25 Best Squid Game Merchandise And Gifts in 2023

All those games that we grew up playing are not the same anymore! And who knows what is next with this open-ended thriller Korean TV show, Squid Game. Check out the list of 25 Best Squid Game Merchandise to gift a freak that you love.

While you impatiently wait for the next season of the show, have a look at this list of 25 Cool Squid Game Merchandise that makes a perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, and the Birthday of a show lover.

The first season of Squid game was released on 17 September on Netflix and the rest is history. In less than a month, the show crowned the Netflix ranking in over 85 countries!

Social Media was flooded with memes and scenes from the show and many celebrities even couldn’t help sharing their remarks.

For those who are living on a different planet right now, the Squid game is about 456 poverty-stricken people contesting in a deadly contest made of kids’ games. Just how stupid it may sound right now, it makes sense as the story unfolds in the run of nine spellbinding episodes.

Anyone who has watched Squid Game understands how entertaining, vile, and obsessive it is. The fans are looking forward to dressing up as the game characters for Halloween and Christmas to really bring it on!

We have brought together the most thrilling merchandise of the show to gift yourself or your loved ones for the upcoming holiday season. All that and much more in this Ultimate Squid Game Merchandise for the fans.

Let the game begin! 

25 Best Squid Game Merchandise and Gifts

1- Unisex Squid Game Costume

Nothing beats the iconic Squid Game Costume. The red jumpsuit has become a symbol of terror for those who have watched the show. This exact replica is made of premium quality dense polyester fiber to last long enough to see the sequels of the show. The front zipper makes it feasible to put on and off and is available in sizes from kids to adults. It comes with a belt to make it a ditto copy of the original costume.

2- Squid Game Face Mask

Lightweight, breathable, durable, reusable, adjustable, comfortable, washable, classy, and swanky way to steal everyone’s attention along with your buddies. Stay safe and keep your loved ones safe in a trendy manner. This is the most affordable and classy way to feature while running errands or going to an official event. The classy black color with a peppy print complement well on any outfit as well.

3- Squid Game T-Shirt

Twin with your buddies on Halloween and Christmas with Squid Game cartoon guard’s t-shirt. The casual half-sleeve tee is a slim-fit haven of comfort to go perfectly with any outfit. Baby guard figurines take away the terror with their cuteness while adding a chic touch of vibrant colors. The heather grey tees are available in six different sizes from small to 3XL.

4- Squid Game Dalgona Kit

The six games of Squid Game have revived our childhood games! In fact, many of them are now trending and make great entertainment for a get-together. And the shape-cutting candy game (Dalgona) is top of the list! Now you can play it with your family and friends at home with this Dalgona Kit to assign five shapes and 10 minutes to do it. Just go easy on the elimination penalty.

5- Squid Game Player Numbered Costume

The players of the Squid game are exploited for their poverty to engage in things that they would have never imagined. The fans of the show have a soft corner for some numbers, especially 456, 67, and 1. Get this distinctive tracksuit, made with polyester to be lightweight and silklike. Choose the respective numbers to gift all your buddies and get them in the persona of their favorite characters.

6- Tug Of War Sweatshirt

The third game of the show is a great example of how strength can be beaten by the intellect. How the last-second strategy of San-woo of letting go and then pulling them when they are on the ground saved 10 lives. Save this lesson in a fashionable way! It depicts the iconic scene in a high-quality illustration printed on a heavily blended hooded sweatshirt.

7- Squid Game Throw Pillow

The right way to own and brag about your favorite show is by having amenities around speak for themselves. No one will dare argue to be a more sincere show lover when they are sitting on your couch decorated with Squid Game throw pillows. The soft-touch polyester cover comes in a variety of sizes and is printed on both the front and back for a voluptuous feel. The baby version of guards gives a funky punch to this Squid game merchandise.

8- Squid Game Mask

The hierarchy of squid game guards is a cool concept. How just the shape of the mask decides who gets to be called “Sir”, irrespective of their personality. With Circle being the lowest and square being the highest rank, now it’s your time to spice things up yourself by getting these masks for your loved ones. Pick your shape and rule the Halloween Party with other guards!

9- Honeycomb Shape Cutting Sweatshirt

The second game of the Squid Game was hard to guess, despite the clues! Tell us in the comments what shape did you pick when lines were formed? The Honeycomb shape cutting game is summarized in this splendid sweatshirt that defines lavishness and design. Check out the variety of colors and sizes it comes in!

10- Squid Game Inspired Coffee Mug

Sit back and have a cup of coffee while you binge-watch the Squid Game with your loved ones. The black ceramic mug features bits and pieces to present a quick flashback of the show. Squid Game name, three-tier guards, the first game’s doll, and the last game’s squid! All that happens in between is worth watching while sipping your favorite drink from this relevant mug.

11- Squid Game Signature High Top

The design looks snazzy even to the eyes that know nothing about Squid Game. The signature logo of the Squid Game theme is infused with premium quality high tops to be the next charm on the streets. The high-top features a chic design, with a gum rubber sole and toe cap in muted black. A tonal lace-up closure and a branded tag on the back make it perfect for formal and casual use.

