25 Exciting Gifts for Card Game Lovers in 2023

Card games are something everyone is familiar with and has been a staple for entertainment for many generations. Whether it is your grandmother or the neighbor’s kids, everyone tends to enjoy some type of card game.

Gifts for Card Game Lovers

Card Games are one of the most versatile, accessible, and considerate gifts one can give. Whether being at a party with friends, spending the night with the family and relatives, or being on a road trip, cards games help pass time and liven up the mood in almost any situation!

You may ask: What type of card game should I gift? Would they even like any of these games? And to that, I say don’t fret. Here we have compiled 25 Gifts for Card Game Lovers which are insured to bring a smile to any Card Game Lover. Whether they desire a casual game with the family, a competitive and stimulating game with their friends, or just a fun party game to play when they are drunk, this list has them all!

So let us begin

Card Gifts for Kids and Teens:

1- Pictionary Card Game

Pictionary - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

Pictionary card game combines the fun of Pictionary with the action of charades. With simple instructions and practically no setup required, and without the hassle of having whiteboards and markers on hand, the Pictionary card game is an excellent gift for younger children who are just learning about objects and actions. It not only gives them a present to enjoy with friends and family but also teaches them how to express situations and words only using pictures!

2- Taco vs Burrito – Strategic Card Game

Taco Vs Burrito - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

Created by no other than a 7-year-old, Taco vs Burrito is a luck-based “food building” game. Using ingredient cards and actions cards, duke it out with others to build the best/worst amalgamation of a taco or burrito imaginable! Taco vs Burrito makes for a humorous gift guaranteed to make children and even adults laugh as they compete to see how can make the most absurd meal with the cards they get.

3- Dodgeball Card Game

Dodgeball - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

While being a fast-paced, short, and clever card game, this Dodgeball Card Game provides everything from matching different cards to throwing burritos at each other! This fun party game is extremely simple and has interesting mechanics, promoting evading and throwing skills. With soft airborne burritos, this is fun for all ages above 7, making it an exciting card gift for the kids.

4- Russian Roulette Card Game

Russian Roulette - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

This Russian Roulette Card Game is an age-appropriate version of the real Russian roulette but without the risk. This game has a simple objective, requiring avoiding drawing exploding kittens! Having its main demographic being children, this game has a cozy setup with an attractive, artsy, and catchy aesthetic to capture their attention, making it a tender card gift for them.

5- Not Parent Approved Party Game

Not Parent Approved - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

Having gameplay similar to Cards Against Humanity, Not Parent Approved is a card game geared more towards tweens and teens. Having some absurd and gimmicky Mad Libs with equally amusing answers, while remaining within parental boundaries, makes for a great gift for high schoolers. Although it is recommended to check for some “unpleasant” cards and remove them to make the game more focused on the desired audience.

6- Kids Against Maturity Card Game

Kids Against Maturity - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

Being similar to Cards Against Humanity, Kids Against Maturity Family Card Game shares similar set of rules and gameplay while being a lot tamer. It contains both toilet based humor for kids and funny (somewhat sexual) innuendos for the adults! Hence it is preferable to alter cards according to the age of the receiver. With some small tweaks, Kids Against Maturity makes for a good-humored gift for teenagers and adults alike.

7- Pictionary Air Drawing Game

Air Pictionary - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

We all dreamed of drawing pictures in air, and now with technology it is finally possible! With Pictionary Air Drawing Game make the kids imagination come to life as they draw whatever they desire on air. Being super easy to set up, Pictionary Air Drawing game provides the recipient an enjoyable family game of classic Pictionary as they/their kids’ “air” drawings are projected to nearby screens (like TVs, Tablets and even your Phones).

8- Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

With being cheap, simple, fast-paced and being quite a test of one’s reflexes, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza makes for lively game night with practically anyone! Having a unique and charming aesthetic, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is truly a game everyone (regardless of age) and is a great gift for birthday parties and game nights with both family and friends!

9- Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Unstable Unicorn - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

Being simple yet very fun, Unstable Unicorns Card Game is an extremely easy party game where the objective is to build a unicorn army and destroy the other’s army (and maybe some friendships along the way). Being one of the best games of 2019, while being suitable for people of all ages, Unstable Unicorns Card Game is a nifty gift especially for children.

Card Gifts For Family and Casual Players

10- Cover Your Assets Card Game

Cover Your Assets - Gifts for Card Game Lovers

Cover Your Assets Card Game is an amazing card game which highly depends on strategy and where the “Fortune Favors the Bold”. With simple and fun rules to follow, this game creates a challenging experience for any adult where there is a simple objective – collect $1M. This card game is exceptionally fun for everyone and promotes strategic thinking, making it a popular card gift for any household with children or casual players.

11- Monopoly Deal Card Game

Based on Monopoly (the game notorious for destroying friendships since 1904), Monopoly Deal Card Game is a fast-dealing, fun game with extremely simple sets of rules. This short-paced game is based on buying sets of properties and avoiding debt collectors, forced deals and deal breakers. Having a simple set-up, it is easy and convenient to play; this game is a great card present for any household or friend group.

