25 Awesome Valorant Gifts That He Will Never Forget

Valorant is the trending first-person shooter game by Riot Games, following the footsteps of Counterstrike. However, each agent in the game (out of 16) is unique with their own supernatural abilities to spice up the combat. It is safe to say that the game is the present and future of the team-based tactical shooter genre. Check out the list of 25 Awesome Valorant Gifts to a gaming freak that you love.

The community of valorantians is counted as one of the most polite and respectful ones. The game has made a home in millions of hearts with their day revolving around it. Five different modes of gameplay allow choosing engagement time for oneself to enjoy each second to the fullest.

We have compiled this list of 25 Best Gifts For Valorant Lovers that will work magic to make their day. We have taken care of gamers of all ages and genders, even though the majority of Valorant players are males. These valorant gifts make a great surprise on Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Halloween, etc.

Without further camping, let’s rush for an ACE!

25 Best Valorant Gifts

1- RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

A perfect Valorant gift does not exi…

A gaming mousepad is okay, an RGB mouse/keyboard is great, and add the touch of 14 customizable light modes to make it perfect! The widespread gaming mouse has a backlit non-slip base and a smooth surface that swift mouse movements in a far greater range. End the misery of running out of space while finding the best shot with this gift.


2- Valorant Gift Cards

Gifts Cards - Valorant Gifts

The best gift for a Valorant lover would be something that will help them in the game! The Valorant gift cards are available in the denomination of four different price ranges. They contain a code that your recipient can enter their Valorant account to unlock premium accessories, weapon skin, agents, and much more!

3- Valorant T-Shirt

T-Shirt - Valorant Gifts

The limited-edition Valorant hoodie is a perfect sanctuary that every player will love to snuggle in. The 100% cotton merch comes under a very affordable price tag and is available in all sizes between small and 3X-large. The black unisex hoodie has a Valorant logo in white that will resist many washes.

4- Jett’s Knife From Valorant

Jett's Knife - Valorant Gifts

Those who play Valorant know why to stick their eyes on the screen to be mentally prepared for Jett’s out-of-the-blue appearance. The resident rusher can take big leaps by minimizing the sightlines with smoke bombs to finally pull out the ultimate Bladestorm, famous for its damage. Replica of the knife is now available with the option to customize it with a name. You don’t want to miss this chance, do you?

5- Valorant Jett Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag - Valorant Gifts

Duffle bags are a handy accessory to keep oneself organized at the gym, sports, hiking, travel, etc. It is a must-have auxiliary for both men and women to keep dirty and clean clothes separately with adequate space left to accommodate the rest of the routine items. Now it is more fun personalized with your favorite Valorant agent. The duffle bag is available in two sizes to suit your needs perfectly.

6- Valorant Snapback Cap

Hat - Valorant Gift For Him

The one-size-fit-all cap features a Valorant logo and style in black on the front. The plastic snap closure makes it easy and fun to adjust in size. The perfect blend of wool and acrylic material makes it breathable, soft, and washable without degrading in looks. It is a perfect Valorant gift that the fans will love to flaunt outside the four walls.

7- Valorant Phoenix Statue

Pheonix Statue - Valorant Gift For Him

Phoenix’s stellar brilliance is inevitable in his combat technique, which erupts with flash and flares on the battleground. He loves to charge into a battle on his own merits, whether he has got a cover or not. Bring the powers of the curveball, hot hands, and blaze home by gifting this exquisite 12-inch high statue of the all-favorite Valorant agent.

8- Valorant Astra Pillow

For those who don’t know, Astra is one of the most popular agents in Valorant. Gamers who go with her character are brave and bold who don’t believe in camping like a wuss. The pillow is a thousand-word story of bravery, courage, and confidence that will reflect in whoever gets to wear this comfy pillow. Check out the cool stuffing options and you will surely fall in love with it straight away.

9- Valorant Logo T-Shirt

Valorant Logo T-Shirt

The red corporate logo of Valorant is crudely animated to give a retro touch to this plain t-shirt. This unisex tee is available in a range of six vivid colors with the riotous red logo on the left. Owning to the premium quality fabric and decent design, one can wear it anywhere without feeling dumb.

10- Favorite Valorant Agent Poster

Favorite Valorant Agent Poster

The high-resolution poster of his/her favorite front-runner agent is now framed by a lavish polished frame to sit beside the gaming setup to outshine. And if you are willing to throw a few more dimes, you can formulate a valorant wall poster that will become his next favorite thing about the room.

11- Sheriff 3D Printed Kit

Sheriff 3D Printed Kit

Sherrif is the blue-eyed boy for every Valorant lover. The hand cannon is worth its weight in gold with a daunting price of 800 credits. The semi-automatic handgun with a six-round magazine and tremendous damage potential is the costliest weapon in the game. The sidearm is ideal for economic and practical reasons because of its affordability and excellent damage output.

12- Valorant Headshot Throw Blanket

Nothing cozier and rewarding than being wrapped in a blanket that offers a tribute to those epic headshots. A perfect gift for valorant players to take a walk down the lane of beautiful memories while resting their eyes after an all-nighter. Throw a plush, fuzzy skull depicting a headshot over your bed, sofa, or oneself, and get some sleep to buckle up for another day of Valorant.

