25 Intellectual Gifts For Kids Who Are Baby Einsteins

The definition of an intellectual person entirely depends on the viewer’s perspective. For some, it’s simply someone that associates with intelligence and for others, it’s a degree of understanding and ability to think creatively. Here is a list of 25 Intellectual Gifts For Kids that are showing signs of brilliance from a young age.

Smart kids mostly find their interest in things that takes their ship of imagination to sail beyond reality, losing connection with their surroundings and deep in that sea of imagination lies great ideas being constructed just by the essence of that certain thing.

Most of the spare time of an intellectual person is spent wondering about how things work, especially if it’s a kid then they would be wandering around the house, experimenting and breaking open everything because they’re eager to find out what’s inside.

Gifting an intellectual thing would bring such a kid joy playing with it. Time spent playing with such things would result in the great sport of creative thinking, finding their interests in life, and developing minor skills from it. 

We have compiled a shortlist of 25 Intellectual Gifts For Kids that arouse a kid’s imagination and bring them the awareness of what brings them joy so they focus on it and it may become a major interest of their life.

Have a look at what we have enlisted for the intellectual kids!

25 Intellectual Gifts For Kids

1- Story-Based Visual Coding Game

Visual Coding Game - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Gaming Industry has earned a lot of revenue in the past 30 years because of its huge fan base. Their major age demographics lie among kids so giving your kid a game that simulates coding would be great joy and study simultaneously.

2- Interactive AR Globe

AR Globe - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

General knowledge will always benefit the lives of the little gifted ones! If you want your kid to learn something new every day about this beautiful planet Earth, then AR globe can be an amusing gift as it also shows pictures and facts about different places on Earth that can be connected to the phone through an app to make it an intereactive gift for intellectual kids.

3- Word Building with Phonics & Stories

Phonics - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Scrabble is one of the best games for increasing vocabulary. But this vocabulary game set is something even better! It won’t make it very boring for kids so if you want your kid to learn new words every day in their spare time, you can gift them this wonderful toy. Scrabble with a slight touch of technology will make it more interesting for kids and will be more attractive than ordinary scrabble as how boring it often sounds to play scrabble in free time as a kid.

4- Electronics Exploration Kit

Electronics Kit - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Today’s lazy kid can be tomorrow’s creative engineer. All he/she needs is to explore things and find their interests in this world. And if your kid likes to sneak around household electronics and wonder how these machines work then this kit would be perfect for him/her to develop the basis of circuits.

5- Touchscreen Smart Watch

Smart Watch - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Kids of this generation are crazy for gadgets and always ask for their parent’s smartphones whenever they’re free, but being a parent we know that excess internet exposure can result in bad experiences for kids but these smart gadgets are safe for kids. Equipped with all interesting features excluding a few unnecessary ones, can entertain a kid for hours.

6- Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

Traffic Jam Game - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Any daily life problematic situation can turn out as a puzzle even if it’s a traffic jam and puzzles like these require strategy. So never tell your kid that they wasted all that time they spent on playing a strategic game unless they have a test tomorrow. This strategy game train the kid’s brains to think over a problem and simulate solutions by applying different strategies.

7- Gskyer Telescope For Beginners

Telescope - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Anything related to space attracts an intellectual kid and this toy is perfect for you if you want your kid to focus on interstellar things. I remember when I was their age, I was a huge fan of interstellar movies and toys of “Star Wars” and all books of “Dune”. Telescopes can be a very interesting object for developing such interest in your kids.

8- Smart Robot Car Kit

Robot Car - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

When it comes to boys, car enthusiasm is in our blood! These huge machines are just a means of transport for some people but these kids, it’s a source of great joy! Remote control cars can be often less interesting as compared to smart robot cars that take some effort of assembling while putting their creativity and intellect into it.

9- National Geographic Gross Science Lab

Gross Science Lab - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Kids aren’t scared of getting their hands dirty by playing around with slimy stuff like slime or clay. They’re eager to mix things like clay with nail polish, wondering what would be the product of that mixture, but sometimes it damages your valuables like cosmetics or can be dangerous if something hazardous gets into their hands. Some more curious kids mix it with other things like oven cleaner or WD40 rust remover. This lab fulfills their hunger to experiment with things without damaging anything in a safe environment.

10- Gravity Maze Brainy Game

Gravity Maze - Intellectual Gifts For Kids

Puzzles are great for kids looking for fun in challenges. Time flies solving them and accomplishing these puzzles brings a feeling of satisfaction and joy. We should be giving our kids things that bring them that feeling that they have accomplished something today in their life. These are the stepping stones of self-confidence that defines their path to a greater achievement one day.

