28 Christmas Gifts For Brother Under $50 That He Will Love

The untold love that you have for your brother deserves as much recognition as your hate for him gets. Cherish this one-of-a-kind relation with a Christmas gift for your brother. In that regard, check out the list of 28 Unique Christmas Gifts For Brother Under $50 to get your hands on a meaningful gift at an affordable price tag.

28 Unique Christmas Gifts For Brother Under $50 That He Will Love

Relationship with brother is so unusual that it is hard to put it in words. You may fight him a lot but are always ready to fight the world for him if need be. You may get irritated by him but life gets colorless if he is not around for too long. You may hate him openly but will love him secretly.

Brothers are a blessing and it takes aging to realize it. Growing up with one is is not easy.

If he is younger than you, he might intrude on your privacy like it’s nothing, will take your share of food as if it was his since inception, will cry like a baby on mere things, and might mess up with your peace in his rejuvenation.

And big brothers starter package includes bossing around, a stern face, short replies, and an eagle’s eye on your activities.

However, the list of the blessings of having a brother will need a dictionary size book. With Christmas at the corner, now you have the best chance to get a Christmas Gift for brother that will reflect your love and consideration for him. You will find such gifts in this list of 28 Unique Christmas Gifts For Brother Under $50.

It’s time to make your pick!

Best Christmas Gifts For Brother

1- Military Tactical Backpack

Backpack - Christmas Gifts For Brother

Boys have a default affection for military-style products. This troop strategic backpack is designed as if you are in the warzone. The premium quality fabric to bear the roughness of the combat, spacious compartments to carry all essentials conveniently, tactical pouches to organize them, and double-stitched fabric to make it sturdy. It is a practical Christmas gift for brother, perfect for camping, trekking, or just casually stepping into the battleground of life.

2- Levitating Pen Stand

Pen - Christmas Gifts For Brother

A minimalist, innovative, and mind-boggling Christmas present to gift your brother. The levitating pen balance itself on the nib which is nothing less than magic for a new eye. The base of the stand contains a toroidal magnetic field with a uniform distribution to enable the tip of the pen stand even when you sway it a little. Tap the pen head whenever you are bored to sense its lovely figure oscillating in the breeze, finding stability without any resistance.

3- Solar Power Bank

Power Bank - Christmas Gifts For Brother

Let your brother know by example that you were and will always be smarter than him. This techy gift utilizes sunlight to store the charge for the phone. With a full charge, it can charge your phone up to ten times. The 4 panels can be folded into a compact size to fit into a pocket conveniently. Just let it hang on the back of the backpack and it will find sunlight itself. It also offers multi-device charging and can be changed manually to work as a normal power bank on rainy days.

4- Filtering Water Bottle

Water Bottle - Christmas Gifts For Brother

Healthy and clean water is nice. But the water that tastes great and refreshes every part of the body as it pours down is even nicer. Brita went the extra mile to design this bottle with a filtered straw that can remove sediment, impurities and smell, harshness, and microorganisms from the water.

5- Lego Mug

LEGO Mug - Christmas Gifts For Brother

We all grew up playing legos but never got enough of it. A dad of two even will love to fiddle with legos and show off his ingenious creations. And if your brother is still a kid, it makes it the best Christmas gift for him. Allow him to let out his creativity while having a cup of coffee, all-in-one! The mug bears LEGO dots and 3 backs of bricks to unwind the tiredness with a fun and creative activity.

6- Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Kit - Christmas Gifts For Brother

A one-stop solution to unlock the world of soft, shiny, and dense beards. The set consists of so many that he will be surprised to discover that beard care is a THING! Beard shampoo cleans and softens the beard shine through the day. Beard balm is applied after cleaning the beard to retain its moisture and hair health. The oil is constituted vital ingredients to promote beard growth. This Christmas gift for brother is topped with taming and trimming tools to attain all his beard goals.

7- Men’s Athletic Shoes

Shoes - Christmas Gifts For Brother

Shoes for man are a gift that you can hardly ever go wrong with. When you slip into a new pair of trainers for the first time, you can feel right away that they’ll be fantastic to sprint in. This is precisely what happens when you put on the KPP Men’s Athletic Walking Shoes. And if you take away the “brand factor”, you are getting a premium quality pair of shoes with excellent comfort and extraordinary style at an affordable price tag. It’s a win-win gift for brother this Christmas!.

