25 PUBG Gifts Better Than Chicken Dinner in 2023

PUBG is an online multiplayer game where hundred people jump from a plane onto land and scavenge for weapons to kill others while avoiding getting killed. The team that survived till the end will win a sizzling hot chicken dinner. 

25 PUBG Gifts

Now this game has got so much fame that like Fortnite and COD, tournaments are being organized by multiple big E-sports organizations and winning teams will get huge prices. Unlike Fortnite, this does not end in 10-15 minutes. You can play this game for up to 30 minutes.

After getting so much popularity in the whole world, products related to PUBG are also being launched by different companies to attract a new consumer market. You can send these products as PUBG gifts to your loved ones. Everyone who plays PUBG will be amused to get these PUBG gifts.

There are thousands of websites that are selling PUBG gifts, and they can be delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones.   

If you don’t know what to give a gift to your PUBG lover, you are at the right place!! In this article, we will share “25 best PUBG GIFTS for everyone”.

So pack your backpacks and let’s dive in!

25 Best PUBG Gifts

1- PUBG Level 3 Backpack

Backpack - PUBG Gifts

Level 3 Backpack has the most storage capacity in the game. But now you can find this on websites like Amazon and Walmart. A cool Backpack that can be used for trekking, hunting, travel, etc. It’s not a Backpack but it’s a feeling, a feeling of winning. Get your Backpack packed and start hunting for your goals. It is available in different colors; you can buy this according to the taste of your loved ones.

2- PUBG Shirt

Shirt - PUBG Gifts

Players can unlock new and exciting customers, but no player will forget the shirt he gets at the start. No one can call him a PUBG lover until he does not love this shirt. This shirt can be a great summer gift. You can get this shirt in different sizes from different websites. You can also find these shirts in your local market. Don’t you want that your child flex on this PUBG Shirt in front of his friends? Your little boy will love it!

3- PUBG – The Lone Survivor Figurine

Funko Pop - PUBG Gifts

Every gamer loves to decorate their rooms with lights, unique items, and relatable gaming objects. Figurines can give your gaming room a new look. They will show the obsession of the player with the game. PUBG The Lone Survivor Figurine is a newly launched Figurine in the market and people are loving it. It’s available in different sizes and some of them have lights below them too.

4- 4 Pcs PUBG Keychains

Keychains - PUBG Gifts

Your PUBG lover doesn’t know how to organize keys? Keychains are made to do this job. Keychains are not only for organizing keys, but they look good in your hand too. You can buy different kinds of keychains related to PUBG, like a level 3 helmet keychain, AK-47 keychain, etc.  These Keychains are made of lightweight aluminum looking exquisite.  

5- PUBG Mobile Game Controller

Controller - PUBG Gifts

Motion with a controller is a lot easier than a boring keyboard for rotating the camera or going up and down. It may not be as precise as a mouse and keyboard, but it fits on your hands while letting you play comfortably for a long period. If you are a PUBG lover then you need this item! These controllers have thousands of RGB color combinations plus 2 LED modes. It has a built-in mic that can help you to talk with your buddies.

6- PUBG Mousepad

Mouse pad - PUBG Gifts

The most essential part of your gaming setup is the Mousepad. If you play games like PUBG, COD, Valorant, or any shooting game, aiming is the most difficult thing to do. Aiming at enemies from a huge distance can be tricky and you need a good mouse and an even better mousepad. People invest hundreds of dollars in a gaming mouse but overlook a quality mousepad that stops them from becoming a pro. This mousepad is made of high-quality fabric. It can be the best gift for your PUBG lover friend who wants to enter the Conqueror League.

7- PUBG Baseball Hat

Hat - PUBG Gifts

Hats have a way of making your outfit complete. It gives your casual outfit a polished look. Wearing hats can keep your head warmer and keep hot rays off your head. PUBG hats are available in different styles and colors. These hats are washable and made of cotton. These have an adjustable strap and a patched logo too!

8- PUBG 3D Night Light

LED Light - PUBG Gifts

A gaming room without RGB lights is like a car without modifications. You need to light up your room with these multicolored RGB lights that can be controlled on mobile apps and remote. These are made of high beam LEDs with different color combinations. This is a money-saving, long-lasting, easy-care, and flexible PUBG gift option.

9- PUBG Loot Drop Box

Drop Box - PUBG Gifts

One of the great things in PUBG is that drop box that falls from a plane and squads rush towards it to get one of the best weapons in PUBG. That dropbox has a unique design that now you can get in real life too! This Loot drop box has a lot of secret surprises inside of it. It has cool PUBG gifts and is a perfect gift for Christmas or birthday!

10- PUBG Mobile Controller

Controller - PUBG Gifts

Do you prefer playing PUBG on mobile than PC? This might be the best product for you. This product can change the whole gaming experience and it will get you to another level. This is a 3-in-1 game controller: that combines gamepads, game triggers, and mobile phone holders into one. It has a comfortable handle, a long-term game that will not fatigue, an alloy trigger, and fire while moving and the best part is that you can operate four fingers at the same time.

11- Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets provide sounds that are superior and crisper clear. The virtual or true sound system can make you feel like you are inside a game. It can be a great combination with VR. Wireless can take the gaming experience to another level. Wireless headsets do not come cheaper but they are worth each dime.

12- PUBG Frag Grenade Keychain

Grenades can clean whole squads in just one shot. Believe it or not, it is the most essential weapon for any player. Here is another PUBG gift that you can give on birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. It has a cool shape and perfect design which combines utility and convenience making it a must-have keychain. It’s made of high-quality metal which can be a great gift idea.

13- PUBG Helmet

There are countless things that make PUBG an interesting game. One of them is the helmet! Material is the key point, with high-quality ABS material and not easy to be damage, and also won’t feel very heavy.  This is an eye-catching product that one can use during cycling. It can also be used for PUBG cosplay.  

14- PUBG Wall Art

Everyone loves art. It either can be the art of Pablo Picasso or your 8-year-old child’s drawing, both have loved filled inside the colors. Art can give your house an attractive look and if you are a gamer then you need some kind of cartoonish art. PUBG wall art is one of the best-selling items among the players.

15- PUBG Costume

A cosplay costume is simply dressing up as a character from a book, movie, game, or anything.

One of the aims of cosplay is to portray a character, by copying a character’s exact looks. Different games have different characters wearing different costumes. Every character has a unique style. Games like Fortnite and PUBG have a wide range of different costumes. This leather attire in PUBG can be great PUBG gift for Halloween. It gives a cute and different look to this day.

16- PUBG Phone Cover

One of the major functions of mobile phone covers is protection from drops and falls. It can protect the screen and body of a mobile phone.  Every person is different, and their taste is different. These PUBG phone covers are made of smooth glass back with silicon edges which not only protect your phone from breaking but it also makes your phone cooler due to the glass back. To put a cherry on top, you can personalize this phone cover as well!

17- PUBG LED Neon Sign

Neon signs are the most trending in-room décor among young YouTubers. Not only does it look cool, but it can give your room a bright light feel. You can write your gaming channel name with it or customize it as you want. PUBG LED Neon Signs are available in different colors with different

18- Personalized PUBG Wooden Decor

No matter how big or small your house is, you need to décor it. Wooden décor is really trending this year because of its ability to recycle. you can make changes in this range of wooden décor samples according to your needs. You can change size and color, and you can even get personalized art on it.

19- PUBG Ring

Rings are not only used to get committed, but nowadays people wear casual rings to match their outfits. These minimalistic rings can give your outfit a finished look. And if you are a gamer and you like to post pictures on Instagram holding your controller then the ring will give your hand a perfect look. These rings are light weighted and available in different colors and sizes.

20- PUBG Gaming Poster

Every room needs a focal point or a design that instantly draws the eye. PUBG Gaming Posters can easily fulfill this position. These creative gallery walls filled with gaming posters could easily spice up any area in your Gaming room. These are ready to Frame, and it brings a sense of Texture.

21- PUBG Lightbox

The lightbox illuminates to brighten the world of PUBG lovers. With a range of 20 vibrant colors and 22 flashing modes, this PUBG lightbox makes a perfect PUBG gift to add character to the room. Play around its remote to explore the cool features this product offers.

22- Mobile Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

Your keyboard and mouse are the primary input devices of your gaming PC. Choosing the wrong devices can adversely affect your overall gaming experience. When it comes to your gaming setup, the Keyboard and mouse should be your higher priority. This set of a keyboard and mouse can attach to a mobile and simulate the experience of PC gameplay on your mobile.

23- PUBG Wall Clock

Nowadays, People are obsessed with PUBG and there are so many PUBG-themed trending PUBG Gifts and this product is one of them. They come in distinctive diameters, colors, and materials. I would suggest you go with acrylic owing to its endurance.


24- Pubg Socks

A pair of soft socks to feature for PUBG fans. The camouflage design infiltrates the combat mode while the PUBG logo and character animation make it a dream come true product for PUBG fans. A PUBG gift that you can get to men, women, and kids who are obsessed with Chicken Dinner.

25- Game Controller Finger Sleeve Sets

Are you tired of the “Drag lag” during the gameplay? This is the ultimate solution. It reduces friction and increases precision so you can get perfect headshots. This is made of 100% silver threads that deliver maximum conductive touch response. It’s thin and breathable which creates a long-lasting comfort and premium performance.


We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connections with others. Both the receiver and giver are bounded into a unique relationship after exchanging gifts. It does not matter if the gift is expensive or not, unconsciously a gift creates a memory in the mind. And the giver should try to make it the best experience.

With the recent growth in PUBG, a lot of people are familiar with this game and there are a lot of people of every age who loves this game. So PUBG gifts are now trending on google and E-commerce websites. That made us formulate this cool list of 25 Best PUBG Gifts for players of all ages. If your loved ones are playing PUBG then you should give them any PUBG gift and they will love it. 

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