12- Blink Family 60 Cards Game

Blink Family 60 Cards Game is a high stakes speedy game. Tom Cruises saying of “I feel the need… the need for speed” gives an accurate depiction of Blink Family 60 Cards Game as it is the perfect test of reflexes and response time. After one round of the game of matching, counting and coloring, it creates a sense of competition between the players, with the winner being the one with the fastest instincts. This makes for a wonderful gift for family game nights.

13- Talking Point – 200 Thoughtful Questions

Looking for something more focused on family gatherings or an interactive session with the kids? Why not try 200 Thoughtful Questions, a great conversation starter, with the benefit of being thoughtful and enlightening. With 4 main categories (Get to Know You, Family Time, What Makes You, You, and Fun & Random) 200 Thoughtful Questions is catered for audience of all ages and is a considerate gift for anyone wanting to spend quality time with their families.

14- Winning Moves Card Game

Being an adaptation from the 1960’s Winning Moves “Rack-O”, allow other to replenish their childhoods with Winning Moves card game. Having 60 cards and 4 racks, this 2-4 player game is not only easy to play but requires little to no effort to set up! This super cheap adaptation makes an amazing gift for any adults who want to reminisce about their childhood games or want to introduce these games to their children.

15- Pun Intended Card Game

As said by the great filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, “Puns are the highest form of literature”, Pun Intended Card Game may show why this saying is so prevalent. With over 1332 puns, this game is bound to provide a good time to all pun lovers. Puns Intended is easy to understand, witty, silly, clever, and at times absurd game to cheer up any individual, making it a fun present for practically anyone.

16- Bicycle Standard Jumbo Playing Cards

Why buy different decks for playing Poker, Rummy, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish and other such card games when you can buy one standard set of Bicycle Standard Jumbo Playing Cards and enjoy them all in a single package! Easy to store and cheaper to buy in bulk, Bicycle Standard Jumbo Playing Cards is the ultimate package for your family and friends who enjoy these traditional card games.

17- Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 is a card game very similar to Rummy and Continental in terms of game play but with some twists every round! It has different objectives in each phase of its 10 (or sometimes even more) phases making it non repetitive and strategic. Moreover Phase 10 is easy to play, portable and packed in a durable tin box, hence being an amazing card gift for anyone into playing simple and random yet a long, adaptive and competitive game.

Card Gifts for Adults

18- Truth or Drink Card Game

Based on the YouTube Series Truth or Drink (having over 2.4 billion views), Truth or Drink Card Game is the embodiment of the quote “Drink First, Think Later”. Containing over 432 questions, give your party centric friends an ice breaker game like no other and get ready to listen to them talking about the situations Truth or Drink Card Game puts them into (especially as the game goes on longer).

19- Who Can Do It? – Party Game

Another great adult party game for your social friends, be prepared to see them have a crazy time with their pals with Who Can Do It? – Party Game. With variety of dares and super easy to learn, it makes a great card gift for people who are not too embarrassed or prude to compete in some silly and daring tasks (without being too cringe to both themselves and other players).

20- You Laugh You Drink

Giving a whole new meaning to the saying “cheers I’ll drink to that bro”, You Laugh You Drink is a drinking card game which gets more intense and fun the longer the game goes! It is a cheap, easy to understand and enjoyable game for adults (especially in bachelorettes) who just want to have a fun time (with some drinks) alongside their friends.

21- Hot Seat: The Party Game

Hot Seat: The Party Game is an interactive party game which allows one to see how their friends view them. Being relatively cheap, having easy to follow instructions and perceptive game play, the possible outcomes of Hot Seat are endless when playing with different people. It makes for a thoughtful card gift for any group of friends looking to bond or just mess around among themselves.

22- Off Topic Adult Party Game

Off Topic Adult Party Game is a great game for parties or just having fun with the family. With 2-8 players, it works well in all situations. This game is very similar to Scattergories but WAY BETTER! It is easy to learn and play, but also surprisingly challenging and stimulating making it an amazing card gift for any type of crowd.

23- Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a quite popular card game in America which needs no introduction. It is a card game which many people find either too distasteful or absolutely hilarious! Being a simple question answers game, and having over 100 questions and 500 answer cards (which can be played in any combination), this game makes a perfect gift for any individual or group who are into obscene humor.

Card Gifts for Couples and Newlyweds:

24- Love Lingual

Why gift the cliché flowers or chocolates to newlyweds, engaged couples and dating even your significant other when you can gift Love Lingual: Card Game, a game bound to bring any couple closer together. With 150 riveting questions covering different aspects of one’s individual life, make them learn more about each other (and maybe you) and help strengthen any couple’s relationship.

25- Talk, Flirt, Dare! Card Game:

Having about 200 different playing cards, Talk, Flirt, Dare! is a relationship bonding game that can be played amongst a couple or against other couples! It is a lighthearted and fun card game having some serious relationship questions with some silly and unique dares/challenges sprinkled in between them. This makes Talk, Flirt, Dare! a unique, thoughtful and considerate gift for any newlyweds, dating, engaged and long time married couples.


These Card Game Gifts are the best way to for one to escape boredom while having a fun, memorable, and productive time with others. Give these 25 Card Game Gifts to your acquaintances and give them the opportunity to spend time away from their daily hectic routines and technology. These card games are assured to provide one with the classic bonding experience during any encounter with friends and family. 

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