25 Best Call of Duty Gifts for Obsessed Gamers

Call of Duty is like the BTS of the gaming world! The game has sold millions of copies and is the new favorite of noobs and professionals alike. The game is designed in various modes to suit the classic all-nighters and arcade 10 minutes players. We have compiled 25 Best Call of Duty Gifts for the special gamers of your life.

Call of Duty Players has accumulated over 3 billion years of gaming time by playing for about 1900 years per day. In the time it takes to win 150 players combat, the dinosaurs would have perished, the big bang would have taken place, wars won/lost, and humans landing on Mars.

You might get mad at obsessive players for not giving attention to other aspects of life, and rightly so too! But researchers say that COD players’ brains work at a faster and creative spectrum than other people, to name a few. The most effective solution to this is to join their squad too! Then you will be the apple of their eye 24/7. And there is no shame to embrace the goodness of Call of Duty.

If you are out of ideas to gift him something that guarantees the compliment “This is the best gift I’ve ever received!”, then these Call of Duty gifts should be your go-to choice. We have captured the soul of Call of Duty in the components of 25 Best Call of Duty gifts in 2022. This is a headshot pick to gift him on Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.

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25 Call of Duty Gifts For Everyone

1- 5 Pieces Canvas Art

Looking for a Call of Duty gift for your boyfriend? You can now stop your hunt because this is a creative masterpiece that every COD love would die to have on their bedroom wall. The five distinctive pieces of canvas are like jigsaw puzzle pieces until they are put together to put up a show for a lifetime. The cool wall decor will boost the aesthetics of the room from zero to hero!

2- Capt. John Price Figurine

For those who don’t know, Captain John Price is the lead character in Modern Warfare. He is a loving man in normal circumstances but doesn’t mistake his softness for leniency in the warzone. The fearless and humorous personality made a home in the heart of millions of fans. Here is a Funko Pop figurine of the iconic animated character to make his day a very special one.

3- Call of Duty Special Ops

You know that the scene is intense if special Ops are on the battlefield. The duo of special service commandos is on the task to win the battle for you. They are posed as deployments from a helicopter with rotatable blades and a detachable cockpit. You will be amazed to see the details of the riflemen and helicopter equipped with advanced armor and weapons.

4- Call of Duty Warzone RGB Light

A COD lover won’t brag about their passion for the game in words. Their aces and rank in the game is a thousand-word story in itself. The rest will be fulfilled by this chic RGB light that sets the character of a room. It displays “Call of Duty Warzone” which will automatically change colors. The aesthetic effect goes hand-in-hand on the wall above the PC setup and can be used as a night light owning to its soft light.

5- Call of Duty: WWII Gift Box Set

If you know anything about Call of Duty, you must be aware of the skins, apparel, and accessories of the character in the game. Every gamer brags nonstop about their latest unlocked costume. Give them a reality check with this amazing Call of Duty gift. It’s similar to finding the crate that offers a beanie hat, Wallet, keychain, and lanyard of COD theme. The only difference is that it is real!

6- Call-of-Duty Ghost Backpack

Upgrade your real-life backpack first before running house to house to level up your character’s backpack in the game. The travel backpack for men and women is composed of premium quality polyester fabric that can serve as a durable laptop keeper with a dedicated compartment. The other compartment can be utilized for keeping essential accessories. A perfect gift for Call of Duty lovers to own their passion inside out.

7- Call of Duty Monopoly

Everything becomes fun if it is delivered in a way you like. Take trading, for instance, financial solvency, real estate, bleeding cash, interest rates, bankruptcy, etc. It can be a pain in the neck if taught in a traditional classroom way. Gamers need to take a break from the screen and the Call of Duty Monopoly edition is a perfect way to do so.

8- Warzone Shoes

The shoes look pretty as a picture in real life too! The basic color of the hi-tops is available in both black and camo. The suede leather is printed with a top-notch design that will catch many eyes and turn heads as you walk down the lane in them. The warzone shoes are available in all sizes for men and women to make every fan happy.

9- Call of Duty Black Ops IV Gift Crate

The limited-edition gear crate is a well-deserved gift for Call of Duty lovers. It’s time to jump out of the gaming world and loot some crates here too. The box contains a miniature cable guy, gaming glasses, collectible coin, military-style pen, enamel pin badge, and reversible beanie to play around with two different COD designs.

10- Call of Duty Phone Case

The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) plastic and gel make a fine duo to produce a phone cover that is bound to outlast your phone life. They say that a phone cover says a lot about one’s personality and is considered as one of the very first things that people notice about your immediately. Help your special one cast a strong impact with this valiant COD UV graphics phone cover available for iPhone and Samsung models.

11- Call of Duty 3D Wall Graphic

Did you mistake that for a real hole in the wall? You possibly would if you haven’t seen the gift name first. The 3D wall decor features a COD commando marching fearless after a successful operation against the enemies while being shot from the broken wall. A filmy scene mimicked for jaw-dropping reactions by every new eye that sees it.

12- Call Of Duty Mouse Pad

The thickness of this big gaming mouse pad is more than 3mm to enable him to obtain more operating experience while playing games. The mat will aid him and his gaming mouse in navigating their way to success, thanks to its exceptionally smooth surface and non-slip back. This USB-powered backlit RGB mouse pad comes with a driver and a couple of control buttons.

