30 Lovely Penguin Gifts to Obsess Over in 2022

A waddling penguin can steal more hearts than Tom Cruise has throughout the Mission Impossible series. The charming creature is just too cute for this world! All those with a beating heart in their chest love penguins and every gesture related to them. Make their day with a penguin gift from this list of 30 Cute Penguin Gifts in 2023.

The synonyms of penguin are cute, adorable, lovely, and friendly. Penguins are like a baby version of humans: youthful, pure, and innocent.

Their childish behavior, harmless escapades, and emotional nature make them no different from a 5-year-old girl. And by the way, they are excellent parents and amazing lovers!

Penguins themselves are a big fan of gifting tradition! The male penguin gifts the female a pebble to establish courtship – More like a wedding gift!

You can’t part these cuties from Antarctica but you can bring their essence to a penguin lover by gifting them from this list of 30 Lovely Penguin Gifts in 2023.

Embrace yourself for a dose of cuteness-overloaded ride in these penguin gifts.

30 Best Penguin Gifts

1- IceCool Board Game

Board Game - Penguin Gifts

IceCool is an exciting memory game for a daily dose of brain exercise and fun. It takes a lot of flicks to push your chosen colored penguin to find a corresponding fish for them. Maneuver the penguins around taking turns to find the fishes hanging on the doorways of other players’ portions. The one who gets them all first is the winner!

2- Baby Penguin Plush

Plush - Penguin Gifts

The makers light calling this baby penguin plush “Kissy”, but you can call it by your favorite name. How about “Addy” or “Flipper”? However, Kissy reflects the feature of this lovely baby penguin to lift its arms to the face and blow kisses on a button tap. The luxe fabric is smoother than silk and safe to be around babies. A perfect gift for her to make her feel loved with uncountable kisses.

3- Penguin Couple Paperweight

Paperweight - Penguin Gifts

It may seem trivial to gift but it weighs good enough to do the job! The crystal blue water and a penguin couple encapsulated in the translucent cuboid is a practical gift for penguin lovers. The cute penguins float on the surface without tripping, no matter how hard you shake it or which side you make it stand on. The surfing penguin paperweight can easily become the limelight of an office desk or decor space of the house of a penguin lover.

4- Penguin Oven Mitts

Mitts - Penguin Gifts

The natives of the southern hemisphere love ice-cold weather so much that they will not let heat stray anywhere close to those who love them. Penguins huddle in large groups for thermoregulation and these over mitts present a similar scene with a vibrant 3D print. The super-comfy mitts are great insulators against heat and will last a long while to keep your special miles away from accidental burns.

5- Penguin Night Light

Night Light - Penguin Gifts

The one-tap penguin light is brimmed with cuteness, elegance, and aesthetics. Silicon materials provide a tender touch for baby skin and an irresistible urge to squish it. The rechargeable light offers a 12-hour battery life. Also, the soft light is a pleasure to the eyes, and it can be set to a static mode or color-changing mode to switch between seven amusing colors. In daylight, the adorable penguin is a great decor to earn “Aww” from every visitor.

6- Penguin Shoes

Shoes - Penguin Gifts

In the quest to find the best gift for a penguin lover, we have surpassed perfection with these cozy penguin shoes. The luxe fleece wraps around feet to keep them warm in winters, while the rubber sole makes each step a non-guilty pleasure. This unisex pair is a must-have for every penguin lover since it is available in two kids’ sizes and nine adults’ sizes and a wide range of colors.

7- Penguin Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit - Penguin Gifts

The best way to own the love for penguins is by becoming one! The unisex jumpsuit is made of imported quality flannel which is comfy and snuggly at the same time. It’s up to you if you want to lounge, sleep or cosplay in this costume but whatever it is, it’s so cute! The machine-washable fabric becomes good as new even after tonnes of washes. And this is the only way you can complete your wish to pet a penguin.

8- Penguin Model USB

USB - Penguin Gifts

Penguins are said to have remarkable memories and senses that they can recognize their chicks among thousands when they come back to feed them food. The 16 GB USB Pendrive tells the same story but in style! The flash disk is as fast as it gets when it comes to accessing the storage in all renowned operating systems.

9- Penguin Phone Case

Phone Case - Penguin Gifts

When penguins find their mate, they live together for life! That’s how compassionate and loyal they are which makes them attractive inside and out. This delightful phone case is a thousand-word love story at a glance! The cute penguin couple clinging onto each other, with an alluring snowy background is a one-of-a-kind phone cover. It comes in gloss and matte styles and is available for all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Series.