11- Laser Maze Game

Lasers have millions of applications in our lives but this time we’ll be using them to arouse our kids towards the general physics of light like its nature of reflecting. This amplified beam of light will show them how light travels a large distance in a straight path bouncing from obstacle to obstacle and finally reaching our eyes creating an image while solving one of the most popular puzzles like a maze.

12- Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for Kids 

The best way of learning is by making it fun and interesting! This can be done just by changing the traditional methods of studying like skipping the boring lectures and book’s exercises for kids. Rather put them on something more fun then it’s guaranteed that their focus time will increase and you’ll see that they’re learning without getting bored or exhausted.

13- Russian Tangram Colorful Jigsaw

If you were born in the ‘90s then you must have played Tetris, one of the most popular arcade games. Colorful jigsaw is just like Tetris and it’s good for kids to learn how to arrange things. It’s a great time killer game and keeps your kid busy in their spare time while you can work carefree as the pieces aren’t too small to swallow and they are safe for kids to play with.

14- Coding Starter Kit

What has been common among the great innovators in the software industry? They dare to take risks and mindset to work on their ideas. Personalities like Mark Zuckerberg established their business based on a single website at an early age because he had a significant interest in this specific field. To build that kind of interest requires an outlook which is why this coding starter kit is great for giving an outlook of coding to your kid.

15- DIY Tabletop Robot

Kids can go wild! While assembling things and if it’s a robot then let them fly into their imaginations and see what magnificent things they can make. Assembling robots is perfect for such a thing.  Creative minds emerge from the freedom to experiment around things and DIY toys are good subjects for such experiments as you won’t have to face any damage around household electronics.

16- Organic Chemistry Model Kit

The magnificent science of bonding atoms and molecules in matter can be very complex to understand for a kid but it can be made simple and less frustrating by adding some fun into it. Chemistry can be interesting but it’s not the proper age to study it so building interest in chemistry in your kid would be more appropriate.

17- Rubik’s Cube

Did you know that less than 5.8% of the world population can solve the Rubik’s cube? Well, no one knows that your kid might be one of them but one thing is for sure that your kid is going to spend hours and hours trying to solve it as there are 43 quintillion ways of solving this 3x3x3 cube.

18- Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot

Kids like to play with interactive toys that move and perform certain tasks or answers at the press of a button. Robots are sort of the same thing but more interesting than a random toy, by giving your kid a robot he/she will experience the utility and function of a robot.

19- Osmo – Detective Agency

Some kids love detective movies and books like “Sherlock Holmes” because of their interest in mysteries and uncovering them. This little brainstorming detective kit is a good exercise and helps in life as it trains the little brains to think critically to sort out ways of finding a solution to a complicated problem.

20- SmartLab Toys Smart Circuits

Learning about the basics of circuits at an early stage always benefits those kids that will go in any field related to STEM. Smart circuits aren’t havoc like actual circuits but they make kids love with circuits and bring them closer to electronics as others only find their joy in applications of electronics rather than their functioning.

21- 220 Piece Kids Construction Set

I remember when my father bought a construction set like this one. It was designed to build a structure but I made a robot with moving legs. With these attachable pieces and freedom to play with it, you’ll see some failures to build a structure leading towards things made by kids that were completely out of the box.

22- Gravitrax Starter Set

Science can be interesting if we understand it by using some of its laws for fun like in this set. Kids will experience how gravitational forces act on an object resulting in different motions along its path. Kids will be excited to see how we can use this force in our favor to perform tasks. Mixing it with some problem-solving exercises will help your kid in the future if he/she would want to pursue a scientific career.

23- Taco vs Burrito Strategic Card Game

Such games are perfect intellectual gifts for kids. The flow of ideas that are brought by a kid is amazing and can be a great example to think free and creative while doing anything productive. Strategic games bring planning and make it easy to deal with any problem. Kids learn to adopt a strategic way at an early stage which is a great initiative as most of the adults still struggle to cope with their issues efficiently.

24- Kanoodle Extreme Puzzle Game

Some of the toys, sets, or kits can be hard to carry around but this pocket-size puzzle game is efficient in traveling so you can hand it over to your kid if they feel like they’re bored and sharpen their reasoning skills. It is one of the best intellectual gift for kids.

25- Large Smart Robot Toys for Kids

We are living in a generation where people keep robotic dogs and cats as pets so it won’t be a problem if your kid makes a robot friend just like we used to make imaginary friends as kids. Interactive toys like these are always eye-catching for kids and keep them busy for hours. At least they won’t be feeling lonely when you are out for work.


No matter whatever intellectual gift you give to your kid, it guarantees that playing with it won’t be a complete waste of time. Anything that requires an active mind and effort will be a good brain exercise for your kids especially if they intend to play in their spare time while they’re enjoying and learning something new simultaneously. That’s it from this list of 25 Intellectual Gifts For Kids.

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See you soon when your little gifted one becomes the next Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.

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