35 Best Gift Ideas For Gender Reveal Party in 2023

Boy or a Girl? Blue or Pink? Midst of all this confusion, you should be absolutely confident in your gender reveal gift for the mom and dad (And the baby of course). Step up the game and pick a gift from this list of 35 Best Gender Reveal Gifts in 2023!

Best Gift Ideas For Gender Reveal Party in 2021

The trend of gender reveal parties is becoming quite a zeal amongst parents in modish times. And it’s truly fun too!

No matter how they choose to celebrate it, a gift is a must if you are on the guest list. A meaningful gender reveal gift not only reflects your excitement for the baby in the making but also gears up the parents for stuff they will need soon. Ask any mom and they call them life-saving accessories!

The catch is to get a gift that is not specified to one gender because isn’t it all about? And you definitely do not want to embarrass yourself with a wrong guess. Plus, taking gifts from both genders doesn’t sound like a good financial strategy. And if you are thinking of a simple “Congratulations!”, then it’s not enough.

So if you want to know gender reveal gifts ideas that are practical, meaningful, and most importantly ‘Gender Neutral’, then you have landed on the best place possible.

Choose a present from our list of the 35 Best Gender Reveal Gifts in 2023 to join the party!

Here we go…

Gender Reveal Gifts For Baby

1- Diaper Changing and Organizing Station

 Diaper Station - Gift Gender Reveal

Looking for a practical gift idea for gender reveal? Trunk Organizer and Diaper Changing Station is a one-stop solution to all Diaper problems. The collapsible trunk includes diapers, wipes, feeders, disposable diaper bags, and much more. Multipurpose compartments are easy to clean and made with durable material to keep everything well-organized.

2- Unisex Baby Flannel Blanket

Blanket - Gift Gender Reveal

The seamless cotton blankets are irresistibly cute! The set of four imported-quality blankets with an elegantly simplistic design offers the best value for money. They are a big yes for a gender reveal gift for their soft and fleecy nature. The unique flannel wraps offer a luxury that is hard to let go of for a primary school child even.

3- Compact Fold Stroller

Stroller - Gift Gender Reveal

A stroller is a godsend gift for parents. It is one of the most essential accessories to purchase when there is a baby on the way. And one of the most challenging ones to choose too! However, you can take away the misery once and for all with this Compact Folding Stroller that is a blue-eyed boy in the world right now!

4- Hand-Crocheted Toys

Toys - Gift Gender Reveal

This gift will reflect how excited you are for the arrival of the newborn. Hand-crocheted toys, especially miniature animals, aren’t only cute; they’re also precious little mementos of a friend’s affection. Consider gender-neutral colors for the toys so they will complement the baby’s crib and clothes in both cases.

5- Unisex Elephant Plush

Plush - Gift Gender Reveal

You don’t know what’s coming unless you are the “Keeper of the Gender.” A safe way is to go with a unisex baby plush with a cute elephant hood with a soft adorable trunk. Made purely with rich fleece fabric, the cushy bathrobe is ideally tender for baby skin and a perfect fit to get the maximum Aww’s possible in a day.

6- Baby Handprint Kit

Baby Kit - Gift Gender Reveal

A gift to be treasured for a lifetime! A baby clay handprint kit is an excellent option if you’re searching for a considerate gift that will warm every mum’s heart. This cute kit includes three non-toxic white clay packets, a miniature rolling pin, a handcrafted wood frame, and simple directions. The splendid framework will continue to give out delightful moments in perpetuity.

7- Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake - Gift Gender Reveal

Diapers Only a few thousand more before the baby is potty-trained! What better than a gender reveal gift with a delicately assembled 3-tier cake of 90 Pampers? It is a practical yet fun gift that can be used as a fake cake or just rest a centerpiece on the guest tables to provide an exquisite touch. After disassembling the cakes, the diapers can be utilized as a treat for the expecting couple.

