25 Cool Money Heist Gifts That Will Steal Your Heart

Money Heist Season 5 Volume one has left us all in a state of uncertainty and heartbreak. I will not become that rascal who will spoil this incredible storyline but if you are expecting a fairy tale with a “happily ever after” end line then it’s not your cup of coffee. While you impatiently wait for season 5, look around for money heist gifts for your loved ones in the coming holiday season.

25 Cool Money Heist Gifts That Will Steal Your Heart

Money Heist has bagged millions of fans for its sophisticated robbery plans that are one of their kind! One mastermind who considered all contingencies to devise a flawless plan of robbing €984 million printed currency notes from Royal Mint successfully, The Professor! And now up to a new venture inside Bank of Spain, but now the characters are much more than country names for each other and the fans!

The best way to appreciate the amazingness of this show is to get a Money Heist gift for diehard fans. We have perfected the list of 25 Best Money Heist Gifts for men, women, and kids. When the heists were planned by Professor and Berlin for the sake of love, then it is are bound to be paid back in love too!

Let’s break into the Royal Reserve of Gifts!

25 Best Gifts For Money Heist Lovers

1- Miniature Professor

Professor- Money Heist Gifts

You need to graduate three-time from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford to be able to get anywhere close to Professor’s intelligence. At least, we know that they are always gonna win until Professor is there. He always has a plan! The all-favorite Funko Pop is now featuring a miniature Professor figurine that you can carry in your pocket or place on the decor to bring on the intellectual vibe.

2- La case de Papel Adult Costume

Costume - Money Heist Gifts

The red costume is your identity once you are inside the Royal Mint or Bank Of Spain. The dress was the first thing that Raquel asked for once she was brought back into the bank. This red jumpsuit that comes with a mask is a ready-to-go kit for Money Heist fans. It is the exact replica of the original show with similar zippers and pockets. The cotton wear makes a great gift for Halloween for Money Heist lovers.

3- La Casa De Papel Mask

Mask- Money Heist Gifts

Ever wondered why the directors of the show choose that mask for the heists? The answer is in the first-ever episode of the show! The combination of innocence and destructiveness suggests that the person wearing it is a psychopath. Salvador Dali, a brilliant Spanish painter features this latex mask. It is a perfect Money Heist gift if you are looking to become part of the heist.

4- Hundred 100 Dollar Bills

The iconic scene from season one where Denver lays on the bed of money in the vault made viewers drool. Here is the share for money heist lovers in the form of hundred 100 dollar bills printed especially for you in the Royal Mint of Spain. Fulfill your dream from season three where you wanted to be part of the money rain. The dollar stacks are also a great way to teach kids about cash management.

5- Bella Ciao Unisex Adult Tee

Tee - Money Heist Gifts

The cotton-made Bella Ciao shirt makes a perfect Money Heist gift for both men and women. The high-quality fabric is dyed with unique and tasteful colors. It features the print of a well-known Bella Ciao quote and the Salvador Dali mask. The tee is available in a range of sizes and five amazing colors. Check it out now!

6- Money Heist Wall Decor

A true Money Heist lover won’t settle for less! Just like Professor didn’t involve in tonnes of ordinary heists. Just a couple of them that will feed generations. This exquisite canvas painting is add incredibly to the aesthetics of the place. It uses the modish color technique to produce a realistic and high-resolution print that almost looks like 3D at first glance.

7- La Casa De Papel Reusable Face Mask

La casa de Papel face mask is a thoughtful Money Heist gift for everyone in 2022. It is the peak time to be safe for yourself and others. And the simplest way to do that is to wear a mask strictly. The unisex face marks are printed with the Bella Ciao phrase and the rest you will complete by becoming one of them!

8- La Casa De Papel Metal Wall Art

Art - Money Heist Gifts

Even though the professor was not in the Royal Mint or Bank of Spain during the heists but he was still the backbone of their success. Every fan of Money Heist is automatically a fan of The Professor. Show your love with this 19×15.1×0.06 inches masterpiece that can lift up the ambiance of any wall it goes on. The premium steel metal is craftily laser cut to produce a split face of the professor and the notorious mask.

9- Money Heist Phone Case Cover

Cover - Money Heist Gifts

The perfect Money Heist gift is one that the recipient can carry with them all the time without feeling as a burden. The best answer to that is phone case covers! The minimalist, lightweight and durable case is printed with remarkable print quality with exquisite hues that will not fade over time. This Money Heist merchandise is available for Samsung and iPhone models in glossy and matte surface choices.

10- Money Gun Shooter With Prop Banknotes

The classic Money Heist season 3 scene of raining money is a sight worth living. Any fan can remake that scene at home if you get them this La case de Papel gift. The dual-powered cash cannon is sparkling golden in color/texture and launches money, coupons, flyers, and similar things at lightning-fast speed. It comes with three various stacks of banknotes and a battery, ready to get the party rolling.

11- Money Heist Keychain

A perfect Christmas treat for Money Heist fans! The adorable character in the iconic get-up is ready for the next heist i.e. to steal everyone’s heart! The charming keychain is safely enclosed in a lovely Christmas theme box to seal the deal. This should be your go-to pick if you are looking for a Christmas gift for a Money Heist lover.

12- Por Tokyo Cap

Those who have completed volume one of the last season will need some time to accept that it really happened! After the tragic death of Nairobi, Tokyo has joined the rest of the team in heaven. Those fighting in the Bank of Spain now has a list of people to avenge. And top of it is Tokyo! Por Tokyo! Gift this cap to Tokyo fans as a keepsake to relish the love and sacrifices you make in life unconditionally!

