25 Best Origami Gifts For The Creative Minds

The expression of human creativity and imagination is art. There are many different forms of art through which humans express their creativity to the world pushing the limits of their imagination. Origami is also a form of art. A really classy one! Here is a list of 25 Best Origami Gifts for an Origami lover that you know.

Origami Gifts

Who knew that the art of paper folding to form beautiful shapes is going to be the next depiction of sharp minds like The Professor from Money Heist or Micheal Scofield from Prison Break.

There are many people around the world who are obsessed with origami. So, if you know someone who loves this art of origami and you are wondering what to gift them then you have landed at the right place! When buying a gift for origami lovers, you don’t have to fold papers to make them happy as there are many things that you could gift them to cheer them up. Here we are presenting you a list of 25 Best Origami Gifts to make the day of your origami-obsessed friend. We are sure that they will love it!

So, sit back and enjoy the article.

25 Best Origami Gifts

1- Origami Cork Wallet

Wallet - Origami Gifts

The wallet is a symbol of wealth and success and what could be better than giving a wallet as a gift and that too with the laser engraving of an origami bird. The beautiful chic cork wallet looks stupendous. This gift will really make the day of the origami lover.

2- Origami Menagerie Necklace

Necklace - Origami Gifts

These beautiful origami-inspired sterling silver necklaces are really gorgeous and they make the perfect gift for an origami lover. Get the one with their favorite animal and see them smiling in joy once they have received and opened their beautiful gift.

3- Paper Crane Wall Art

Wall Art  - Origami Gifts

Paper Crane Wall Art which features a trio of paper crane sculptures stacked and swayed, is a set of mirrored photographs with beautiful bright colors. This wall art will make the room decor look fabulous. So it can also be one of the best gifts for origami lovers.

4- The Origami Puzzle Game

Foldology - Origami Gifts

When searching for an origami gift for your buddy with great love for origami invest your money to buy an Origami Puzzle for your buddy. Gifting a Puzzle is an exceptional idea that is often overlooked by us. It is a great gift for one’s solo time where your buddy can think of new ideas for origami also your buddy can gather his friends and have a great time having a conversation about origami while enjoying their bond. So this can also be a great mood-uplifting gift for your origami lover friend.

5- Origami Swan Ring Holder

Ring Holder - Origami Gifts

In this new era of fashion, who doesn’t like wearing a beautiful ring to enhance his style? So, having a ring holder is a must to keep your rings in place and organized. So, Origami Swan Ring Holder could be one of the best gifts as it won’t be just an ordinary one but the one with the obsession of origami lovers. And we all know how having every item related to what you love the most is a dream. So this ring holder will be a great joy for your friend. This beautiful item would make their dressing table cooler. So strongly suggest this gift for your origami lover friend.

6- Origami Flowers Kit

Flowers Kit - Origami Gifts

Origami flowers are just beautiful! They add beauty to home décor and origami lovers love having their rooms filled with these beautiful flowers. No need to be concerned about watering, soil, weather, etc., and still have beautiful flowers in your room. So, this kit will surely cheer up origami lovers. This is also one of the best origami gifts.

7- Fun Projects with 162 Origami Papers

162 Papers - Origami Gifts

Origami Lovers enjoy making fun projects! I am damn sure while busy making projects they might even forget eating. So, this can be one of the finest gifts for them. When they will receive this gift you can see their eyes shining like stars. 162 projects! It’s like you giving them 162 days of joy. So what to wait for? Order now to see the shine in your friend’s eye. And of course, this would bring joy to you too.

8- Origami Cushion

Cushion - Origami Gifts

Airplane origami was the first paper art of many of us. The cute cushions encapsulate that iconic paper plane origami in a gorgeous way to be gifted to origami lovers to add to your decor. This cushion will give a splash of color to any couch, mattress, or recliner.

9- Origami Bag

Bag - Origami Gifts

This high-quality leather bag folds into an origami shape to unfold a creative design that any artistic eye will recognize. The trendy style and spacious capacity make it a perfect origami gift. It is a sturdy tote bag capable of lifting groceries, books, laptops, and other daily life items. In the end, it all comes down to how much weight your shoulders can lift.

10- Gold Paper Crane Earrings

Earring - Origami Gifts

What can be a better gift than a gold earring that too with paper crane origami? This beautiful gift is guaranteed to cheer up your special lady. The minimal style jewelry is a whole world of fashion in itself for eyes that are unaware of origami even. You can tell them that these are the iconic paper plane they used to fly as kids.

11- Origami Boxes

This unique and simple gift consists of different origami boxes project. These boxes are true
representations of makers’ thoughts and feelings. This origami gift will give your friend not only the pleasure of paper folding but also the satisfaction of having a handmade item to use. It forms a beautiful bond between you and your friend. This also has a guide within it so making it a perfect gift for origami enthusiasts having the skill set from beginner to advance. This gift is like giving them the time of joy that they will have while making these beautiful boxes.