8- Baby’s Book Set

Book Set - Gift Gender Reveal

Time is on the run with a baby! Today you are planning the gender reveal party and tomorrow you will be dropping them off for their first day at school. Or at least it will feel like so! A pack of 8 books is a perfect starter for the newborn to get familiar with animals, foods, colors, shapes, numbers, etc. The tear-resistant fabric is safe for the baby and will keep him/her engaged in the adorable colorful illustrations.

9- Newborn Lounger

Lounger - Gift Gender Reveal

No more staring at the ceiling for the baby!

The newborn baby’s neck is unsupported. A lounger positions the baby at a little incline so that he or she can see what everyone is doing. Additionally, the raised upper body helps improve digestion and respiration! And don’t worry about the cleaning. There’s an easy-to-clean material for minor messes and a machine-washable cushion for the big ones.

10- Unisex Baby Onesies

Onesies - Gift Gender Reveal

One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is trying cute attires on them. But the catch is that you don’t know the gender yet! Not a problem anymore. ONESIES! The pack of 8 short sleeves unisex onesies is an ideal gift for a summer-expected baby. The imported quality bodysuits are available in designs that will make anyone wish to become a newborn again and get one for themselves too.

11- Baby Swaddle Blanket

Blanket  - Gift Gender Reveal

If you order this gorgeous swaddling blanket as a meaningful gift for a mother-to-be on the gender reveal, you can be sure to win her heart! Both girls and boys can enjoy the gorgeous hues and unisex design! This delicately soft velour swaddling blanket can be used as a stroller blanket, a nursery blanket, a multifunctional blanket, or a sleeping bag for the baby to feel safe and comfortable in!

12- Baby Milestone Blanket

An animated, soothingly plain blanket is amazing in a lot of ways! The Milestone Blanket by Luka&Lily is crafted of premium quality fleece. Take lots of wonderful baby photographs! The baby’s growth is a priceless keepsake. With this lovely flannel blanket, you can keep track of their progress. The fabric is really fluffy and breathable, and the digital print is exceptional in quality.

13- Baby Diapers

Diapers - Gift Gender Reveal

Boy or a girl, one thing is for sure the baby will poop! The best gender reveals gift possible is a pack of 198 diapers that can relieve the parents and is guaranteed to be utilized. Huggies Little Snugglers diaper features an absorbent layer of protection for delicate skin and superior softness and breathability. The Leak Lock Solution works to prevent leaks for up to 12 hours, and the wetness indicator changes colors when it’s time to change the diaper.

14- 25 Pcs Baby Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit - Gift Gender Reveal

Every mother will agree that no matter how many baby accessories you get in advance, you will find yourself short of something on the day. Just because there are SO MANY to count for! However, someone has taken care of this misery. From clippers, care brushes, and multipurpose combs to a thermometer, toothbrush, aspirator and much more, the 25 pcs Baby Grooming Kit has every minor accessory that can potentially slip from the mind.

Gender Reveal Gifts For Mom

15- Mama Necklace

Necklace - Gift Gender Reveal

With an adjustable length of 16 inches to 18 inches and a 3mm delicate Mama necklace in Modernist Style Font, the opulent mien will melt any mom-to-be heart. The intricately braided opal is finished with a touch of gold, silver, rose gold, and white gold. The durable nature of this lavish and meaningful bracelet is a medal that every mom deserves to wear.

16- INSEN Pregnancy Pillow

Pillow - Gift Gender Reveal

A pregnancy pillow is intended to provide comfort from head to toe. INSEN Pregnancy Pillow is designed to help pregnant mothers sleep better. It has medically proven to be incredibly helpful at evading leg cramps, back stiffness, and hip soreness. When the mother wants to sleep, read, feed, or watch TV, the C-shaped pillow is designed and built of high-density soft fiber fillings that adjust to her belly and back. A perfect gender-reveal gift that any mother will thank you for!

