30 Appealing Cricket Gifts That Are Better Than Hattrick

A cricket gift is a gateway to the heart of a cricket lover! If you know someone obsessed with the sport to an extent that they won’t mind getting started with it in any place they find, then you need to get them a cricket gift from this list of 30 Appealing Cricket Gifts.

Cricket Gifts

Cricket is the national game of the UK, but the gentlemen’s game has now made millions of fans around the globe. The simple game of bat and ball has entertained cricket fans with many nail-biting matches and unforgettable victories over a century and still going strong.

The increasing popularity of cricket has inspired many youngsters to adapt it as a career. Megaevents and cricket rivals series spice up the sports to never let a cricket fan brown off.

Don’t play defensive shots when it comes to gifting someone who loves cricket. Come down the crease, swing the bat, and hit a six by getting a gift for cricket lovers that they will remember you for life.

We have set you the stage by making this list of 30 Best Cricket Gifts in 2022. Now it’s your time to play the winning shot!

Let’s play!

Best Cricket Gifts For Him

1- Spring Cricket Stumps

Stumps - Cricket Gifts

The best sight for a bowler is to see stumps flying all over to the keeper. It is impossible to dig conventional cricket stumps in hard surfaces. This is when these spring cricket stumps comes in handy to complete the professionalism of a cricket pitch, even if it is a backyard! The lightweight wood will sustain rough and tough bowled outs by the fastest of the bowlers. And the spring-loaded mechanism will load the back for another in swinging delivery headed its way.

2- Limited Edition Batting Gloves

Gloves - Cricket Gifts

A nice pair of gloves to ensure a firm grip that will allow you to shift all your energy into the whip of your bat. These are fashioned of high-quality leather with a sheep leather palm for a perfect fit and convenience. Two-tiered sidebar protection for the top hand, as well as a soft PVC cover, ensures maximum safety. To top it, there is special protection for the first two fingers of the bottom hand. Plus, the breathable mesh gusset will dry the sweat for better grip.

3- Cricket Leather Wallet

Wallet - Cricket Gifts

This wallet will let cricket fans incorporate their passion for sports into their daily routine. The premium Italian leather is embellished with iconic cricket ball seam stitching. Those who know the “C” of cricket even will define test cricket as the real beauty of the game. It all started with a traditional red ball and this stitching is the core of it for over a century. This cricket gift has six card slots and an appeal that will clean-bowl the heart at first sight.

4- Hanging Ball for Practice and Knocking

Hanging Ball - Cricket Gifts

If you know a cricket lover who does not have someone to play with most of the time, then this is the best gift for them! The leather cricket ball comes with a string attached to it. Hang it on a pole in the backyard and practice shots in all directions. The ball will oscillate and come back to the bat for another strike. This way you can master your weak areas and entertain yourself when feeling bored.

5- KOOKABURRA Cricket Bat

Bat - Cricket Gifts

Kookaburra to cricket is like the Wilson of Tennis. The brand is the name of the game when it comes to making cricket bats. The best-grade Kashmir Willow goes through delicate carpentry to shape into one of the finest cricket bats for the classical style of batting. The 10-12mm blade makes it lightweight and impactful to rebound the ball to the boundary. It is suitable to play with a leather cricket ball or unconventional tennis ball cricket.

6- Cricket Fielding Positions Mug

Mug - Cricket Gifts

Most beginners in cricket have a hard time understanding the fielding positions on the ground. Third man, silly point, gully, hook, and whatnot! These names may not make sense but are important to learn for a true cricket fan! This ceramic mug features a ground labeled with all the fielding positions as a visual learning tool in style. It is a blessing in disguise and the giftee will remember you for long to solve this enigma of learning fielding positions in a way embossed in mind.

7- Cricket Helmet

Helmet - Cricket Gifts

Bouncers are a beauty of the game that can injure a batsman to end the career, as it did to Craig Kieswetter. Or can prove to be fatal in the worst-case scenario, like Phillip Hughes. Get a cricket helmet that is designed to take all these parameters in mind to ensure proper safety against a bouncer. The ball will not penetrate through the grills and the extended flaps will cover the side of the neck. Four vents are provided in the design for ventilation with a sturdy outer shell to resist the impact. The sweat absorbent mesh and inner padding guarantee safety and comfort for a long inning.

8- Spirit of Cricket

Spirit of Cricket

It is said that there is a scientific explanation behind everything! This insightful book talks about the laws of cricket and the reason for them to be what they are. It explains how everything is done to balance the game between bat and ball to keep it fair and how it has been evolving with time if any imbalance is felt. Explore the strange events like mankading, sledging, and sandpaper scandals and what measures were taken to preserve the Spirit of Cricket.

