25 Best “FRIENDS” Gifts For The TV Show Lovers

 The bond with friends can be made stronger by giving each other gifts and sharing happiness. So if you have a best friend who means as much to you as Joey meant to Chandler get him/her a FRIENDS gift and cherish your friendship the way Monica and Rachel did. Or if you are looking to fulfill a wish of your friend like Ross did by buying Phoebe her childhood dream bicycle, grab your friend a gift from this list of 25 FRIENDS Gifts For The TV Show Lovers.

Just like the lyrics of the FRIENDS TV show opening song, if you want to give a message to the ones that you love

“I will be there for you

When the rain starts to pour

I’ll be there for you

Like I’ve been there before

I’ll be there for you

‘Cause you’re there for me too”

The best way is to get them a “FRIENDS” gift. Even though the first-time FRIENDS aired was 22 September 1994, today we still find it trending on Netflix not only because it is entertaining but because it signifies how friendship can make your life beautiful and colorful besides the ups and downs in your life.

FRIENDS have taught us great lessons and have given us infinite moments of happiness. It taught us that things always work out in the end and all we have is now, so these moments shall be cherished.  A way of doing this is by spending quality time with friends and making memories.

Let’s get started with our wholesome list of 25 FRIENDS TV Show Gifts For The Fans.

25 Best FRIENDS Gifts

1- Friends TV show Crap Bag

Crap Bag - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

If your friend is traveling to a different city or country and is no longer in the same college as yours and you want her to remember you whenever she/he sees her/his bag, the best you can do is gift them a “FRIENDS CRAP BAG” so looking at it brings a smile to their face. You can customize it and have your or your best friend’s favorite line from the show printed on it

2- FRIENDS Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

When you and your friends sit together and no longer find anything interesting to play indoors, the best you can do is order a “FRIENDS TRIVIAL PURSUIT”. This game will make your meet-up a lot more fun and exciting as you can ask each other questions about your favorite TV show and settle the hot debate of who is a bigger fan of the show once and for all. A bunch of snacks and this along with a bunch of great friends promises a lovely FRIENDS TV show gift.

3- Personalized FRIENDS Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

In practical life, sometimes it becomes difficult to catch up and meet our friends every day. To ensure them that we are with them and they do not miss out on our warm hug it would be ideal to buy them a personalized “FRIENDS cushion cover“. So whenever they will feel alone and want to have a sense of a hug (Like Joey used to give Chandler), they can hug it tight!

4- Personalised Friends Lobster Sign

Lobster Sign - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

Having something hung on your room’s wall or placed on your study table given by your friend not only adds beauty to the place but reminds you of the one that gave it. Get your friends a” Personalized FRIENDS TV Show Sign” saying you are my lobster if you love them. If you want to gift your boyfriend or girlfriend something on Valentine’s, why not go with Chandler and Monica’s canvas print? You can relate your relationship and love to their fairytale love story because what could be better than having not merely a lover, but a lover who is your best friend!

5- Friends Keyring

Keyring - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

If you don’t want your roommate to steal your food, you can have a friend’s keyring saying “Joey doesn’t share food” and attach them to the keys of your fridge. If you know someone who is a big fan of friends and is a coffee lover, the apartment’s door plate keychain will do great for them. With many more options offered by the seller. The pretty “Friends keyrings” with stunning packaging make a good FRIENDS TV show gift.

6- Friends Inspired Glass

Glass - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

Remember how Joey would ask others if they wanted beer so that they could bring it over for him, and when Monica would make juice for Chandler out of love. So if you are planning to make juice with love for your friends or thinking of throwing a party with the FRIENDS theme, then grab a “Friends inspired glass” as a perfect gift for FRIENDS TV show lovers.

7- Friends Door Frame

Door Frame - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

Monica had one of the prettiest apartments with a stunning interior. If you want your apartment to look like that of hers or if you know someone who has a similar wish, grab a “FRIENDS door frame” now. This door frame will make your room look exquisite for perfectionists like Monica.

8- How You Doin Shirt

Shirt - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

If you are not good at making friends or you repel girls, then all you need is a “How you doin shirt”. Joey was famous for these three magical words and no one ever turned him down when he said them. Besides the dialogue printed on it that will make anyone laugh at first glance, the shirt is extremely comfortable to wear and serves value for money.

9- Joey’s Dog Figurine

Dog - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

When Joey got a part in Days of our lives he bought a dog figurine but then he had to return to his apartment and all he bought. But he did not want to get rid of the dog figurine so Ross paid the money for it so Joey could keep it. So If you have a friend that has a taste like Joey, be Ross and get him a “Joey’s dog figurine”.

10- Friends Tv Show Coasters

Coasters - FRIENDS TV Show Gifts

If you are a friend’s TV show lover or someone that you know is, and are concerned about your coffee table getting ruined. Then get “Friends TV show coasters” to hold hot and cold drinks. This will protect your coffee table and will give it an aesthetic look. You can get these customized with your favorite dialogue, characters, and props printed from the show.