17- Acrabros Baby Wrap

Baby Wrap - Gift Gender Reveal

A kangaroo pouch is a sophisticated nursery that provides everything a baby joey needs. Here is something similar! Acrabros baby wrap carrier allows the parent to travel, shop, and work freely while keeping your baby comfortable, safe, and close to your heart. The breathable, stretchable, and one-size-fits-all carrier is cool in summers and warm in winters for a happy healthy baby.

18- Baby Name loading

Mug - Gift Gender Reveal

We all know the frustration of waiting for the PC to complete the loading. That was just a matter of minutes! Think about waiting for 9 months! Here is a way to express how thrilled you are waiting for the loading baby. The ceramic mug can be personalized with the baby/family name and is perfectly sized to entertain the morning coffee!

19- Calming Lavender Foot Soak

Foot Soak - Gift Gender Reveal

It’s tough to cherish being pregnant if you’re always feeling miserable. Besides that, pregnancy comes with a gazillion aches, pains, and strange symptoms. Amidst all this, there is a treat that can provide momentary relief for the mother-to-be. The therapeutic foot soak heals calluses, soothes pains, minimizes foul smells, and reduces irritation, leaving feet fresh and hygienic. In short, a wholesome gender reveal gift for moms!

20- Letters To The Baby

Letters - Gift Gender Reveal

This collection of “Letters to My Baby” is a great gift for expecting parents. They can record their thoughts, wishes, and dreams for their kid on the paper and envelopes provided. Give them to the children when they’re mature as a meaningful keepsake that is bound to make anyone emotional.

21- Mom and Dad Gift Set

A pair of mugs with warm hugs!

The exclusive gift set is the best gender reveal gift for parents and the baby. It contains 2 porcelain mugs a baby onesie suit with a personalized touch. The mom and dad mugs with candied heart is a perfect gift to relive the love that the couple share at every coffee sitting. Not to forget the cute onesie with the family name – It’s so damn cute on the baby!

22- Bump Gift Box

Baby gender can be found out at the start of the 2nd trimester. But you can make the rest of it fun and easy for the mom-to-be with this bump box. It consists of a pure organic belly butter, a relaxing natural bath soak, a sonogram frame, a sleeping mask, and a makeup-removing cloth. Each constituent is delicately intended to comfort the mother and ultimately benefit the baby.

23- Baby Milestone Stickers

One of the challenging parts (out of countless) of pregnancy is Waiting! You can somewhat make it fun by gifting baby milestone stickers at the upcoming gender reveal party. It is a perfect way to capture moments of the growing baby and a motivational approach to get to the sticker that says, “Ready to Pop.” The set contains 16 stickers to track pregnancy from the 8th week to the 40th week.

24- Baby Socks Gift Set

A good leather anniversary gift is judged not by its price or magnitude, but by the amount of meaning and emotions it brings together with it. Confused? Look at this beautiful leather bracelet with a secret message etched in the inside strap which only your other half can read. Pick her favorite color bracelet and scribble up to 70 characters to leave a message that will cheer her up every time she reads it.

25- Baby Blanket

The black and white color pattern of the swaddling blanket helps to improve visual acuity and promote cognitive development for both baby boys and girls. The airy and lightweight swaddling blanket is ideal for a newborn! It may also be used as a play rug, pram cover, or work of art on the wall! And will keep the baby cozy for countless peaceful naps.

26- Motivational Water Bottle

Pregnant women should drink ten 8-ounce glasses of water every day. That’s two extra for the baby in the belly! Here is how you can help the mommy in her endeavor. Elvira 32oz Motivational Water Bottle features an inspirational quotation and a time indicator, ideal for keeping the mother pushed to drink enough water throughout the day. She can also infuse her favorite fruit flavors to make it fun and get habitual to this healthy lifestyle even after pregnancy.

27- Deer Gift Set

The super cute booties are made from 100% baby merino yarn and crocheted by hand. This yarn is unique in that it warms the baby’s leg in cold weather yet remains cool in hot weather. And trust me when I say that this baby deer rattle is the cutest thing ever! The cuteness of the products is encapsulated in a fancy box to make up for the best gender reveal gift for the family!

