30 Unique Gifts For Panda Lovers That Are Just Too Cute

Let’s take the panda love to the next level by gifting your special panda lover with a wholesome gift. We have rounded up the list of 30 Awesome Gifts For Panda Lovers in 2022 to take your panda lover over the moon in happiness!

30 Unique Gifts For Panda Lovers That Are Just Too Cute

Dark circles, lazy, obsessed with sleeping, and always hungry! The spirit animal of millions if not billions! Pandas are the easiest creation to fall in love with. The cute dark patches around their eyes, extraordinarily fluffy skin, cuddlesome nature, and fonds anyone who brings them food – They are a mood!

Be it, Po, from Kungfu Panda or the mysterious panda of Dude Perfect, everyone has a special place for pandas in their heart for one reason or another. They are a symbol of love and love is meant to be spread.

It’s time to Skadoosh!

Best Gifts For Panda Lovers

1- 10″ Panda Plush

Panda Plush - Gifts for panda lovers

This list can’t be perfected without a panda plush – Where it all begins! The basic gift idea has been a plush toy that is the blue-eyed boy for the girls to cuddle to death! It’s cute and fluffy, and it makes an excellent quiet company. This playful panda plush is a great present for ladies who adore pandas over basic teddy bears. And the fact that it measures 10″ head to toe adds to the irresistible squishiness.

2- Panda Backpack

Backpack - Gifts for panda lovers

Anyone who feels pandas are cute will be wowed by this artwork. This is a smart gift idea since there’s a strong likelihood your recipient will use it at some point. This bag’s color combination is appealing, and it will appeal to anybody with a good sense of style. The backpack is great for pupils, especially those who enjoy black and white bears that are sluggish and cuddly – Just like they are!

3- 3D Panda Mug

Mug - Gifts for panda lovers

Printed panda mugs are outmoded and have been there before the internet age even. Panda lovers will love the sound of it, “How about waking up and pouring coffee in a mug with a cute panda staring in from the inside?” It is even cuter than you imagine it to be! The panda is extruding from the base of the cup, making the experience fun and adorable. And btw, this mug works magic to make fussy kids drink from it.

4- Panda Fur Hat

Hat - Gifts for panda lovers

Looking at panda warms everyone’s heart. But a warm heart is not enough to save you in winters. But a panda fur hat can! The faux fur hat is one size for all with two adorable ears pointing out in black. The deliciously silky fur is a treat to caress and keeps your head and ears protected against the chilly wind. On a side note, one can also use it as a Halloween costume.

5- White Panda Umbrella

Umbrella - Gifts for panda lovers

A youngster with a Kidorable child-sized character Umbrella wanders the surroundings in quest of fun and thrill. Sounds straight out of kid’s movies. See the dream come true by gifting the panda lovers with something practical, long-lasting, and be their savior at the time of need. I mean to say a premium quality panda umbrella with a creative design to spread smiles on a gloomy day..

6- Panda Stapler

Stapler - Gifts for panda lovers

I doubt it when someone says they are a panda lover without a hint of it in their workplace. Panda stapler is a perfect gift for anyone who says “Aww” watching a panda stumble in its sluggish moves. The set includes 1000 pcs of staples, accommodating 40 at a time. Just beware that the irresistible cuteness might cost you some pins just because people want to try it out for no reason. They are not to blame! The panda stapler is just so cute.

7- Panda Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker - Gifts for panda lovers

Turn up the groove with this adorably loud Panda Bluetooth Speaker! Don’t let the innocent eyes, appealing ears, and minuscule size mistake you for a squeaky little noise. The robust bass and high-quality sound will surprise you for sure. Just a little bigger than a golf ball, the pandamonium can fit anywhere and offers a great battery life.

8- Fluffy Panda Rug

Rug - Gifts for panda lovers

It is hard to impress a panda lover with a gift when their cuteness standard bar is set to Pandas. You can exceed it now with this fluffy panda rug! The non-slip soft leather backing is long-lasting and keeps the rug from sliding about on the floor. This rug’s hypoallergenic properties make it ideal for those with delicate skin or allergies.