12- Origami Shirt

Having customized shirts are cool! These days everyone wears customized shirts that either depict their interests or expresses their feelings. So, gifting a customized origami shirt can be one of the best gifts for origami lovers. The shirt would remain closer to their heart and so will you! These beautiful shirts look cool and can be worn while running errands on a sunny day or lounging in the room on a weekend.

13- Custom Origami Wedding Frame

Gifting your loved one a frame is on their big day is a legendary move! This gift will always make them look back on their big day which is surely one of the happiest days of one’s life. You will always be remembered for this gift as it revives the oaths and the inception of something so huge that the sparks of it are blazing high even after years. And since you have to gift it to an origami lover, so custom origami wedding frame is the best choice. Btw remember not to gift this to some single origami lover friend of yours!

14- Star Wars Folded Flyers Activity Kit

This activity kit has star wars folded flyers which your origami lover friend will definitely enjoy making. But the story doesn’t end here! These Flyers will speed through the living room which your friend will surely enjoy. These beautiful colorful Star Wars Folded Flyers are treating the eyes like they look when flying in space in the Star War movies.

15- Origami Boat Necklace

If you have an origami lover friend that loves jewelry and origami alike, Boat Necklace is one of the suitable gifts for your friend. As this necklace is a piece of free-sized jewelry, you don’t have to worry about the size. And gifting a necklace represents hope for safety, protection, caring, consideration, and devotion to your special person.

16- Origami Feathered Crane

This is a beautiful handmade Unicorn i.e. Origami Feathered Crane. This beautiful unicorn is a treat for the eyes and this would be a beautiful addition to the origami collection on the decor shelf. The aesthetic unicorn is a fancy feather-made origami that will last much more than paper ones with a crane ready to flap its wings and take a prestigious flight.

17- Origami Deer Head Wall Decor

Wall decor is a tricky gift as art is subjective but not in this case because you clearly know that your special one loves origami and surely they will already be having many origami decors at their place. Origami Deer Head Wall Decor is something that one can treasure for a long time coming especially when the decor item is closer to their heart. And whenever your friend would look at your gift, they will remember you which means every day.

18- Cactus Succulent Origami Planter

Succulent is of the best gifts to be given as it symbolizes tenacity, strength, and selfless love. It shows your unconditional love for the person you have gifted. This suggested gift is a pot with Origami Rhino Statue which changes its status from just a planter to a beautiful decoration. This is a perfect room decoration item that one can place anywhere in the house.

19- Origami Lamp Shade

The Lamp Shade is a handmade paper origami lampshade that can be used on any hanging light source to make it look cool. The ordinary hanging light source will turn into a beautiful item that can cherish for many years to come owing to its sturdy nature.

20- Origami Red Bird Bracelet

Origami Red Bird Bracelet is an elegant gift for any origami lover. You can gift this beautiful bangle that has love written on it to express your love to the ones you treasure. This gorgeous bangle is a nice match to different wearing including classy, elegant rock or cool. This beautiful gift will cheer up your origami lover friend.

21-Animal Origami Shirt

If you are deciding on buying some clothing items for your origami lover friend, go for this T-shirt. The origami Animal shirt will suit their interest and they will surely love it. The premium quality t-shirt features nine exquisite origami crafts that are nothing close to as simple as the airplane origami that we grew up making.

22- Origami Animals Craft Activity Set

This Origami Animals Craft Activity set has a number of beautiful origami animals. I would say a whole branch of origami is just about making cute little animals with paper. This activity set has beautiful stickers with it too so your friend can paste it wherever he likes. Try out new challenges with your friend and family to master the art of origami.

23- Hand Painted Origami Earrings

When in confusion about gifting her, always go with minimalistic jewelry! Gifting earrings represents love and loyalty. So make up your mind to gift an earring to your origami lover and let it not be just a normal earring but a Geometric Fox Wood Stud Earrings. These hand-painted studs are absolutely gorgeous and go well with all types and colors of outfits.


24- Origami Paper Kit 

Origami lovers can never get enough of origami kits which makes it a safe and straightforward gifting option. The more the better so why not gift these lovely kits to them. They will end up making a beautiful origami heart for you in return soon for this considerate gift that helped them become an origami guru.. These kits will give them a happy time as they would be enjoying themselves the most around them showcasing their talent and expressing their hearts.

25- Harry Potter Origami Craft

Harry Potter and Origami have one thing in common! They both are mysterious to a layman human. Get this origami gift for one who can’t decide which one he/she is obsessed more about: Harry Potter or Origami. Because this gift will settle the dispute since now they can learn to fold up to 15 magical creatures and objects from this 100+ page origami guidebook.


It is always good to put thought into someone’s gift and give them the gift that they will love and which they are the most passionate about. For that reason, we have tried to help you out in this regard with this comprehensive article about 25 Best Origami Gifts. This article contains a list of cool and amazing gifts for origami lovers covering a wide variety of gifts that is linked some way or other to origami.

We know that these type of items usually doesn’t come to one’s mind when considering origami just as the art of paper folding. We hope that this list might have helped you in selecting a gift that will be loved and appreciated by your origami lover friend.

See you next time! Till then, check out the list of 25 Magical Aladdin Gifts Straight From Disneyland.

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