25 Doraemon Gifts For The Nobita Of Your Life

We all have a lot of Doraemon memories, and a lot of them sound very silly. Some of us had hoped that our great great grandson would send a Doraemon to us as well, and I believe we all anticipated a world in which we all had a Doraemon, but we were all unable to have one. Well, we can’t have Doraemon but we can have Doraemon gifts to renew our childhood memories for this masterpiece. Here is a list of 25 Doraemon Gifts to relive those beautiful memories of Doraemon out of the screen.

Doraemon Gifts

As we all know that Nobita Nobi’s great-great grandson sends Doraemon back in time to repair Nobita’s bad luck so that his descendants can have a happier life in the future. In the original timeline, Nobita’s entire life was filled with suffering and misfortune. As a result the robotic cat Doraemon, who owns a variety of 22nd-century gadgets that can accomplish wonders, was sent to make Nobita’s life happier. The unique amount of gadgets make every episode better and a lot more interesting than before.

Getting a Doraemon gift for devoted fans is the perfect way to recognize the incredibleness of this show. We’ve compiled a list of the 25 Best Doraemon Gifts for everyone.  

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25 Doraemon Gifts For Kids

1- Doraemon Costume

Costume - Doraemon Gifts

The show’s most popular character always dazzled us with his cool robotic aesthetics and cat-like features. For aficionados of this beautiful robotic cat, we have a customized Doraemon costume. It’s an identical copy of the original show, even down to the gloves. Doraemon fans would adore the cotton wear as a Halloween present.

2- Doraemon Throw Blanket

Blanket - Doraemon Gifts

There was not even a single day in Nobita’s life when he did not get himself into some sort of trouble. Just like Doraemon, who always covers Nobita’s faults and shields him from Gian, Doraemon’s blanket covers your body and protects you from the extremely cold weather conditions by offering warmer and softer care and a sense of comfort, allowing you to fall asleep faster and sleeping better.

3- Doraemon Nobita Figurine

Noblta - Doraemon Gifts

We can’t deny that Nobita’s slacker personality and poor luck have always struck a chord with us. Nobita seemed to be a lot like us. We propose Nobita, a collectible statue figure, to honor this mindset of comparing ourselves to Nobita. This isn’t just any statue, though; using removable pieces, you can make a variety of facial expressions too.

4- Doraemon Lunch Box Set

Lunch Box - Doraemon Gifts

Doraemon’s extreme passion for food, particularly doraecakes, is well-known.  a fantastic product for Doraemon foodie enthusiasts to commemorate the spirit of Doraemon’s excessive love for food is here. a Doraemon lunch box that is very spacious just like Doraemon’s 4D pocket. Easy to use, with a zipper that closes completely and a pocket for a cooling pack. So Doraemon is ready to accompany you and bring your food.

5- Doraemon Ceramic Cup

Cup - Doraemon Gifts

While viewing Doraemon on your TV screens, sip your favorite beverage from the same character cup you’re watching on TV. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Doraemon cup with Doraemon’s lovely visage has a capacity of 265 milliliters. It also makes an excellent office and home companion. This unique ceramic cup is looking forward to meeting you! now is the time to order!

6- Doraemon Bank

Bank - Doraemon Gifts

No one wants to be like Nobita, who wasted all of his money on frivolous items and afterward regretted it. Doraemon bank can teach us how to save money. It will provide entertainment while also allowing you to save money. When you place the coin in the designated area, the lid will open, Doraemon reaches out and drops the coin into the box with his hand. Sounds fun, right?

7- Doraemon Chopstick Game

Chopstick - Doraemon Gifts

Doraemon and Nobita always preferred to eat food with chopsticks and encouraged the rest of us to do so as well, but eating with chopsticks is not a child’s game. Worry no more! What if I say It’s as easy as playing a game to learn how to eat with chopsticks? The Doraemon chopsticks game enables you to learn how to eat with a chopstick while playing a game. Isn’t it amusing?

8- Doraemon Mini Purse

Purse - Doraemon Gifts

Doraemon has always kept an infinite supply of his incredible gadgets in his 4D pocket. This was the reason why he never lost a gadget, and now Doraemon Purses are here to assist you to carry your coins and other valuables. It comes in a nice light blue hue with Zipper and an adorable Doraemon face on it. Like a 4D pocket, the polyurethane substance makes this product better and more reliable.

9- Doraemon Air Pods Case

Air pods Case - Doraemon Gifts

Doraemon’s responsibility was to defend Nobita from any tragedy or accident, and we all adored the various methods by which he did so. Doraemon is ready to protect your AirPods case from scratches in the same way! Doraemon silicon AirPods case comes in a lovely light blue color and features a cute Doraemon face. There’s no need to be concerned while Doraemon is protecting!

10- Doraemon PS4 Game

PS4 Game - Doraemon Gifts

We all know how lethargic Nobita is when it comes to gardening, but whenever his mother requested him to mow the grass in their garden, he always employed Doraemon gadgets to do so. What if we gave you a game in which you had to farm while forcing Nobita and his adventurous pal to work together, in which Doraemon’s amazing gadgets also played a role? You need to play this game.