9- Panda Squishy Toys

Plush - Gifts for panda lovers

Panda cubs are at times irresistible to squish for being so cute. They fall and tumble just like a goofball. The panda enthusiasts can now let their frustration out on these adorable squishes intended to release stress. They come in a pair of white panda and starry sky panda who will love to be the next best thing on your worktable.

10- LED Panda Lamp

Lamp - Gifts for panda lovers

Traditional lamps have been out of style since the industrial revolution. It’s time to bring the panda glow to your panda-loving partner. Embrace to experience a gentle and pleasant light that will create a sleep-friendly environment. A push-button switch is there to control the night light, making it simple and safe to use. The lampshade may be removed to change the bulb with a different hue, extending the life of the lamp – And a change is always welcoming!

11- Panda Chopsticks Practice Kit

Chopstick - Gifts for panda lovers

Learning how to use chopsticks traditionally can get boring in no time. And in the worst scenario, training becomes a nightmare when forced upon kids. Turn the tide with this panda practice kit that comes with a dozen of baby pandas, a table, a tire, and a set of chopsticks with a playful objective and place the pandas on the tire using chopsticks. It is effective, simple and a treat for panda lovers!

12- Plush Panda Notebook

Notebook - Gifts for panda lovers

This is a perfect gift for those who are in high school now but still haven’t got over the plush toys love. The plush panda notebook is delightful and handy to carry to work or school to take notes on the finest paper. All hail to the charming panda design and compact portable size. The plush on the outside is made of high-quality faux fur feasible to clean and doesn’t peter out easily.

13- Panda Slippers

Slippers - Gifts for panda lovers

Giant pandas have a remarkable black and white overcoat of furs that helps them stay warm in their cold mountain habitats. But what about the panda lovers? Wooly warm slippers which are delicate in every little detail. From balmy soles to fluffy exterior featuring a cute panda. Perfect winter footwear for panda lovers!

14- Panda Earrings

Earrings - Gifts for panda lovers

Is there anything cuter than a baby panda? Yes! Baby Panda Earrings! Super cute, comfortable, and goes well with every outfit, these adorable earrings are as luscious as they seem! Solid sterling silver and 14K gold plating is used to produce these high-end earrings to feature your loved ones for many happy years.

15- Magnetic Panda Bookmark

Bookmark - Panda Gifts

Panda loves to sleep, so does a true panda lover! Wipe out the frustration of reading bugs who often sleep while reading and wake up to realize they have no idea where they left. Get them this small, yet meaningful magnetic panda bookmark to be their reading partner. Don’t forget to place it on the page as soon as you get your first yawn!

16- Panda Print Hoodies

Hoodie - Panda Gifts

This panda hoodie with a fleeced interior is a perfect panda gift for a girlfriend. This flattering, one-of-a-kind panda graphic sweatshirt will help you stand out from the pack, leading you to earn quite a few compliments. Not to mention, the hood comes on with adorable black ears to make her look like nothing less than a panda.

17- Personalized Panda Clock

Clock - Panda Gifts

This distinctive Panda Clock will make a big statement in any nursery or bedroom! It’s also a fantastic present for toddlers on any occasion. The clock has numbers carved into the design, making it a fantastic educational décor piece for kids. And not just that! It is an ideal gift for adult panda lovers as well since love limits! Age limit inclusive.

18- Personalized Matching Panda Tees

Tees - Panda Gifts

The concept is simple and appealing. It’ll make a great gift for any panda fan. Who wouldn’t want to be featured in an adorable panda feeling t-shirt? To put a cherry on top, the tee-shirts can be personalized with custom text to make them perfect to gift on any occasion. And to top the cherry, family merch can be ordered to twin on a special day.

19- 15″ Panda Plush With Cub

Plush - Panda Gifts

Plush panda is cute! But you know what’s cuter? A panda plush with an adorable cub! They say when you choose to do something, do it the best way. Similarly, if you have decided to gift plush panda, then don’t settle for ANY! No one minds a free sachet of garlic sauce with a ketchup bottle. The 15-inch panda plush is a great cuddling buddy, with realistic design, exceptional materials, and excellent attention to detail.

20- Panda Planter

Planter - Panda Gifts

You won’t find a better gift for a panda lover who is also a gardening enthusiast than this panda pot, which looks more like a cutie, harmless Pokémon. When two of the passions collide in a single gift, it has a far greater impact. These planters would look fantastic in your living room, backyard, or anywhere else. It may be used to spruce up your sideboard or dining table.