10- Squeezable Plush Toy

Toy - Penguin Gifts

You can’t ever get over baby penguins until you squeeze them for their overflowing cuteness. The adorable fluffy baby penguin flush sits on the bloating cute belly and adorable little flaps. The arms are always open to welcome a hug and the face happy as a clam. The cotton-made plush is delicate to touch and squeeze without getting deformed easily. The fine stitching and bead-free are built to make it safe for kids to play around.

11- Printed Kitchen Apron

Apron - Penguin Gifts

Rejoice cooking with a faithful buddy! The polyester-made apron is a waterproof solution to be used roughly in the kitchen. It is 33 inches in length and 28 inches in width to make sure your clothes are spotless after preparing a three-course meal even! Plus, it has a double pocket front with a high-quality adorable penguin graphic to stir up every cooking session.

12- Penguin Family Musical Water Globe

Globe - Gifts for penguin lovers

Out of bazillion reasons to love penguins, one is that they are amazing parents. The parent penguins strive harshness of landscape and climate to feed their chicks, wounding themselves in the way. This dedication has earned them the honor of symbolizing true love. Penguin Family Musical Globe plays a sweet, beguiling melody while the water globe depicts a scene of the arctic, stimulating Christmas vibes with cuties.

13- Penguin Mug

Mug - Gifts for penguin lovers

Penguins know who to keep themselves cozy on chilly days and they extend their services for their admirers as well! The 12-ounce adorable ceramic penguin mug is too cute to ignore. It comes with a spoon and cup lid to perfect the gift for a penguin lover in your life. Start every morning on a delightful note, having your hands wrapped around the smooth penguin belly.

14- Penguin Thermos

Thermos - Gifts for penguin lovers

No one is to blame if your special one falls in love with this Penguin Thermos more than anything! The 280mm capacity penguin thermos is made of stainless steel with a vacuum wall to maintain the temperature of the beverage it contains. The way the flask stands is an exquisite way to mimic the default posture of penguins.

15- Reading LED Book Light

Book Light - Gifts for penguin lovers

A perfect gift for book lovers and penguin fanatics! Now the bookworms can continue their reading when the lights are off even – Thanks to this Clip-on LED Book Light. Also, you can carry it anywhere and anytime with the option of using the slim light as a bookmark. Slide the light in between the pages and adjust the flexible head of the cute penguin to enjoy reading under 8-lumens gleaming light!

16- Cute Toiletry Organizer

Toiletry  - Gifts for penguin lovers

Waddle around your trips while keeping all essentials organized in this makeup bag! The velcro-made bag is perfected with a cute penguin print to steal the show every time. A plastic buckle is provided to keep everything in place even after a jittery journey. Also, the net bag is ideal to hold accessories that can potentially misplace owing to their small size.

17- Penguin Bracelet

Bracelet - Gifts for penguin lovers

A meaningful bracelet goes a long way in diving into someone’s heart. And that meaning is a penguin charm in this opulent silver bracelet. The sterling silver design constitutes intricate design, hearts symbolize love and romance, while a penguin charm perfects it by the cuteness element. The 2g bracelet makes an ideal penguin gift for her on birthday, anniversary, and Christmas.

18- Penguin Plush Keychain

Keychain - Gifts for penguin lovers

The high-quality penguin plush offers much more than squishiness! The penguin has a keyring at the back of its head to make a cute home for the keys. It is a great gift to obsess overs as you can carry it anywhere without feeling the extra burden since you have to carry keys anyways! The plush is a great toy for kids and makes a great gift on any occasion whatsoever.

19- Women Loop Scarves

Scarves - Gifts for penguin lovers

Infinity loops scarves are a trending fashion with the feasibility of managing them. The cotton voile fabric is soft, lightweight, and beautiful wear for women. They can elevate the look with all sorts of tops and a versatile color can complement the entire color spectrum. And lastly, the touch of the penguin theme makes it a perfect penguin gift for her.

20- Cuddle Penguin Pillow

Pillow - Gifts for penguin lovers

You won’t find a better gift for a panda lover who is Penguin fanatics won’t agree on the notion of something possibly cuter than a penguin! But wait till you see this penguin pillow designed to be your cuddle partner for a cozy nap. Explore the icebergs of Antarctica with these flightless seabirds in the dreamworld! The soft fuzzy pillow describes the swimming motion of penguins in water where they use their flippers to spend half of their life underwater.

