25 Best John Wick Gifts That Are Better Than A Dog

John Wick is a franchise almost everyone is familiar with. The 1st installation in the franchise in 2014 was a hit at the box office. There are three chapters released in this franchise until now, and the 4th one is in the making. Get a gift for John Wick lover you know from the list of 25 Best John Wick Gifts as the 4th movie of the sequel is all set to play on the big screen.

John Wick Gifts

In the most spoiler-free way possible, for those unfamiliar with the preface of the movie, the main character John Wick, a retired assassin, is bought out of retirement after a series of thrilling events. He then goes on a rampage against those who wronged him and his loved ones.

The hype for the 4th installation in the series is still going strong, and it is a sentiment to the strong fanbase this series has. Moreover, many memorable quotes and scenes have sprouted from this series and have integrated into our pop culture.

John Wick is such an icon in the cinema that anyone can recognize his name and franchise-related products. Hence the John Wick gifts are a testament you can give to your acquaintances who like the John Wick series.

Most John Wick gifts are references from the movie: some are obvious, others are subtle. These John Wick gifts will surely make any fan of this series very excited, and now that John Wick; Chapter 4 is about to release, it is the perfect time to get someone the mentioned John Wick Gifts below.

25 Best John Wick Gifts For Everyone

1- John Wick – 1969 Ford Mustang

Mustang - John Wick Gifts

The John Wick – 1969 Ford Mustang is a miniature yet highly detailed replica of the iconic Ford Mustang driven by John Wick in the movies. This officially licensed product is guaranteed to please any John Wick fan while also being a great gift for children who like John Wick or are even into collecting cars.

2- John Wick PVC Figure

PVC Figure - John Wick Gifts

Ever wanted to have a memoir of how badass the movies portray John Wick? Then why not take a peek at the John Wick PVC Figure, a highly detailed figurine of John shooting in the catacombs? This high-quality and relatively cheap figure makes for a much-appreciated gift for anyone into the John Wick series.

3- John Wick License Plate Table

License Plate- John Wick Gifts

This John Wick License Plate Table is a custom 46” long, 22” wide, 19” above-the-ground table, supported by four heavy-duty 0.5″ steel legs. All the designs are embossed on the table: having a depth of about 0.25”. This custom John Wick-inspired table is not only a cool art piece, but it also makes for a unique gift for collectors and admirers of the series.

4- John Wick Funny Shirt

Tee- John Wick Gifts

Referring to the iconic movie John Wick 1, where the protagonist goes gun-blazing to take revenge on the people who killed his dog, the John Wick Funny Shirt represents this in a humorous and light-hearted way. This shirt has eight different sizes, multiple different colors, an adorable design, and is cheap, making it a delightful gift for anyone.

5- 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle John Wick 2

Chevrolet - John Wick Gifts

Greenlight is a company that puts a lot of detail into their movie car replicas: right down to correct license plate numbers! Hence, this Chevrolet Chevelle (the car bought by John Wick in “John Wick 2” after his Mustan got stolen) is one of the most detailed replicas of this car. Its metal-flaked green paint job and 1:64 size make it a thoughtful gift for anyone into collecting cars (especially those accumulated by John Wick in the movies).

6- John Wick Keychain

Keychain - John Wick Gifts

John Wick Keychain is high-quality stainless steel, hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free keychain perfect for your John Wick adoring friends. This keychain does not rust, change color or tarnish, making it long-lasting and durable making the John Wick Keychain a stylish and considerate gift.

7- John Wick Chapter 3 Funko Pop

Funko Pop - John Wick Gifts

Who doesn’t like a good Funko Pop (especially if it comes with a small dog Funko Pop as well)? This John Wick Chapter 3 Funko Pop is a cute yet threatening (to preserve the character’s personality) representation of the “Baba Yaga” himself, hence making it a fantastic gift for John Wick fans.

8- Custom Design Minifigure

Minifigure - John Wick Gifts

You can easily find LEGO figures for almost anything, and the Custom Designed Minifigure for John Wick (which is fittingly named “John Brick”) is no exception. This custom-designed Lego Figure comes with the Gold Coin (the underworld currency used in the movie) and him holding his pistol, staring at you menacingly. It is the perfect gift for John Wick fans and even general LEGO lovers due to its detailed design.

9- John Wick and Dog Canvas Art

Canvas Art - John Wick Gifts

This simple yet mesmerizing fanart of John Wick and his dog is a handmade, A3-page long artwork made by artists under InkyGoriila. This poster’s design is akin to John Wick in the movies and reminds you of when John said, “It wasn’t just a puppy” (to signify the personal value the dog had for him) in the first movie. This affordable poster will sure win the appreciation of any John Wick movie fan.

10- John Wick T- Mug

Mug - John Wick Gifts

Made from high-quality ceramics with are both dishwasher and microwave safe and resistant, the John Wick T-Mug has a capacity of 11oz and is made to last for a long time. This $16 dollar mug of John Wick with his dog and cheville in the background is a perfect gift for one’s tea or coffee-drinking friends or even as a casual Christmas or Thanksgiving gift.

11- John Wick Wall Clock

This stylish and unique handmade John Wick wall clock makes for the perfect decor and gift for your friends and family, bringing the atmosphere of John Wick into their abode. This silent as a mouse, durable plastic ORACAL and colorful self-adhesive tape background say everything about the quality and durability of the John Wick Wall Clock.