9- Cricket Kit Bag

Kit Bag

Kitbag to cricket lovers is as dear as makeup box is for women. This large-size duffle kitbag is designed with superior quality synthetic leather in such a thoughtful way that it has a compartment for every cricket accessory. The main compartment is for pads, helmets, and gloves. One is for shoes while the outer zip is for carrying a cricket bat, ball, and protective guard. Two tractor wheels allow easy mobility. In short, it is a one-stop solution for all cricket accessories problems.

10- Cricket Shoes


No matter if you are batting, bowling or fielding, it is highly important to be sharp on the field. And for that, a cricketer needs shoes that allow traction and grip that will make the difference alongside skills. The 6-spike design with compact design increases traction and durability. While the breathable mesh, padded interior, and lightweight profile make it the best cricket gift for cricket lovers.

11- Speed Gun

Speed Gun

A speed gun is a perfect cricket gift for bowlers! It precisely measures the speed of the ball that any layman can operate. The gadget comes in a gun design with a trigger that is needed to be pressed and held at about 5 feet distance from the pitch. Once the trigger is released, it tells the fastest measure of ball speed with plus/minus 1.0 MPH accuracy. The large, easy-to-read LCD display can read a ball of 110 MPH – That’s 10 MPH more than the fastest ball ever bowled in the history of cricket.

12- Kiddo Cricket Set

Kiddo Cricket Set - Cricket Gifts

This is a starter pack for the little Don Bradman! The cricket set comes with Moulded Bat, Rubber Ball, and stumps – In a size suitable for kids between 4-8 years old. It is a perfect cricket gift for kids on their birthday or Christmas if they love to swing it hard. The set is designed to train kids in the closest reality possible without posing a safety threat to them.

13- Catch Practice Cricket Bat

Catching Bat - Cricket Gifts

A catch practice bat is great fielding equipment to ensure that the young cricket never spills a sitter again. The rubber blade is a bouncy surface to rebound the ball high in the sky with minimum force applied. It allows one-handed hit to practice for high catches on the boundary line or sharp catches in the slip cordon.

14- Set of 6 Red Ball Cricket

Ball Set - Cricket Gifts

The set of six hand-stitched red cricket balls is a long-term solution for cricket fanatics. This cricket gift will ensure that they always have a ball in the pack to face six deliveries consecutively in net practice. Plus, each ball will age differently to train them for all the colors a red ball can show on the pitch. The lacquered coated and wax polished balls will last a long time and will provide great practice for bounce, spin, reverse swing, and cutters.

15- 6 Pieces Wrist Sweatbands

Sweatbands - Cricket Gifts

Wristbands are ritzy and offer a very vital role! The jerk of bowling or playing a wristy shot can put pressure on your joints that can ultimately tear the muscles or damage the bone. This set of 6-Pieces wristbands provides support to the wrist joint to preclude any risks. It is sweat-absorbent and feels comfortable in hand. And after all, this cricket gift will perfect the sporty look of your special one.

16- Chocolate Cricket Bat

When in confusion, go with chocolate! A chocolate treat for cricket lovers makes the best cricket gift! The combo of white and dark chocolate is as iconic as the chemistry of bat and ball. It consists of a solid chocolate slab featuring an adorable cricket bat. The other eight small squares are shaped into red cricket balls and cricket symbols. All that comes together for a luxe Belgium delight.

17- Cricket Ball Thrower

A great invention to train for a Starc like delivery. The Speed arm uses the levers and torque phenomena of physics to generate a speedy delivery with full control on the line and length of the ball. It can generate up to 110 mph speed delivery which is ideal for under-18 players. Stir up the net practice with realistic bowling training with this precise ball thrower.

18- Batting Pads

Another great protective accessory in case you misread the in-swinging delivery. The one-size-fits-all pads are lightweight and yet serve their purpose effectively. The three straps ensure that the pads cling onto the batsman’s legs with a strong grip that they don’t need adjustment after completing every run. Also, check out the five cool colors and pick one as per your home team!

19- Wraparound Protective Guard

When a hardball is delivered at a speed of 100+ kph, it is nothing less than a bullet if handled casually. Safety comes first and here is how you can ensure safety with comfort. The groin protective guard comes with wraparound underwear and a waistband to make sure that it stays in position throughout the innings. No more adjustments are needed after a dive or fast running if he has this wraparound protective guard on. It makes a considerate gift for cricket lovers that might prove to be lifesaving for them in their career.