13- Favorite Valorant Agent Face Mask

The need of the hour on a global scale is to act responsibly by wearing a mask for your own and others’ safety. That said, the Valorant community has a reputation for being respectful and kind and it is time to continue with this spirit. Help a Valorant player by gifting them a face mask from this wholesome collection by Redbubble.

14- Favorite Valorant Agent Phone Case

A good gift for valorant love is one that the recipient keeps right next to their heart. And phone case is a burdenless gift that speaks a lot about one’s personality. Slip out their favorite valorant agent if you don’t know already. Then find a creative phone cover from the wide range of high-quality covers available in almost all famous brands. And you are all set to receive the most wholesome reaction from your special one!

15- Favorite Valorant Gifts Agent Posters

In the gaming world, it is said that don’t call yourself a fan of something that your bedroom does not reflect. And also, actions speak louder than words! All this intellect leads us to a perfect Valorant gift; Valorant Agent Poster. Fill colors to the blank walls by gifting these semi-gloss posters available in a variety of sizes. The bigger, the better!

16- Favorite Valorant Agent Cute Stickers

The easiest and most audacious way to express and own your love for something is by personalizing your essentials with it. And stickers are the best in the game in that regard. The baby version of each valorant agent is captured in these adorable vinyl stickers that are sturdy and waterproof. They come in three unique finishes, matte, glossy, and transparent namely.

17- Valorant Windbreaker

Here is this elite fabric windbreaker straight out of the official Valorant merchandise. The famous tagline “Defy the limits” is commandeered in the concept of this apparel. The polyester-made screen-printed design of the Valorant logo is brocaded on the front with a red zipper for easy wear. A safe pick to get the compliment of “the best gift ever!”

18- Yoru Valorant Mask

Yoru is a duelist agent that excels in deceiving rivals and seizing advantageous situations. The sublime print of Yoru’s face on the high-quality fabric is a cool attitude to fight pandemic this year. The adjustable, elastic ear straps make it comfortable wear for kids and adults, both. The valorant gift is further perfected by its washable feature.

19- Valorant Spike Bomb LED Light

Spike is the nightmare for the sentinels. Their task is to defuse this bomb from the site within 45 seconds of the plantation. Else, BOOM! This creative valorant gift mimics the likeness of the Spike bomb and blends it with practicality to form a great gift for the fans. The tripod-like base holds an RGB tube to add to the aesthetics of the room. Plant this harmless spike in the bedroom of your valorantian now!

20- Valorant Ability Keycap Set

All well that ends well! Let us complete this list of best valorant gifts on a high note by dropping a keycap set that visually depicts the abilities of your favorite valorant agent. You can choose from all 16 valorant agents along with the color of the keycap. It is guaranteed to fit on the keys of any standard keyboard to make gaming even more fun for your loved one.

21- Valorant Killjoy Beanie

Kindle with your cerebral capacity by lounging in this Killjoy beanie. The brain house of the sentinel team is the favorite agent of many valorantians. And nothing beats the amazingness of a gift that helps you mimic your favorite character. The frayed beanie cap is available in a variety of sizes to fit the head of men and women comfortably.

22- Personalized Killjoy 3D LED Light

Germany’s prodigy agent protects the battleground with comfort, thanks to her stockpile of innovations. This valorant gift is straight out of his intellectual workshop idea too! The 3D lamp is meticulously designed to mistake anyone for a flying animation in the dark. The RGB light can switch between cool colors to illuminate the mastermind of the sentinels, featuring your game tag at the bottom!

23- Valorant Acrylic Charm Keychains

This is where all agents of Valorant come together to wait for their owners to pick them once again. The delicate acrylic charms can be personalized to be the miniature version of your favorite valorant character. The adorable baby version of these characters is contrary to their fierce personality in the game. It reflects that they also have a soft side like all of us.

24- Humorous Valorant T-Shirt

It is mission impossible to explain to moms that Valorant can’t be paused! Ironically enough, this tee shirt features a harmless sarcasm that can bring a smile for multiple reasons. Firstly, it indicates how close this game is to your heart that you are mentioning it. And above that, the people reading it are more important since you paused it for them.

25- Agent Omen Notebook

Omen is a controller agent that dwells in the darkness, dominating his opponents via deception and deceit. His ballistic powers can pierce barriers, enabling him to distract and mislead his opponents from unexpected perspectives. This snazzy 100 pages notebook featuring the shadow master makes a perfect gift for valorant lovers.


That’s all from our side! Valorant players have a wonderful time mastering the game and unlocking the new skills of each agent. But all it took you to master the art of gifting a valorant lover is this 10-minute read of the list of 25 Best Valorant Gifts For Everyone.

No matter what you pick from this list, it guarantees a wholesome surprise that puts a seed of love to prosper with time. It is a meaningful gift choice to let him know that you own his likes and dislikes and will stay by their side always.

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Till then, keep winning!

  • Go to www.codashop.com/en-ph/valorant.
  • Enter the riot ID of the player you wish the gift points to.
  • Select the number of points that you wish to gift.
  • Select payment method.
  • Click on Buy Now.

Not yet, but soon!

You cannot currently gift skin, accessories, or abilities among players but Valorant developers have given an indication in one of their FAQs that the feature is on the queue to be released in one of the updates soon. They initially gave the date of December 2020, so we can expect it to come anytime now!

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