete premium package. Nonetheless, they can sip a Joe to vanish all their woes!

21- Custom Bar Necklace

The slender vertical bar necklace is a unique anniversary gift. The steel-made minimalist style pendant can be customized with the initials of the name with a plus sign in-between. This is a beautiful depiction of the quote “You Complete Me”. You can also plate the steel with rose gold to put the icing on the cake.

22- Guest Book Drop Box

A perfect way for a couple to know what their family and associates think about them. The heart-shaped glass framed decor is a stylish and eccentric piece of absolute genius and artistry. Let it sit on a table in an event and see it lure people effortlessly. They will be tempted to leave their thoughts on the cute heart tokens and drop them in the box so that the couple can cherish these warm words for the rest of their lives.

23- Wedding Date Print

The blend of high-quality paper, durable wooden, and aesthetic customized print make up for the best anniversary gift for couples. Choose from a range of attractive font styles and artistic date designs to frame the special date with the barn wood.

24- Personalized Engraved Compass

Engrave your sweet message on an archaic and vintage style compass to formulate a perfect gift for a couple’s marriage anniversary. You may imprint any font you desire on the front, back, and inside of the lid of the compass with the flexibility of over 400 characters.

25- Magic Box

As the name suggests, this is truly a magical anniversary gift for couples. The wooden box is carved with charming shapes and a personalized date or message. You’ll need a significant amount of room to allow the light to reflect clearly on the walls once the romantic light inside the box glows up in the dark.

26- Country Map With Names

A stylish international tour map with a travel quotation title and names of the cities and states. Choose from a range of colors and inscriptions related to travel. To make a tour-tracking pinboard, utilize additional push pins or stickers. This is an ideal gift for a couple planning to explore the world in the near time.

27- Scented Candles Gift Set

There is something extraordinary with the way a scented candle wavers in the air, releasing its sweet aroma. It can perfectly complement their mood and enhance their senses. This set comes with 4 soothing and carnal aromas to uplift the atmosphere. The exotic container has a multipurpose function to secure your items or become a part of home decorum.

28- Flickering Led Candle

An absolute lavish sculpture glistened by the lament light is enough to make anyone’s heart melt in awe. This flickering Candle is an insignia of elegance, marked with the sculpture of lovers hugging, symbolizing infinite love. The LED light secures the build of the carve and is non-hazardous. This can definitely be the best anniversary for artistic couples.

29- Heart Map Print On Canvas

The heart has been a distinctive symbol of love since the dawn of time. But when creativity and thoughtfulness are infused with this emblem of love, the perfect anniversary gift comes to life. If the pair comes from different areas or lives far apart, this personalized luxe artwork serves as a memento, with the map of those locations fitting together to complete the heart.

30- Recycled Glass Tree Globes

These globes are a hot favorite when it comes to gifting a friend or family member on their anniversary. Let us tell you why. With a stunning crystal ball that stems out to hold dazzling bursts of color using lively, handcrafted, recycled glass spheres to commemorate the marriage anniversary of two lovers.

31- Personalized Calendar Keychain

Dates are the essence of a relationship. Especially for the ones that have now escalated to become a beautiful bond of marriage. This Stainless-Steel special date keychain is a great way to honor the date you first laid on each other, your first date, your engagement date, your wedding day, or any other significant day in your life. The cuteness of the heart on the date is hard to get over.

32- Coffee Mugs Set

It is a funny yet amazing gift for couples on their anniversary. Each cup in the set says humorous lines that will surely bring a bright smile every time they see it. The high-grade material, colorful print, and goofy font style make it a premium putting this gift top-of-the-line.

33- Personalized Heart Necklace

Love blooms more than ever when creativity meets artistry. The amber heart-shaped necklace is a luxurious coral for women in love. The heart holds double loops with the names of the lovers engraved on first-rate silver. It is to honor their love bond that keeps them together in highs and lows just like the gold-filled hearts keep their names coupled.

34- Personalized Wind Sculpture

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? This personalized piece of ornament is as creative as they come. The spiral modish decorative can be customized to spell out the couple’s name and their special date that will whirl with every brisk breeze. The decorative grid of stars, hearts and a crescent moon will sparkle brightly for the rest of their lives, much like the couple’s undying love.

35- Soy Candle

If personalizing names and anniversary dates is not enough for you, here is something you can add to the equation to take things a step further. These scented candles come in a wide range of fragrances ranging from Pomogranate and Cider, White Birch, Lush Linen, Lavender, Mango and a lot more. Every fragrance is phenomenal, and the design is stylishly charming.

36- Loving Elephants

An eccentric mix of traditional and modern artifacts, this pair of elephants is a fanciful depiction of love. The artifact is thought to be sacred as it promises good luck and strengthens the bonds of love. Furthermore, elephants are considered to be an emblem of love therefore, it surely counts as a perfect present. The wood is perfectly masked by resin to enhance its gloss and fully incorporate into home decorum.

37- Happily Ever After Platter

It can be hard to compact all your love, adoration, and respect for a couple in a gift. However, the Ceramic Platter can lend you a hand. The slender dial platter with an exquisite romantic design is the best gift for a couple on their anniversary. Personalize it with their name and anniversary date to perfect the gift.

38- Engraved Olive Wood Heart

Olive wood is smoothly carved to shape into a heart, almost the same size as a real human heart with the couple’s name and date of anniversary engraved elegantly. The refined sculpture is produced using laser carving technology. The masterpiece weighs perfectly to satisfy whenever you hold it in your palm. Add a sweet message and give your couple a souvenir of love to cherish forever.

39- Recipe Happy Marriage Tea Towel

The cool to eyes tea towel is a cute way to remind a couple of their love story. The artwork is produced using sublimation, which permanently encodes the print in the Tea towel. It will never flake, split, or degrade, and will outlast thousands of washing cycles. This tea towel can be customized with a name, a special message, a special date, or a photo of your choosing, making it the ideal anniversary treat for any couple.

40- Ticket Stub Diary

Old couples often regret that they wish they would keep more memories and records of their youth to show their kids and grandkids. A Ticket Stub Diary is a unique gift for couples on their anniversary to maintain a collection of tickets from concerts, events, carnivals, and movies they go to. The book will accommodate tickets of all sizes and give you lines to write about a distinctive memory of the day.


Are you on a tight budget, yet eager to gift your admired couple on their anniversary?

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Here are the Best Anniversary Gifts For Couples for under $100. They promise to bring the same value that any lavish gift would.

We left no stone unturned in making this list of 40 Unique Anniversary Gifts For Couples Under $100. Each gift is meticulously picked to make the couple love you for making their day more beautiful.

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