25 Best Rick And Morty Gifts To Get Schwifty

Welcome to dimension C-131! Also known for having the Best Rick And Morty Gifts! You will find markets and stores selling Rick and Morty gifts in this space, and in a matter of time, you will find Rick and Morty’s official merchandise.

Rick And Morty Gifts

We are here to save your energy in finding you the best Rick and Morty gifts that are perfect for all the fans, regardless of their age and gender! You just have to be Rick and Morty lovers to deserve these gifts!

The science fiction sitcom, Rick and Morty are one of the most popular animated shows of the last decade. The show’s ability to tackle mind-blowing topics like the multiverse while simultaneously being tremendously hilarious and engaging has elevated the game to new heights.

Rikitikitavi! As a token of appreciation, we have dedicated this ultimate list of 25 Best Rick and Morty Gifts containing Rick and Morty merchandise, games, gift sets, decors, and what not!

Let’s hit the sack!

25 Best Rick And Morty Gifts & Merchandise

1- Rick and Morty Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly- Rick And Morty Gifts

Gone are those days when we used to play monopoly on properties of Earth! Or even our Milky Way galaxy. This Rick and Morty gift steps up the monopoly game and takes it to different dimensions and locations and that Rick and Morty have explored in over 5 seasons of insanity and frenzy. Solar opposites, Cromulons, Gazorpazorp, and Planet Squanch are among the locales available for purchase, sale, and exchange in the Rick & Morty Monopoly in unique currencies..

2- Rick & Morty T-Shirt

T-Shirt - Rick And Morty Gifts

Sometimes all you need to hear is “Just Rick It.” Just like this TV shows mimic many blockbusters of Hollywood including The Purge, Terminator, Edge of Tomorrow, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and many more. Continuing the trend, this Rick and Morty gift is a parody of the famous Nike logo “Just Do It.” The unisex t-shirt cotton fabric feels amazing to wear and features a modest style for casual and outdoor use..

3- Mr. Meseeks Mug

Mug - Rick And Morty Gifts

Meeseeks are beings born for a single purpose that they will go to great lengths to achieve. They perish into the air after performing their job. But this Mr. Meseeks Mug won’t disappear after one serve. Just like Meseeks, the mug originates from abeautiful Meeseeks Box featuring a confused yet smiling Mr. Meseeks look. The 3D coffee mug is a perfect gift for Rick and Morty lovers.

4- Rick And Morty Munchkin Card Game

Card Game - Rick And Morty Gifts

A ten-level game for Rick and Morty fans! This Rick and Morty Munchkin Card Game combines classic monster-slaying and role-playing with humanoid robots, space aliens, vampires, and other gonzo threats from the hit TV show. Play as your favorite character from the show and team up if you like to battle the baddies of this universe alongside your family and friends.

5- Rick Action Figure

Figurine - Rick And Morty Gifts

Tiny Rick resembles older Rick at first, however, he is more positive and cheerier. Just like this adorable miniature Rick action figure. Funko is the mastermind behind this artistic idea of designing kid-safe decor pieces under a really affordable price tag. The figure stands 3.75 inches tall and reminds you that even Rick was cute in his days, still drooling and drinking though!

6- Pickle Rick Slippers

Slippers - Rick And Morty Gifts

This Rick and Morty merchandise is the perfect Rick and Morty gift for aficionados of the show. Are you ready to slide into something plush with a snuggly feel while watching the latest voyage of your fav dysfunctional family? Pickle Rick is featured on this pair of Rick and Morty-themed footwear. The highlight of this product is the fact that it smiles at those seeing it but screaming in shock when the one wearing it looks at it.

7- Rick and Morty Phone Case

Phone case - Rick And Morty Gifts

The dapper colors and 5 unique designs give a flashback of the episode related to this UV print to anyone who is a Rick and Morty fan. The smooth and glossy case is easy to clean with a wipe and premium quality rubbers offer great flexibility and life.

8- Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game

Anatomy Park - Rick And Morty Gifts

Who else remembers the iconic anatomy of the homeless man Reuben when Morty faces a plethora of challenges after being sent in by Rick? You and your friends will be building the park, competing for the finest places, and rearranging internal organs to meet your specific task requirements. Move your protagonist figure about the park to seek out the finest spots while avoiding the monster illnesses that will inevitably erupt and create havoc.

9- Mr.Meeseeks Nighty Costume

Costume - Rick And Morty Gifts

Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings and the donkey of Shrek are loyal sidekicks. But nothing can beat the loyalty of Mr. Meeseeks since they live by the principle of “Existence is pain.” But this Mr. Meeseeks sleeping suit slash cosplay costume is a pleasure to put on. It comes in all sizes and a range of styles with a slim-fit easy to wear design.

10- Unisex Rick & Morty Hoodie

Hoodie - Rick And Morty Gifts

Rick Sanchez, a sardonic crazy scientist, and Morty Smith, his worrisome grandchild goes on multiple interdimensional adventures, full of risks! This unisex cotton hoodie features a similar scene where Rick has gotten himself in trouble ending up in intergalactic jail. And he doesn’t look like enjoying it much in this fine vibrant 3D print.

11- What Do You Meme Rick & Morty Version

Game - Rick And Morty Gifts

At some point, we do feel bad for Morty for getting roasted by Rick in every episode. Here is a test of how much your humor has improved after five seasons of Rick and Morty. What Do You Meme Game involves 75 Rick & Morty-themed Photo Cards and players compete to compose the funniest meme from their allocated cards? One with the funniest meme wins the round point!

12- Rick Decorate Planter

Planter - Gifts for Rick And Morty Lover

The spiky hairs of Rick Sanchez is an unusual style for a grandpa. But he is a one-of-its-kind grandpa burping and chanting Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! This is a uniqueRick and Morty gift that includes a pottery planter, a convenient plastic drip tray, and three chia seed packets. Apply the chia seeds on the head of Rick’s sculpture and water it regularly to see them grow within a couple of weeks. The dense green coat of the plantation is going to make his hair look as if he is in quarantine for 3 years!

13- Pickle Rick Plush

Plush - Gifts for Rick And Morty Lover

In season 3, episode 3 Rick transforms himself into Pickle to dodge the family counseling meeting. After the family left, he got into the sewers due to an accident involving a lack of perpendicularity, where he battles for his life, making a masterpiece episode. Relive that episode with the Pickle Rick Plush! It is perfect entertainment for a group of Rick and Morty lovers to play tonnes of games with Pickle Rick.

14- Ricky and Morty Socks

Socks - Gifts for Rick And Morty Lover

This simple pair of cosmic socks are the perfect present for any Rick and Morty fan to keep their feet warm while watching their favorite episodes. The cotton fleece is cozy to the skin and is breathable even to hamper sweaty feet. The socks makes a fine Rick and Morty gift for Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s Day.

15- Rick RGB Wall Art

RGB Wall Art - Gifts for Rick And Morty Lover

I’m sorry *BURRRRP* but your opinion means very little to me! A perfect Rick and Morty gift and a blunt one too – Just like Rick! This super cool RGB color-changing light can fix on your bedroom wall to bring an aesthetic as well as a personal touch. The artistic display is set back from the wall to give it a gliding effect. The light adjustment option can make the brightness dim (like a night light) or dazzling bright (like a spotlight).

16- Total Rickall Card Game

It needs one to have a decent IQ to understand the witty humor of Rick and Morty – The more the IQ, the funnier the joke gets! Rick and Morty Total Rickall Card Game is based on the fourth episode of the second season in which parasites attempt to conquer the world by injecting false memories and spreading them through flashbacks. The game features several of the episode’s zaniest and wackiest villains and is simple to pick up. You must identify which of these new, bizarre individuals are genuine and which are parasites that must be eradicated.

17- Pickle Rick Keyring

True Rick and Morty fans cannot forget the episode where Rick turned himself into a pickle and fought his way when all he could do was speak. The momentous episode is captured in this 6 cm long keyring where Pickle Rick is burping, I guess. It is a unique Rick and Morty gift for him if he seems to enjoy watching the show. Else maybe tell him to get a life.