21- Penguin Face Mask

Penguins care for each other by making a close huddle to share the warmth in challenging weather conditions. This is what we must do as well in this challenging time of the pandemic. Here is a cute baby penguin mask, in a peek-a-boo style to be your mask till we win this fight. The polyester mask is washable with amazing breathability and skin comfort.

22- Penguin Egg Holder

This needs a little explaining! Firstly, it can hold all the eggs safely in the tummies of 6 plastic penguins to complete the white part of their skin. Secondly, the heat-resistant plastic can be dipped into boiling water to boil up to 6 eggs simultaneously in style. The durable stand makes an adorable penguin gift that takes minimal space but attracts massive attention.

23- Penguin Container And Phone Stand

Kindle the workplace of a penguin lover with this cute and practical gift. The versatile gift can be used as a container to hold office essentials like pens, scissors, and other stationery. While the baby tail of a penguin can be used as a phone holder. The high-quality resin figurine can mistake anyone for a baby penguin at first glance.

24- Plush Car Seatbelt Cover

Just when you think how ingenious a penguin gift can be after all, a penguin plush seatbelt cover sets up a new bar of creativity! A meaningful gift for penguin lovers to ensure that they never forget to put their seatbelts on. This unique collectible attachment for your car’s safety strap is a delight to touch and will embellish the car’s ambience.

25- Fuzzy Penguin Slippers

The black-and-white age might be over, but this combo has something really cute about it. First panda and then the all-favorite penguins! These fluffy soft penguin slippers with a thick foam sole feature a penguin that is as tempting as they come. The cute Penguin design is completed with the beaming orange beak and sparkling eyes, perfecting slippers that you will never want to take off ever.

26- Personalized Penguin Pebble

Humans give flowers and chocolates when proposing to a girl. Penguins give pebbles! a male penguin will find the smoothest pebble to give to a female as a gift and acceptance means a lifelong bond till death do them part! This leaves a romantic lesson if you are looking to gift your soulmate a meaningful gift. A smooth stone engraved with your personalized initials in the belly of two love birds is a perfect gift idea for a wife or husband.

27- Penguin 3D Lamp

Light up your mood and aura with this creative penguin gift – Penguin 3D light! The cute penguin model stands on the base and lights up to create a 3D effect from different perspectives. The soft light can switch between seven lively colors to set the character of the room as per your mood. It is soft so that it illuminates in a way that is not too bright or dull.

28- Penguin Socks

These adorable fleece-lined slipper socks depict the world’s cutest creature in the most luxurious way possible. The fluffy slipper socks make a fine penguin gift for Christmas owing to their thick fluffy fleece that will keep feet warm even when it is snowing. It has a penguin face near the toes while the multicolored long socks have silicone rubber grips to give enough traction to prevent slips.

29- Family Names Custom Print

A penguin family is always a happy family with each one contributing to the wellness of one another. Create a personalized gift for penguin lovers, adding each family member with their age and position in the family. A fine print will be generated and framed, presenting each family member along with their name and penguin representation. Check out some sample works to fall in love with this creative penguin gift idea.

30- Penguin T-Shirt

Any day where a baby penguin clip appears is already the best day ever! You don’t have to scroll all the way to find one now. Feature it in your apparel with this premium quality penguin printed t-shirt. Just select her size and favorite color and you are all set to gift her a tee that will become her favorite outfit ever! The tilted head baby penguin just makes you want to squish their cheeks.


Penguins are birds that cannot fly but they sure run in millions of minds all day. Gift a penguin zealot from 30 Lovely Penguin Gifts in 2023 and see them waddle with happiness! The penguin gift ideas are practical, affordable, and obviously, CUTE!

Till then bye! Have an ice day!

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Penguins are friendly folks around people. They mind their own business and are no threat to humans. Just make sure not to touch them or go close to their nest else penguins might chase you aggressively with a snappy beak and stomping legs.

The largest penguin population lives in Antarctica. Penguins are also found in Australia, Argentina, Tristan da Cunha, New Zealand, South Africa, Falkland Islands, Galápagos Islands, Bounty and Antipodes Islands, Tristan da Cunha and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

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