11- Doraemon Action Figure

We all wanted Doraemon to be there for us during our difficult times, to say “I got you” and grin at us. Well, it’s practically hard to make this wish come true, but the Doraemon action figure can help to some extent. This adorable Doraemon action figure smiles at you and is ready to be with you, just like he always was with Nobita.

12- Doraemon Keychain

The beautiful Doraemon dummy on this wonderful keychain is ready to grab everyone’s heart. Doraemon enthusiasts will love this as a birthday present! Maybe he opens the door to your heart with this keychain, just like he opens anywhere door. If you’re looking for a birthday gift for a Doraemon fan, this should be your first choice.

13- Doraemon Mug

Watch Doraemon on your TV displays while sipping your favorite beverage, but with a twist. Why don’t we drink from the same character mug we’re watching on TV? Sounds wonderful, right? Doraemon mug has 280 milliliter capacity with Doraemon’s charming visage and name on it. Watching Doraemon without a Doraemon mug seems incredibly boring, so what are you waiting for? Place your orders now!

14- Doraemon Cartoon Character Shirt

Doraemon clothing includes a wide range of T-shirts with different designs from the beloved animated series. However, you will not want to overlook this product. To outshine other Doraemon gifts in innovation, the cartoon figure is displayed with a high-resolution print on a simple white shirt which makes itself a decent shirt with elegance.

15- Doraemon Table Lamp

Doraemon was always willing to assist Nobita when he was studying. Doraemon will now assist you in studying under the light of the Doraemon table lamp. This cute lamp comes in a light blue color and features a miniature Doraemon dummy that moves about to cheer you up while you study. When you have Doraemon’s help, there’s no way you can fail!

16- Doraemon Sleeping Mask

Many of us still wish to be Doraemon, but we will never be able to accomplish this goal because it is practically impossible. However, using the Doraemon sleeping mask, you may still dream while appearing like Doraemon. The mask allows you to sleep peacefully while resembling Doraemon, as it contains half of Doraemon’s adorable face on it, giving the user the appearance of Doraemon.

17- Doraemon Handbag

In honor of Doraemon and Nobita’s sincere friendship who always had each other’s back, the Doraemon handbag is here for you to have your back in order to carry everything wherever. Doraemon enthusiasts will love this design! Use it as a lunch bag or a handbag to carry all of your daily essentials, anywhere you want.

18- Doraemon Coaster

Doraemon’s ultimate mission was to protect Nobita, much like this coaster protects your table’s surface from water and other beverage stains. The coaster is made of blue and white yarn and features Doraemon’s cute body. This adorable coaster is a great present for anime fans.

19- Doraemon Pouch

We all learned from Doraemon to put every valuable possession in a pouch since Nobita misplaced everything he had, while Doraemon never lost anything because he kept everything in the pouch-like pocket. Doraemon Cute Face Square Pouch urges us to keep all of our belongings in a pouch, much like Doraemon did in the show.

20- Doraemon Pen

No Doraemon enthusiast can ignore this really cute Doraemon pen, which has a cute Doraemon on top of a bamboo copter. This is an ideal gift for a Doraemon fan’s birthday. Now is the time to place your order! because you never know when the Doraemon would activate the bamboo copter and flee the pen

21- Doraemon Pendant Necklace

In the shape of this necklace, you’ll find a mixture of elegance and cuteness. Without the use of a Doraemon gadget, the innovation added to this necklace would be practically impossible. For admirers of Doraemon, this is the best Christmas present. Now is the time to order!

22- Doraemon Socks

Cold feet are more annoying than Gian! ‘The Doraemon Socks are a fantastic present idea for Doraemon fans who want to live the high life in this plush footwear. This comfy pair of ankle socks for men and women is made from high-quality cotton material and stitched by skilled hands.

23- Doraemon Wooden Music Box

Our childhood is rich with memories of us all grooving to Doraemon’s theme tune. The pleasant sound of the theme song is still missed by most of us, and we still want to vibe to it. The theme tune brings back a lot of memories for us, and we all need a Doraemon music box made of wood to recall those golden recollections from our childhood.

24- Doraemon Crystal Ball

Decorate your room in the same way that Shizuka enjoyed doing so. While being a Doraemon fan, it is completely unreasonable to decorate your room without a Doraemon crystal ball. This traditional transparent crystal ball will give a touch of elegance to any room. It’s the ideal present for enthusiasts for Christmas and birthdays. Glow your rooms with this decent crystal ball today!

25- Doraemon Plushie

We all wanted Doraemon to be real and a part of our lives, but we can’t make it happen. At the very least, we may have a super-cute Doraemon plushie to cuddle and keep us warm. We may hug all our tension away to this cute plushie, just like Nobita comforted Doraemon in his difficult moments.


The list of the 25 Best Doraemon Gifts has come to a close, but unlike Doraemon’s sorrowful ending, this one was a happy ending. We can’t make Doraemon real, but we can make the Doraemon gift collection more diverse, so the list will grow as Doraemon introduces new gadgets to the world.

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Signing off with the hope that these 25 Doraemon gifts bring joy to your lives, just like Doraemon brought to Nobita’s life.

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