21- Panda Pet Carrier

Versatile commodities make good gifts because they’re useful and address various problems for the owner. If the girls don’t want to put their accessories in the drawer, then they might well need a perfect alternative in the form of a panda purse. it comes with an adorable cub sneaking through the zipper with a soft mummy panda exterior. A perfect panda family gift for any family!

22- Panda Rolling Pin

The love for pandas is endless, just like their cuteness! This is a wholesome motivation package for picky eaters. The rolling pin is engraved with a panda bear imprint, which looks pretty much like the WWF logo. Take this into your kitchen and use it in baking procedures the rolling pin will make sure to leave a profound impression each time.

23- Panda Lover Shirt

Looking for a panda gift for a girlfriend? Here is your perfect match! “JUST A GIRL WHO LOVES PANDAS”. The T-shirt is available in a variety of sizes and colors with a winsome sluggish panda crawling through the day as we all do at times! The cotton fabric is soft to wear and is a relic that is a must-have for every panda lover.

24- Panda Ankle Socks

We all wish to have an “Aww” react button to spam on every panda video we come across where they are being silly and goofy. Reflect your affection with this lovely pair of Panda Ankle Socks! They are soft, breathable, and adorned with black and white with a cute panda face at the back.

25- Panda Sleep Mask

Petting a panda is not possible under all these restrictions! However, panda lovers can daydream about this possibility in this cushy panda eye sleeping mask. It is easy on the eyes and completely blocks light from all angles to make you as sleepy as a baby panda. The flexible elastic band is soft for an elite sleeping experience!

26- Panda Bear Keychain

Keys are closest to a person after mobile phones! And nothing better when your gift is treated in such high regard. Now you can’t gift someone keys and gifting a mobile phone is not a good idea, financially speaking. But a Panda Bear Keychain will do the trick! You may also use the plump fluffy panda as a car decor or as a door ornament. After all, a panda fits anywhere and everywhere, just like its black and white colors!

27- Panda Toast Stamp

Make mealtimes interesting for panda lovers. Encourage picky eaters to consume their bread, fruits, and veggies while maintaining a positive attitude toward food. Cutout panda molded food using this stamp, ideal for creating homemade food art. The kid-friendly Tool is a fantastic way to get your kids engaged in the meal.

28- Panda Wrist Watch

In the quest to find the best gift for panda lovers, sometimes you have to back to basics! A classic black watch with a trendy look and a music-loving panda dial is all you need to gift your special one. The leather band is comfy, delicate, and breathable, and the watch’s style is suited for both men and women.

29- Panda Rubber Stamp

Real obsession is when your lover is on your mind 24/7 and you can’t stop drawing their sketches in your mind when they are not there. Here is a perfect gift for kids whose first love is a panda (After mom and dad of course). The panda rubber stamp is a great activity for them to spam the blank sheets with baby pandas. Not much relevant for those who now have a driving license unless you want to squeeze a baby panda imprint after jotting down your day’s to-do list.

30- Panda Bear 3D Illusion Lamp

Let the happiness shine from the panda himself! Here is a perfect gift for panda lovers to make them sleep every night in its soothing soft light. The aesthetic LED lights outlines to make an adorable panda in its signature pose – Eating shoots and leaves! The light can toggle between seven cool colors to keep everyone happy.


Panda is the spirit animal of millions around the world! And you are awesome if you are one too. Now is the time to bring a smile to every panda lover out there by simply getting them any gift from this list of 30 Best Gifts For Panda Lovers!

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10 Best Panda Lovers Gifts For Girlfriend:

  • Panda printed tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts.
  • Panda earrings, bracelet, and ring.
  • Cute hanging panda planter.
  • Giant panda plush with cub.
  • Fluffy panda rug.
  • Personalized panda wall clock.
  • Personalized Matching Panda Tees.
  • Panda backpack for traveling.
  • Panda slippers and soft ankle socks.

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The answer is No!

China effectively owns every single giant panda on the planet and has banned the buying and selling of pandas around the globe. China exclusively lends pandas to nations with which it hopes to establish positive ties.

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