8- Mini Coffee Maker

Coffee Machine - Christmas Gifts For Brother

Nothing beats the sensory pleasure of taste buds with a sip of coffee. It makes a great Christmas gift for your brother because he will get reminded of you each time he brews his own coffee. The sophisticated design and compact shape make it a portable cafe that boosts the aesthetics of the kitchen.

9- Philips Plaque Control Electric Toothbrush

Tooth Brush - Christmas Gifts For Brother

Who doesn’t like to munch on chocolates and sweets? But every good thing comes with a price! In this case, it’s the plague. Fixing someone’s dental routine is a perfect gift for a sweet tooth. The electric toothbrush will uplift the brush game with a thorough cleansing session to leave no gum or tooth unattended. It has premium quality bristles to brush with an ideal pressure to remove the most stubborn of plagues.

10- Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses - Christmas Gifts For Brother

The wooden sunglass is the epitome of top-notch craftsmanship to produce a piece that is infused into practical life as a durable and stylish solution of the glasses frame. And fun fact! They look even more handsome in real. The polarized lenses are a smart choice to stay protected against harmful sun radiations in style. The one size fits all frame will redefine fashion to stand out in a crowd.

11- Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Knife - Christmas Gifts For Brother

An all-in-one pocket accessory with life-saving features! Victorinox, the renowned knife manufacturer company of Switzerland produced yet another mechanical miracle to squeeze 15 functions into a compact-sized tool. Different sized multifunctional blades can and bottle opener, screwdriver, scissor, tweezer, wood saw, and whatnot! This is undoubtedly a gift for your brother that he will love to show off to his friends.

12- Personalized Docking Station

Docking Station - Brother Christmas Gifts

A wooden masterpiece that will save your brother from mini heart attacks when he gets paranoid that he is missing something essential. The precious hazel plywood docking station keeps all the nuts and bolts in one place so that he doesn’t have to come back home from midway to fetch the wallet. And above all, the wood can be carved with his name and initial.

13- Flip Down Clock

Clock - Brother Christmas Gifts

Gift your brother with the essence of time! The aesthetic flip-down clock is an inventive design to display time. It has a 304 stainless steel frame that shuffles quietly to keep track of each second. The battery-operated clock is a great decor to become the limelight of any space. The vintage design is meant to last long in its full shine.

14- Table Top Air Hockey Game

Air Hockey - Brother Christmas Gifts

A fun-filled game of air hockey to replace all the tiredness, anxiety, and stress with happiness and peace. The compact size can fit on any flat surface to bring on the game with your loved ones or friends. Challenge your brother for a game this Christmas and let him know that you love him, but you are better than him whatsoever.

15- Memory Foam Slipper

Slipper - Brother Christmas Gifts

Looking for a Christmas gift for brother?

Pamper your brother with a redefined version of luxury. The memory foam slipper is ergonomically designed to disperse the foot pressure equally to ease pressure on the foot sole. The arc support feels like a free massage with every step you take. It is like walking on a mattress even when you are walking on a gravel surface.

16- Men’s Bathrobe

A cozy attire to unwind after a relaxing shower is like a cherry on the cake. It doesn’t get comfier than this! The coral fleece plush bathrobe has a velvety touch against the skin that stimulates snuggly feels. The waist belt is as comfortable as the rest of the attire. It is available in two sizes and seven unique colors.

17- Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Resolve his breakfast misery forever with this amazing sandwich maker! He can now personalize his own sandwich just the way he prefers in just four simple steps. Fill each layer with your favorite fresh ingredients with an egg plate in between. Add bread, meat, cheese, veggies, and anything that you like to enjoy a perfectly assembled sandwich in just a few minutes.

18- Smart BMI Scale

A godsend bathroom accessory if he is a fitness freak or trying to shed some pounds. It keeps track of your fitness better than mothers even. You can connect this smart scale with your phone to effectively monitor up to 13 body essentials such as BMI, calories burn, and body fat percentage. A thoughtful gift to make sure that your brother stays healthy and in shape for the years to come.