13- Call of Duty: Vanguard

What would a mango lover want? More mangoes! The same works for the Call of Duty fans. Call of Duty Vanguard is released on November 5, 2021. The long-anticipated game is floating all over social media and the hype is real. Pre-order the game now for PS4, PS5, and Xbox players to make them thank you for a long, long time. And you may thank us later!

14- COD Glass

A good gift for Call of duty lovers is one that they can easily integrate into their lives without feeling a burden to do justice to them. I hope it makes sense! The best way to do that is to give them a customized COD-themed glass that features the game name and symbol along with their game tag! A thoughtful gift for COD lovers to keep them hydrated while they live their best life.

15- Personalized COD Inspired Keychain

The closest accessory for boys after their phone is their keys! And if you are looking for a unique Call of duty gift idea then here is your pick. The COD fan’s life revolves around a gun, grenade, and a keyboard. And this keyring has brought all of them together artistically. The option to personalize it with the initial of the recipient further perfects this gift for a Call of Duty lover.

16- Call of Duty Skull Wallet

The premium faux leather material, valorous camo army style design, and a skull badge on one side and “Call of Duty” print on the other, Ahh! Seems like a sweet walk down the lane of heaven for Call of Duty lovers. It is in fact now a reality, thanks to the premium skull wallet! The wallet has a double-stitched lining and spacious compartments to hold cash, cards, coins, and pictures in an organized way. Just like a military gentleman!

17- Call of Duty Warzone Canvas

Minimalist. Simple. Elegant. After a rough day in the warzone, this sight is a coolness to eyes that is beyond the possible combinations of 26 alphabets. This canvas and poster wall printings feature a well-crafted, grotesquely abstract artwork that is printed with high-definition ink that is waterproof and fade-resistant.

18- Call of Duty Tapestry

Call of Duty Gifts

Not sure if the family will approve of this but there is no better way to give a personal touch to the bedroom of a Call of Duty fanatic. The savage tapestry features a high-definition print with intricate stitching and clean lines. The 60″x40″ inch polyester tapestry is perfect to hang on the bedside or gaming setup wall.

19- Call of Duty Ballpoint+Stylus

Call of Duty Gifts

A simple, affordable, and minimalistic Call of Duty gift that serves the purpose along with practicality. It is an official Call of Duty merchandise that features a 1mm black tip for smooth writing and clean notes. The back of the pen is a soft stylus that works seamlessly on touchscreens of phones and laptops without leaving a teensy-weensy scratch even.

20- Set of 4 COD Coasters

Call of Duty Gifts

It’s a fantastic gift for Call of Duty fans who want to have some fun with a gaming twist. These are made of premium quality metal and are lightweight and insulated making them feasible to carry. Each one flaunts a unique COD design, making these alluring drink coasters stand out among tonnes of other things.

21- Zombies Perk Light

Call of Duty Gifts

You will know about Pack-a-Punch Machine only if you have played Call of Duty. It’s a facility driven by Element 115, located in every Zombies map that enables weaponry to be modified to superior versions of themselves. This is often achieved by increasing magazine capacity, increasing weapon damage, adding attachments, etc. The sight to find one is a dream come true for every COD player and this LED lamp captures that side to sit on their side table so that they can sleep sound under its shadow.

22- Custom Warzone Skull Hoodie

Call of Duty Gifts for Him

No gamer has the right to call themselves a true fan of COD if they have not played the Call of Duty: Black Ops Series. The zombie mode of the game is the highlight of this game. The warzone hoodie with a zombie skull can be customized with a name and sticker on the left sleeve to make it a perfect Call of Duty gift for him.

23- Call of Duty Notebook

Call of Duty Gifts Book

They say that you can stop thinking about that special one you love! Then how do you expect Call of Duty lovers to focus on anything that doesn’t reflect their love? This COD notebook is a 100-paged happiness for the fans. It can easily fit in the bag and is perfect to take notes at school, college, and university.

24- Call Of Due Tea Ceramic Mug

Call of Duty Gifts for Him

The game is fun but what makes it even funnier is the live interaction with the buddies on discord. Talking about funny, here is a humorous pun that will make any newcomer laugh at least. In other words, “Call of Due-Tea” is a hidden message from your partner that it’s time to spend some time with them in a way that is impossible to deny.

25- Call of Duty Face Mask

Call of Duty Gifts

Once you are into playing this game, you will step out of the room once in a blue moon, let alone go out of the house. But when you do, make sure to feature the cool Call of Duty face mask and prove that you are a responsible citizen. The elastic soft ear straps, breathable fabric, and washable cloth make it a durable choice to gift a Call of Duty lover.


The developers of Call of Duty have made sure to incorporate real-world situations in updates to keep the gamers engaged all night and day. The diehard fans of the game are the easiest to be impressed. All it takes is a gift from this list of 25 Best Call of Duty gifts in 2022.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Series

Call of Duty: Black Ops I was originally released with zombie mode. The widespread success of the game leads to the continuation of the concept in Black Ops II and Black Ops III. Besides that, Call of Duty: World at War also has a zombie mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2is the highest-voted Call of Duty game amongst gamers. The game sold 4.7 million copies within a day of release. The version revolutionized the first-person shooter idea with a classic campaign and realistic graphics.

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