13- Bella Ciao Music Box

Una mattina mi sono alzato, O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao! If your boyfriend/girlfriend can’t stop humming this song, then you need to get them this Bella Ciao music box. The archaic wooden box produces the sweetest melody with every rotation of the handle, without a battery! Adjust the speed of oscillation to hear your favorite song at various speeds in style.

14- Money Heist Wall Poster

This Money Heist wall poster is a big catch at a small price. The canvas is available in different sizes with digital art that will boost the aesthetics of your bedroom beyond all limits. The expressive decor is poetry that speaks for itself. You will be surprised to see the attention to detail with mind-blowing consistency in every piece.

15- Money Heist Roblox T-Shirt

Money Heist merchandise contains all sorts of T-shirts in various designs and quotes from the classic thriller of Netflix. But you won’t find something like this because it takes a mind like the Professor to come up with such an idea. The animated character is featured with a high-definition print to outdo all Money Heist gifts in coolness and creativity.

16- Money Heist Mug

Enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the heist unfold. The bits and pieces of the Professor’s plans will come together to fit like a jigsaw puzzle. The ceramic mug is available in 10 oz capacity and is saved to use in a dishwasher’s top rack. The high-quality Professor artwork is irreversibly fused on both faces of the mug. Bring the highbrow touch to your morning cup of coffee with this wholesome Money Heist merchandise.

17- La casa de Papel Stickers

The stickers on your laptop, wallet, water bottle, backpacks, and mirrors say loads about one’s nature and personality. So pick them wisely! The set of 50 cool stickers is a perfect Money Heist gift for the fans to express and own their love for the show. The premium vinyl material is robust against weather conditions and will not easily scrape anytime soon. And every sticker is unique in concept covering all five seasons.

18- Money Heist Car Freshener

Set the character of the car with this swanky Money Heist car freshener that features a 4.2″ x 2.5″ double-sided Dali mask attached with an elastic string. The unique La casa de Papel gifts give off a soft, long-lasting scent of black ice flavor. This will be a dream come true for the fans driving with this dangling on the rear mirror while vibing on Bella Ciao’s song.

19- Tokyo Figurine

This Money Heist gift is more precious if you have watched the ending of season 5, volume 1. I am not going to spoil it, but trust me, just get this and it will make their day. The cold porcelain figurine reflects protectiveness, love, beauty, and emotions. All that Tokyo is about! The keepsake will remind the fans of her amazingness forever!

20- Custom Money Heist Portrait

Half the nights of Money Heist fans go anticipating scenarios if they were inside the Bank of Spain. How they will fight Gandía and save the precious lives of their favorite characters. And above all, how they will look in that red costume? Now that is possible! Send a photo and they will design a customized sketch that can be printed on a mug, pillow, t-shirt, phone case cover, etc.

21- Money Heist Flip Flops

Bare feet are more annoying than Arturo Román! ‘The Bella Ciao’ flip flops are a great gift idea for Money Heist lovers to experience the luxe lifestyle in this plush footwear. The top-class material is stitched by crafty hands to produce this comfortable pair of slippers for men and women to say bye to sweaty feet forever.

22- Money Heist Hoodie

It is not a rule of thumb that only a red jumpsuit can represent a Money heist lover. Relish this top-notch hoodie stitched with superlative cotton and printed with high-definition Bella Ciao man. Also, the print is far beyond cracking or fading with washes and the comfortable fabric feels lavish against the skin. Available in all sizes!

23- Money Heist Oak Coasters

The 10cm x 10cm x 9mm laser imprinted coasters make a great gift for Money Heist fanatics. The premium oak wood is ideal to host hot coffee cups while maintaining the natural look of the wood intact for many years to come. Discuss your plans on the dining table and the good luck of these coasters will result in the successful execution, just like the show!

24- Money Heist inspired Ornament

The ingenious of La casa de Papel has inspired thousands to think out of the box. This is one of the results of that creativity. The supercilious wood is crafted to shape a 4.5″ diameter circle of 0.5″ thickness which is then laser engraved with a fanciful Dali mask face. Above that, the decor has a fine finish on the edges and a hole for hanging options on windows, walls, or entrance.

25- Professor Inspired Glasses

Those who have watched money heist with an eye detail will know that The Professor has this quirky habit of adjusting his glasses with the back of his thumb. The 3D-printed Professor-style glasses are a perfect Money Heist gift for fans. Plus, the clear acrylic lens is laser carved and has 0 strength so that anyone can style in it. 


Just like Money Heist, this guide of 25 Best Money Heist Gifts comes to an end. But this ending is nowhere close to being as good as how Money Heist will end! Can’t wait for it. We will keep updating this list as our favorite Professor keeps giving us new Money Heist Gift ideas. I still want to believe that it is a truce in the war and they will announce Season 6 someday. 

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Bella Ciao! Por La casa de Papel!

Here are the Top 10 Money Heist Gifts For Him:

  1. Professor Inspired Glasses
  2. La case de Papel Adult Costume
  3. Miniature Professor
  4. Money Heist Hoodie
  5. Money Heist Car Freshener
  6. Money Heist Roblox T-Shirt
  7. Money Heist Wall Decor 5-Panel Canvas
  8. The Professor Socks
  9. La casa de Papel Stickers
  10. Bella Ciao Music Box

Madrid, Spain

The primary plot takes place at the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid, although outside sequences are shot at the Spanish National Research Council. Both locations are in Madrid. However, the underwater sequences inside the vault were shot at Pinewood Studios in the UK.

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