18- Acrylic Night Light LED

Put this 3D Illusion LED lamp wherever you want it will become the center of attention for every new eye. This modish lamp is coming straight out from the amazing inventions of Rick and is ideal for home decor and may also be used as a nightlight. The gift comes with a tested 3D lamp, its base with a switch button, and a USB cable for fast charging. Choose amongst the 7 hilarious moments of Rick and Morty and get schwifty!

19- Ricky and Morty Face Masks

A conspiracy theory; At times it feels that this current pandemic situation is one of Rick’s naughty experiments. The grey, green, and blue mask represent Rick, Mr.Meeseeks, and Pickle Rick respectively. Made of 100% cotton, the mask is soft, breathable, and available in kids’ and adult’s sizes. This makes parenting easy since kids will keep their masks on seeing how funny it looks.

20- Rick and Morty Scented Candle

Consider it an invention of Rick! It is unique, futuristic, and unparalleled. The only difference is that it is not intended to cause any harm. Binge-watch your favorite show with these awesome candles flavoring the air in the welcoming fragrance of strawberry and watermelon. The 9 oz soy candle provides an extended burn time with a chunky jar labeled with masked Rick and Morty! Playing safe like everyone should in this pandemic.

21- Rick and Morty Spaceship Lunch box

Don’t forget lunchtime no matter if you are on a different dimension for the intergalactic excursion. The spaceship lunchbox is a great Rick and Morty gift for boys and girls who want to keep their meal hot for long with these insulated walls. Because we never know how long it will take to get away with all the dreadful enemies (routine interruptions) coming our way.

22- Rick and Morty Wall Banner

“Rick and Morty” is based on one basic formula of life! Being blunt! Rick and Morty’s jokes will brighten your dreary heart with their wonderfully sarcastic lines. Here is one in your service to motivate you when you feel all over the place. Get your s#it together! It’s cynical and sarcastic, to begin with, but we all need to hear it at some point. The high-resolution printed image may be laundered and repurposed, to become good as new even after years of use.

23- Rick and Morty 3D Lamp

Rick and Morty is so purposefully unpredictable, vast, and yet so confined in its scope that it baffles the viewers. Do you know what else baffles people? Rick and Morty 3D Lamp! The 3D night light comes with a remote and a touch control so you can switch between 7 cool colors with one press. The lamp plate is powered by 3AA batteries for constant lighting over many hours.

24- Rick and Morty Doormat

Enter the room of misadventures with savage Cronenbergs, furniture people, Morty Jr, Mr. Meeseeks, and Scary Terry alongside. What do you expect from the room of Rick and Morty’s lover? Set the theme with this rickety soft doormat. Featuring a soft and slip-resistant feature, this anime picture rug makes rooms more vibrant and intriguing.

25- Rick And Morty Rug

This long-lasting area rug will add a touch of class to any space. If you have a sister like Beth, you may face some frowns but just like Rick once told Morty that “I’m sorry, but your opinion means very little to me.” The rug provides amazing traction with the floor to make it slip-resistant. The rug is stitched around the edges to make it more durable and sit properly, and its machine washable with an unwavering vibrant colorful print.


That’s the end of the list of 25 Best Rick and Morty Gifts for now but we will keep adding the unique Rick and Morty gifts as they come up. And that’s why I always say, ‘Shumshumschilpiddydah! While you wait for season 6 impatiently, pick a gift for Rick and Morty fans to Wubbalubbadubdub with them!

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Here are the Best Rick and Morty Gifts For Him:

  • Unisex Rick & Morty Hoodie
  • Rick & Morty T-Shirt
  • Pickle Rick Keyring
  • Total Rickall Card Game
  • What Do You Meme Rick & Morty Version
  • Ricky and Morty Face Masks
  • Rick And Morty Munchkin Card Game
  • Acrylic Night Light LED
  • Rick and Morty Phone Case
  • Rick & Morty Action Figure

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