12- Squid Game Phone Case

Delightful, alluring, and cute depiction of the most ruthless beings on Squid Game. The lively colors and playful designs bring a frolicsome touch to your phone that will catch many drooling sights. TPU Rubber is used to make it a flexible, durable, and lavish Squid game merchandise to cherish for those with iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel phone models.

13- 60 Pieces Glass Marbles Set

The fourth game of Squid Game made every human with a heart feel sad. The fact that being too nice can be misused can only be forgotten by playing marble games with your loved ones who won’t betray like San-woo. The 60 pieces of marble open doors for many fun marble games.

14- Squid Game Tote Bag

The unpredictability of the show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats in every episode. The minimalistic yet imaginative design of the “Squid Game” logo has a lot of character in it. Feature it on this durable tote bag to make grocery shopping exciting. It is available in black and white colors and can hold up to 10 kg weight.

15- Squid Game Boss Mask

The frontman’s face reveal scene was something that many of us didn’t see coming. The heartbreaking story of this mask and the cool name associated with it makes it a fine Squid Game gift for Halloween. People have their emotions invested in the show and they love to have something that can say their heart out. Make your loved one feel like the frontman of life with this realistic latex mask.

16- Tug of War Rope With Flag

We all have great memories associated with the game that we grew up playing with siblings and cousins. However, the Squid Game fans now have a slightly different perspective on the game. Watch it and you will know why! Recreate the situation (in a safe setting) with your loved ones to see if the strategy can defeat strength in real life. Make sure to choose the size of the rope accordingly!

17- Squid Game Fleece Blanket

Somethings are known for their iconic style. The theme song of Harry Potter, the font style of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, or the Dali mask from Money Heist to name a few. For Squid Game, it’s the shapes and their arrangements from intro to outro! This Squid Game Merchandise is a cozy way to wrap yourself in the craziness of the show with this medium-sized fleece blanket.

18- Squid Game Shape T-shirt

The circle, triangle, and square soldiers are all standing in command with the black-masked boss waiting in anticipation of the next season to resume the script. Show your loyalty to the show by getting this stylish black Squid Game shirt for yourself or gift it to a loyal fan of the show that you know. The comfortable top-quality tee is available in three primary colors and a plethora of sizes.

19- Crochet Squid Game Inspired Dolls

The hand-knitted yarn crochets of the Squid Game guards make a perfect gift on the decor shelf of the Squid Game fans. Until of course, they are okay with letting it go away for a while. These delicately finished crochets can be used as keyring or car hanging decors to give a personalized touch in a way that you fancy.

20- Squid Game Sticker

Stickers make a cool gift if they meet the standard of quality, durability, and amazingness. Stickers on your accessories speak volumes about your personality. And Squid Game is a good choice to feature on your laptop, water bottle, bag, phone case, SD drive. It comes in a matte, glossy and transparent finish and three sizes.

21- Invitation Unisex Sweatshirt

Imagine if someday you walk into your home to find a Squid Game invitation card on your doorstep. Will you call them? The risks are exceptionally high, and you are blessed enough to have this cozy and durable sweatshirt that will keep you warm in the ups and downs of life. Air-jet woven yarn provides a smooth feel and reduces pilling in this pre-shrunk, timeless slim-fit sweatshirt.

22- Squid Game Square Cushion

Winning 45.6 billion Won is a child’s game! One thing is for sure while watching Squid Game, the creativity is on point! Take the Korean title of the game for example. The way the three happens arrange themselves to spell out the title of the Squid Game’s original layout. Such creativity deserves a place on your cushion to satisfy the art-loving souls.

23- Squid Game VIP Mask

Do you want to be the center of attention at this year’s Halloween cosplay event? You can achieve it with the aid of this realistic Squid Game VIP mask! There are no impediments to your vision or ventilation. Plus, the little hole in the mask allows you to see clearly while lightweight and breathable features ensure an enjoyable experience.

24- Squid game Ornament

The personalized ornament is inspired by the philosophy of Squid Game Shapes. Here is a creative and thoughtful way to put it into action by filling them with the name of your family and friends. Just go and pick your desired shape, add the personalization and you are all set with the best Squid Game gift on Halloween or Christmas.

25- Squid Game Inspired Tumbler

A great way to have your drinks in a tumbler that makes it a happy portion for Squid Show lovers. The high-resolution print on the tumbler sums up the storyline of season one without giving any spoilers. Squid game outline and dalgona shapes printed on a durable plastic tumbler make a fine gift for Squid Game lovers.


If you are unable to pick a Squid Game gift yet, you are eliminated! And you know what squid game elimination means. But don’t you worry because every player is a winner in this game. The list of 25 Best Squid Game Merchandise comes with a variety of options to suit everyone’s needs.

As the motto of the Squid Game says, everyone is equal here and ready to help each other when they need it the most.

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See you in Squid Game 2023! Not inside the game, hopefully!

Early 2023

The Squid game was announced in 2019 and released in 2021, taking two years to complete. The second season of the Squid Game can take up to 1.5 years to release now that they are working with a bigger team of writers and directors.


The majority of the episodes are shot in Daejeon, a city in central South Korea. However, the island scene is from an unknown coast of South Korea but the indoor set of the game is built in Daejeon.

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