20- The Art of Captaincy

The Ashes winner English captain, Mike Brearly has squeezed in all his experience, tip, and insight of what it takes to be a caption on and off the field in this book. The Art of Captaincy is a great read that sets a leadership mindset. How to gel up the team, how to get out the best versions of them, and how to handle criticism are all mentioned in this book.

21- Cricket Arm Sleeves

A young bowling talent needs this cricket arm sleeve to improve his action and technique. It is also proven to aid in blood circulation and prevent soreness. And if the playing conditions are hot, it is a getaway from skin burns. The elastic, lightweight, and comfortable combo of cotton and spandex also come in handy in the field where they can dive without the risk of getting bruised.

22- Catch Trainer

Catches win matches! Not just matches, it can even cost you the world cup if you remember Herschelle Gibbs dropping a sitter of Steve Waugh in the 1999 World Cup. Here is a unique way to improve your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and thinking time with trio balls. Throw it in the air and call out for one of the three colors to catch. This will step up the fielding game to a level where catching a ball on the field becomes as easy as ABC.

23- Leather Cricket Ball

Red Leather BallThe soul of cricket.

The original tanned leather gets the robust 5-ply thread stitching to make it last many shots. It is hand-stitched under the top-tier standards of professional cricket to ensure regular bounce and weight. The durable leather will need three Chris Gayle’s to deform it. It is coated with English lacquer for longevity and shine. The wax finishing gives the ball a nice sheen, making it vintage and professional.

24- World Cup 2019 Iconic Moment Portrait

This is not a gift you are looking for if you are a New Zealand fan! As Ian Smith said “Absolute ecstasy for England. Agony, agony for New Zealand.” The iconic final of World Cup 2019 couldn’t be written better. After 47 matches of the tournament, the distance shown on the canvas is what made the difference. This animated illustration portrait deserves to hang on the bedroom wall of every cricket fan!

25- Personalized Leather Ball

Engrave your sweet message on this leather cricket ball to make it a special gift for a cricket fan. The hand-stitched ball is made of solid cork with sturdy rubber inside. Your message can be a motivational quote, well wishes, or the name of the giftee. In any case, it is great to play with or keep as a relic for an everlasting cricket gift.

26- Cricket Game Strategy Notebook

This notebook may be used for scouting, drafting game tactics for team matches, and training at the net. It is a great cricket gift if you want him to lead the team from day one as a captain. 108 pages provide 52 pages for cricketing field stadium diagrams and the other 52 for making corresponding notes.

27- Cricket Bat and Ball Cufflinks

If you are looking for a cricket gift for an enthusiast, then we might have something up our sleeves for you! These handcrafted handcuffs are perfected with intricate detailing of high-quality brass. It is a great cricket gift idea for those who don’t cant think about anything else than bat and ball. Now they can feature their love for cricket with a miniature silver bat and red ball enclosed in a lavish box.

28- Gray Nicolls Powerbow Bat

In every renowned cricketer biography, there is always a special bat that accompanied them through their journey to become the best. They keep that bat close to their chest to date. Here is your chance to become the one who assisted the emerging cricketer by equipping them with the best blade of the world. Words fall short to praise this grade 3 English willow that comes partially knocked, oiled with a tow guard to ensure many years of service.

29- Test Cricket Shirt

The white cricket kit is an iconic representation of cricket in its purest form. The red marks on fast bowlers’ trousers after a day spent shining the ball or green marks on the fielder kit speaks for a tremendous fielding effort. Let the young talent feature the soul of cricket with this white cricket shirt. The polyester-made cricket shirt is available in all sizes.

30- Cricket bat and ball Canvas Print

A bat and ball are where cricket starts and ends. The combo of these two has made lives fun for cricket fans around the world. Here is a creative and aesthetic canvas art that comes in panels of one, three, and five depending on the size you order. The high-definition print is made from vivid ink colors portrayed on a thick canvas to last long enough to see them represent the national cricket team.


That’s it with the last bowl of the innings in the list of 30 Best Cricket Gifts in 2022. We hope that you find something of interest to gift a cricket fanatic who you love. These gifts will aid him in improving his game and they will remember this gift when they wave their bat or bowl one day soon in front of a packed stadium.

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Till then, stumps!

Sun, 17 October 2021

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 will start on 17 October 2021 in Al Amerat Cricket Ground, Oman. The first match of the group stage will be played between Oman and Papua New Guinea.

Sun, 14 November 2021

The final of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 will be played on 14 November 2021 in Dubai International Stadium, UAE. The two semi-finalist teams will compete for the title in the 45th matches of the tournament.

UAE and Oman

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 is all set to be played in UAE and Oman. Three matches of the group stage will be hosted by Oman while the rest of the 42 matches will be played in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi stadiums in UAE.

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