11- Friends Fleece Throw Blanket

If it’s your best friend’s birthday and you cannot decide what to gift her/him then get them a “Friends fleece blanket”. This blanket has delightful details and is pretty to the sight. Moreover, it’s soft and comfy! Whenever your best friend will cuddle up on the couch, he/she will surely remember you!

12- Personalized Friends Picture Holder

Pictures freeze our favorite moments. When we look at them, it feels like we are living in that time again. We keep these memories with us as a treasure and gifts, so why not gift your friend with a “Friends personalized picture holder “along with the favorite picture of you two.

13- Friends TV Show 6 Pack Ankle Socks

If you are a FRIENDS TV show fan then these ankle socks will contribute perfectly to your closet. These are super comfortable and they help you run with ease so you can run and exercise on your Sundays and stay fit like Monica. Give your feet an experience that is worth it by ordering” FRIENDS TV Show 6 Pack Ankle Socks”.

14- Joey’s Plush Penguin Hugsy

If either you or your best friend is a FRIENDS TV show lover, and specifically a Joey lover. And your best friend means as much to you as Hugsy meant to Joey, then order “Joey Plush Penguin” on the first free minute you get next! To remind them that no matter how old you become, you would still love them and need them.

15- Friends The TV Series Monopoly Edition

Monopoly is an exciting and fun game but when monopoly gets linked to Friends TV Show then it becomes even more amusing. So grab yourself” FRIENDS the TV series Monopoly edition” that is featuring your favorite FRIENDS characters, the famous dialogues, and the places from the show. So now you and your friends can play either Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, or Joey and reminisce about FRIENDS.

16- Central Perk Building Kit

Central Perk has been one of our favorite places in the FRIENDS TV show. That place has plenty of memories and famous scenes connected to it. It might not be possible for us to build a central perk in our town, but we can have one in our room in the form of a ”Central Perk Building Kit”. This Kit comes with miniature objects that include the famous couch, the coffee table, etc. It also has mini FRIENDS characters!

17- Friends Logo Light

Gift your friends a” Friends Logo Light” so that whenever they turn it on, the light conveys to them the message that they have added color to your life, and they act as a ray of light in your dark tunnel. Buy this and appreciate the Rachel to your Monica, the Joey to your Chandler.

18- All Friends Characters Figurine

No matter how old we grow, the child in us never dies. You have a best friend that loves Lego city and is a part of the FRIENDS fan base. Get them cute little” All FRIENDS character Figurine”, so they can play with them or place them on their study table and cherish FRIENDS TV show gifts.

19- Friends Day-at-a-Time Box Calendar 2022

If you want to plan your days, decide a day where you can do all the cleaning like Monica, and you want to have a break like Rachel. Order “ Friends day at a time calendar”! It has bright, vivid colors with humorous dialogues from FRIENDS. Now you can have a calendar and FRIENDS TV show aura in one place.

20- Friends TV Show Makeup Bag

FRIENDS was much more than entertainment. It set up an era for a style that is still followed today. The classy dressing sense of Rachel Green and her splendid makeup look is still being recreated by many people all over the world! If your best friend is a makeup lover and admires the FRIENDS cast, grab her this FRIENDS TV Show gift now!

21-They Don’t Know Funny T-Shirt

Being a FRIENDS TV show fan and not remembering “They don’t know that we know that they know we know” is impossible! The famous dialogue was delivered by Phoebe when Rachel and Phoebe found out about Monica and Chandler. Besides the humor, this shirt is super gorgeous, soft, and alluring! Grab one now!

22- Friends TV Show Keyboard Mat

Do you have a best friend that has got plenty of work to do with computers, and they love Friends TV show? Here is your chance to give them a perfect FRIENDS TV show gift! Buy them a “FRIENDS TV show Keyboard Mat” to spice up the workplace with a humorous aura.

23- Friends Tv Show Zipper Pouch

The Friends Tv show zipper pouch” is spacious enough to hold many of your things. It is the perfect pouch that you could take to your college. The best thing about it is that you can customize it with your favorite dialogues and quotes from the FRIENDS TV series.

24- Friend Sweatshirt Hoodie

If you have an upcoming event in your college and you and your squad are looking for a twin, then what could be better than wearing a ”FRIENDS Sweatshirt Hoodie”!  You all will surely look GOALS in it. Also besides serving looks it is made up of one of the finest fabrics!

25- Personalized Friends Cup with Straw

Growing up while watching friends, we always wished to have a Central Perk in our town where we could have a cup of coffee and hang out with our friends. It might not be possible for us to build Central Perk Cafe but one can buy a “Personalized Friends cup with straw “to have an amazing coffee/ tea time with their friends.


Just like our favorite TV show, this guide to 25 Best FRIENDS TV Show Gifts comes to an end! I hope this ending is as happy as the ending of friends. Although it’s been years we still celebrate FRIENDS today.

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We will keep celebrating it and updating our list of “FRIENDS TV Show Gifts”.

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