19- Slim Wallet

At times you may need to take a step back to perfect the typical men’s gifts. This slim wallet offers bulky advantages with an elegant look of faux leather stamped with a handsome pattern. It contains 11 credit card pockets to fit cards of all types and sizes like credit/debit cards, ID cards, business cards, etc. The chic design is topped with a techy security layer to protect the data from RFID scanners by blocking certain bands of frequencies that can be a threat near it.

20- Gaming Neon Sign

A cool gift for a cool brother! This is a perfect gift for your brother if he is into gaming. A luminous joystick design is crafted on the transparent acrylic panel to create an illusion of the neon sign floating in the air. There are two holes behind the acrylic panel to hang the neon sign on the bedroom wall or on the gaming setup to light up his win.

21- Kabob Grilling Baskets

Say bye to skewer with these stylish wood-handled containers! Lift up the BBQ setting with this game-changer grilling basket. The steel wire structure is insulated with wood to act as a handle and a lid to design the kebob as per individuals’ needs. It frees you from the distressing moment when meat drops from skewer in fire bit. Easy flipping and a press grill design make it a great gift for your brother on Christmas.

22- What to Watch Streaming Decider Dice

With so many streaming options at hand, one can easily be overwhelmed to end up spending more time deciding on a movie than the movie runtime itself. The 3-inch vessel contains three laser engraved dices stacks on each other to leave the decision on fate. Give it a good shake and toss them out of the container, as if you are playing ludo with three dice. One will hold the genre while the other two will contain the row and column where you will find your entertainment.

23- Portable Fireplace

A perfect Christmas gift for brother who has everything! Because having a portable bonfire is rare. A unique and modish fireplace to give you a warm hug with a burning time of more than 40 minutes. The burning Isopropyl is a safe fuel to produce minimum smoke which is safe for the family. It also includes a robust, long-lasting felt pad to prevent your furniture from scorching and scratching.

24- Echo Dot (4th Gen)

If your brother is still clumsy and needs a helping hand to stay organized, then this is the best you can do for him with a Christmas gift. Echo Dot (4th Gen) is like having a personal assistant in a sphere shape. It allows you to control the smart devices of your home with voice commands and will set up a great show if you are in the mood to rave with access to 70 million songs. Also, it features an LED clock with alarm settings to confirm its spot on his nightstand.

25- Thanos Bottle Opener

When Thanos can cause the extinction of half of the world’s life with a snap, then imagine what a fist can do. Especially when he has all the six stones in his Thanos gauntlet. Can open a bottle cap at least! Here is a unique Christmas gift idea for your brother to open all sorts of bottles and cans with this Thanos Bottle Opener.

26- Motion Sensor Activated Bathroom LED

An unconventional gift for your brother this Christmas! But anyways, nothing is conventional between this relation either. He definitely needs an attractive toilet seat for potty training. Not only it can change between 16 cool neon colors to make his stay pleasant there but will also switch on itself sensing a presence within 5 feet distance. The bizarre gift will make every newcomer smile and something nasty yet funny to discuss over the dining table.

27- Shotgun Shell Drink Coasters Set

Every brother has an action hero inside of him. Action, thrill, guns, and warfare are all that he cares about. Bring him his world to his dining table with these cool 12-gauge shotgun shell coasters. The resin-made relic is crafted such that the diameter is bordered with the bullets of a DWK shotgun so that the five-piece coaster can stack into it perfectly.

28- Worlds Okayest Brother T-Shirt

Here is a brotherly suggestion, don’t ever make the mistake of praising your brother too much. They will flex it to the point where you might feel foolish to say it in the first place. This is the story of 99.99% of brothers. World’s Okayest Brother is a wise Christmas gift to express your love for him in a punny manner. The casual wear is available in seven high-quality colors and a plethora of sizes.


The late-night kitchen rendezvous, backyard sports, picnics in vacations, and occasional fights are some of the many indelible memories with your brother. The young foolish boy is developing into an independent gentleman to make you proud. Give him a tight hug with a Christmas Gift from this list of 28 Unique Christmas Gifts For Brother Under $50.

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