Gender Reveal Gifts For Dad

28- Gender Reveal Football Kit

From all the cool ways to unleash the gender, a powder-filled football kit still tops the list. This is an appropriate gender reveal gift by the one keeping the gender of the baby or wanting to become a part of it. This is a perfect gift to keep the celebrations alive once the family is done with the main gender reveal.

29- The Man Behind the Bump T-shirt

While everybody is busy with the baby and mama, one should not forget “The Man Behind the Bump”. This unisex necessity has been revamped to become the best-selling exclusive. the remarkable softness of cotton and high-quality design will make anyone fall in love with it in a loop. This should be your pick if you are here for a gender reveal gift for dad.

30- Gender Reveal Board Games

A party without games is like a picnic without sun. Help the hosts in making the event super fun and engaging for every guest by taking gender reveal board games to the event. It contains 48-voting stickers, a welcome board, marker, clips, and all accessories that you might need to play it. The Old Wives Tales and Voting Board is a great way to know what everyone thinks about the baby’s gender before the beans are spilled.

31- Gender Reveal Pinata

The big question of the day is whether it’s a boy or a girl? Take this jumbo question mark pinata to the gender reveal to spice things up. Pink and blue stripes run the length of the pinata, with corresponding bottom strings that may be pulled to unleash the fillings. It is a fun idea potential to put up a great show enjoyed by children to elders alike.

32- Witch or Wizard

And here is for the Harry Potter fans! Later will decide on the Hogwarts House of the baby but first things first. Is it Harry or Hermione? The giant Harry Potter-inspired balloon is a perfect gift to give the gender reveal party a sorcery twist! The helium balloon can be ordered with a hanging kit with a personalized touch.

33- Keeper of the Gender Shirt

Are you by any chance the keeper of the gender? If yes, then this T-Shirt is too relevant for you! The cotton shirt is available in all sizes and colors with a great comfortable feel. Modish illustration and the stylish color combo make it a perfect fit for the gender reveal party!

34- Bellyphones

Mom and dad can benefit from talking to the bumpy tummy. It can be a great way for the entire family to bond while also allowing the child to listen to the voice of the two most excited people in the world. This is now possible with WavHello BellyBuds which allows you to securely play melodies and convey sweet messages from loved ones right to the baby in the womb.

35- Gender Reveal Games

Gender reveal parties are a growing fashion across the world. And you can make it much more exciting with captivating games relevant to the day. This is a set of 5 fascinating games with 50 cards per game to cover each guest in the play. Listing baby names, delivery day predictions, guessing the emoji, mom vs dad, and baby bingo are games ideal for people of all ages. And each result can be kept as a memorial for the baby to read in the future.


So that was all from the list of 35 Best Gift Ideas For Gender Reveal.

There are no hard and fast rules on what sort of gifts to buy since gender reveal parties are still relatively new.

It might be incredibly akin to what you’d get for a baby shower present as long as the baby gift fits for both genders.

Share this with your family to help them pick one too for the upcoming event!

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Gender Reveal Gift Ideas:

  • Baby Grooming Kit
  • Pregnancy Full Body Pillow
  • Diaper Station and Organizer
  • Folding Stroller
  • Unisex Baby Onesies
  • Bellyphone
  • Baby Hand Impression Kit
  • Diaper Cake

Yes! You should gift something if you are on the guest list. Gender Reveal parties are a growing trend and parents deserve some love for planning them. Keep your gift practical and meaningful to reflect your excitement for the big day and help parents in some way without burdening your pocket.

Avoid taking a gender-specific gift to the gender reveal party since that’s what it’s all about! A right guess would act as a spoiler while the wrong one will bring nothing but embarrassment. Also, avoid gifting anything harmful to the mother’s health such as alcohol or other restricted foods.

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