12- John Wick Canvas Poster

John Wick Canvas Poster consists of 10 different artworks, each with its unique style (having realistic, animated, and even abstract pieces of art!). Moreover, they come in 5 different sizes ranging from 8x 12” (or 20-30cm) to 24x 36” (or 60-90cm). Because of this, you can pick any of these to match the recipient’s interest, making John Wick Canvas Poster a versatile, durable, and amiable gift for John Wick enthusiasts.

13- John Wick Coin

This handmade replica of the Blood Oath marker (first seen in John Wick 2) is highly detailed. In the movies, this artifact signifies the debt the assassins owe to each other, yet its most relevant is when John gets a $14 million bounty on his head, Winston gives this marker to John. It is a neat souvenir you can gift to any John Wick fans you know of.

14- John Wick Crucifix and Ring

In John Wick: Chapter 1, there is a classic scene where John encounters his mother. During their exchange, John uses this crucifix to ask for a favor from his mother. This detailed replica of that crucifix (alongside the prop ring) is a cheap and lively gift you can give to the hardcore John Wick fans.

15- Continental Etched Tumbler Glass

The Continental (in the movies) is the hub for all assassins. It is one of the most prevalent and most mentioned places in the John Wick series. The Continental Etched Tumbler Glass is a heavy solid glass with an intricate and perfectly etched design. Coming in 2 types of etching (Gold and Plain), the Continental Glass is a good gift for any occasion to give to your friends and family.

16- Continental Gold Coin

When John Wick returns to the Continental after he gets out of his retirement, the audience gets a glimpse of the money the assassins use for trading, which the Continental regulates themselves. This Continental Gold Coin replica of the assassin’s currency is a cool collectible and prop you can gift to your friends interested in the John Wick series.

17- Dog Wick T-Shirt

Having nine different colors, four different sizes, and even in batches (of 2, 3, and even 4!), the Dog Wick T-Shirt is a witty take on the John Wick character. It is a comfortable, handmade cotton shirt perfect for anyone (even if they are not into the John Wick series). This gimmicky shirt is a humorous gift assured to make the recipient smile.

18- John Wick Premium Keychain

“How Good to See You Again So Soon, Mr. Wick” is a line said by Charon (receptionist at the Continental) to John. During this small exchange of words, Charon assigns John room 818. This 3” long, durable John Wick Premium Keychain is based on this scene in John Wick 2, making it a thoughtful gift for the most astute John Wick fans.

19- John Wick Hoodie

The ‘John Wick Quote “I have served” Hoodie’ is a heavy unisex blend hooded sweatshirt with the US Navy emblem. Made from a thick blend of cotton and polyester, it gives a plush soft feel, alongside warmth on cold winter nights. Moreover, the hoodie has a spacious kangaroo pocket in the front to keep the hands warm. It is the perfect gift to give on holidays to friends and family.

20- John Wick Phone Case

Nothing says what one likes more than their phone cover. These five different John Wick artworks for phone cases come in many sizes (covering a range of iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and even Xiaomi phone sizes!). Just under $20, you can gift a durable and rivetting phone case for your John Wick admiring acquaintances.

21- John Wick Continental Shirt

Having ten different colors to choose from, John Wick Continental Shirt is a classic unisex half-sleeve jersey with the Continental’s Logo from John Wick: Chapter 2. This soft and great quality T-shirt comes in all standard sizes, and you can buy them in batches. It makes for a considerate and affordable gift for friends and family for any occasion.

22- John Wick Mask

John Wick Quote Mask has Wiston’s (manager of the Continental in John Wick: Chapter 3) iconic quote “Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum”. The monochrome color will complement perfectly with every outfit. The breathable and washable mask portrays the emotions of many John Wick enthusiasts who would appreciate and, at the very least, a cool gift to anyone.

23- John Wick Wall Art

Coming in eight different panel sizes (varying from 12”x1” panels to 40”x94”), the John Wick Wall Art is an excellent quality, stretched cotton canvas portrait with a 1” thick wooden frame. It is a formidable piece of John Wick surrounded by “Guns. Lots of Guns”. The wall art is nice and has cool decor, making it a different gift from the bland motivational pictures while retaining the same quality and price.

24- John Wick: Chapter 1 PVC Figure

John Wick: Chapter 1 PVC Figure represents John Wick focused and ready for some action! It is a 9” tall, multicolored statue that shows Keanu Reeves (in character as John Wick) entering a door, gun blazing and ready to take on anyone in his way. This highly detailed figurine is the perfect gift for anyone into collecting John Wick accessories.

25- John Wick Metal Stamped License Plate

While the above Licence Plate Product was a table, this metal stamped License Plate is an actual standard 12”x6” license plate for cars! This high-quality, aluminum engraved New Jersey-style license plate (having a combination of Yellow, White, & Black colors) is a real-life replica of the plate on John Wicks’ iconic 1969 Ford Mustang. This gift is assured to surprise any John Wick collector.


The John Wick gifts mentioned above will aid in showing your appreciation for both your acquaintances and the John Wick series. The mentioned John Wick gifts are references and linked to the movies, and they make for a unique and sentimental gift for your friends interested in the John Wick series. With various products to choose from (including clothing, movie props, fan art, and portraits), you can easily find the right gift that the recipient may desire while being within your budget.

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